How to Create a Loyalty Rewards Program in WooCommerce

In one of our stores, here is how we setup the points and rewards loyalty program using Advanced Coupons plugin.

How to create a customer loyalty program
Beginner’s Guide to building a Customer Loyalty program. How do I set up a Loyalty Rewards program? How much does it cost to create a loyalty program?

First, before we get started on the whole concept of loyalty / rewards / points programs for your WooCommerce site, I want to point out something to everyone. There’s two major tools used for creating this system of points and rewards. One of them is Points and Rewards from WooCommerce and the solution we’re going to look at today is from the Advanced Coupons plugin.

Points and Rewards from is a hundred and twenty nine dollars! Yes, I just spelled out $129 for emphasis 😎

Now, here’s the current pricing for Advanced Coupons:

Pretty substantial difference in the pricing right?

Let’s dig into the Loyalty Program in the Advanced Coupons plugin.

Once activated and installed, you will find the settings to toggle the Loyalty Program by clicking on ‘Coupons’ and then ‘Settings’. Once there, simply toggle the Loyalty Program on and that’s how easy it is.

The really substantial part about Advanced Coupon plugin is that the rewards and loyalty point system is already built into the plug-in itself. (if you haven’t already, re-read that last sentence again!) So there is no additional plugin that you need to go by and configure. It’s all under ONE ROOF!

The MAIN POINT that needs to be emphasized (again) is that this plugin puts all of this under one roof for you to EASILY manage!

Ok, so let’s get into setting up your points and rewards system. One of the main things that you want to set up established is how many points will get what reward. You can do this by simply writing out a few ideas on paper and then looking at the number of points that those ideas will generate. Your goal here is to generate as many points for the customer as possible. The higher number of points and the frequency at which the customer can receive those points is very important.

💡You have to really tap into the endorphins, the rewards section of the brain, and the happy factor that comes from receiving something. So the more you tap into that psychological emotion the more profitable and prosperous your loyalty and Rewards program will be. That in turn will lead to more sales and higher Revenue in your store.

And of course the word “Points” can be easily modified without code!

💡 Successful wording would be some text which invokes a GREAT sense of emotional accomplishment which is specific to your store and your customers!

Here’s a few examples: Achievements, Accomplishments, Thank You Points, Journey Points, Rewards, Goodies Points, Victory Points, Success Points, Milestone Marker,

Think of some store specific names for points and you will see the customer engagement skyrocket even more!

  • Needlepoints – that one was for a crafting site.
  • Checkpoints – this wording was used on a store that sold marathon equipment.
  • Ballpoints – Yes. This was used in a store that sold softball gear. Total success!

Get creative with your points and reward system. Especially in the naming of the actual points themselves. Customers will see that text show up in various places all throughout your store. So get creative.

Over in the backend of Advanced Coupons, you’ll find this powerful feature for your rewards and loyalty program. Again the main benefit for you the store owners is that you can totally customize these messages without having to code anything at all.

💡Again, you can use whatever conglomeration of code that you would like, but we prefer to use the plugin. When running a business it is absolutely crucial that you use EFFICIENT tools!

So, the screenshot above is where we are going to create those messages that the customers will see as they are browsing the site. And there are three different places to both change, remove, or modify those messages: product, cart, and checkout! Again though, remember that communication is key!

Be sure to make those messages as emotionally engaging as possible along the customer journey!

This is a great start. But what if we modified the on-product page to say, “Congratulations! Add this & you are about to earn 55 BONUS POINTS!

Congratulations! Add this and you GET 55 BONUS POINTS!

See the difference in the emotional connection?

Now, let’s make that emotional connection again on the cart and the checkout pages as well. Remember, we gotta keep that customer moving through the process of the rewards and points system. It is just smart business, right?

In the next setting for the customer rewards, let’s modify the prompt that shows up on the cart page that the customer will see. Try to personalize it and watch what happens to your revenue!

Howdy! 🙋‍♀️👋🙋‍♂️👋If everything looks good here, you’re about to earn 55 BONUS POINTS!

(Yes! Using an emoji or two really helps remind the customer of your store’s humanity and that they are helping actual people by purchasing from you. Sprinkle around an emoji or two 😉)

TIP 💡 Brainstorm some other messages that can be used on the cart page. Here’s how: Get a few friends together and ask each other what words or phrases that they hear in real life when they approach a physical checkout. Now start typing those words out and tie in a bit of personalization to your store.

  • Hey there! Your cart full of knitting supplies is about to earn 55 Needle Points!
  • Howdy Girlfriend! That cart is gonna earn you 55 sexy points and keep you lookin’ 🔥HOT!
  • You’ve got 55 Foodie Points in that cart! Let’s finish this up and get cooking!

Again, those are just several examples for the cart page prompt in the loyalty & rewards system. Your messages should be personalized for both the product, cart, and checkout page!

Let’s move on to some more gooey goodness inside the rewards system that comes inside the Advanced Coupons tool!

I’ll include a screenshot from Advanced Coupon’s page for this next part.

If you want, you can click on the image and it will take you to the same page over on their site!

This is inside the /my-account area of your customer’s dashboard. See how easy and simple it is to <APPLY> the coupon? With just a simple click of their mouse or a tap of their finger, your customer can now apply that coupon code! ……and, And, AND

Add more points to the loyalty program!

Which again, brings more sales, more repeat business, and more revenue into your pocket!

Watch this again! The customer literally just puts in how many points that they want to use, it automatically gets calculated to the correct amount, and then <click> REDEEM!

Loyalty Program Redeeming Points

After clicking the Redeem button, the Advanced Coupons plugin automatically cranks out a coupon code which is specific for that particular customer! Pretty sweet right?

Loyalty Program Redeemed Coupons

See how awesome that is to make a loyalty and rewards program in your store!?!?!

More importantly, do you now see how to use it?

Find a product that is a best seller or perhaps even a product that you need to get rid of in excess inventory. Now, if it’s a best seller product, see if you can order materials in bulk or get a volume discount on your supplies. Take that product and run a totally awesome coupon deal on it.

  • Email everyone!
  • Chirp it in the Tweeders!
  • Post it on Facebook!
  • Find a coupon thread in Reddit!
  • Tape the coupon code to a cat’s tail & let it loose in the neighborhood!

And remember, you as the busy store owner that you are, have done absolutely nothing because this whole process is automated. That is a complete and total Time Saver right there!

That’s how easy it is for the customers to use their reward points for their purchase!

Who knew a WooCommerce Plugin called Advanced Coupons could create a points and rewards program inside their store, and do it so easily? Now, Y-O-U know!

Tool Used?

GrabAR’s Augmented Shopping is – NOW!

In WooCommerce Stores, YOU can now get the same Augmented Reality that the big stores have! Check out this new tool: GrabAR

Have you seen all those commercials where someone holds up their phone and gets to experience your products like magic right before their eyes?

You’ve seen augmented reality in commercials and perhaps even used it yourself.

I know I have used augmented reality a time or two when video calling a special little three year old! 😜

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could have that same experience in your WooCommerce site? Of course it would!

You’re going to want to checkout this video below for GrabAR. It’s a new application for WooCommerce store owners just like you!

Now, here’s another video I found for getting the GrabAR to add augmented reality in WooCommerce. It’s only 40 seconds, so check this one out as well & I want to tell you a bit more on the other side of the video.

GrabAR works with all of our existing product images and empowers customers to mix and match WooCommerce products to see how they look within their OWN surroundings.

Check out this video and watch it work! There is a VERY GOOD reason why I’m going to start implementing augmented reality in a few client’s site. It’s the same winning strategy that signals a home purchase in high stakes real estate.

One of the main things that I learned when I was a realtor, was this:

When home shoppers start picturing their furniture in the home, they are more likely and leaning towards choosing that home to buy. When the home shoppers start saying “Ok. We could put our couch over there, the TV would go on this wall, the kitchen table would go over….., I could see our kids playing in that yard…”

In other words, when they begin visualizing that particular house, then that is more likely the house that they are going to buy!

GrabAR does that same thing INSIDE your own WooCommerce house!
😏 …or I meant STORE!

GRAB your Customers attention with an AR Shopping Experience

Get more information and get started using this in your store today!

10 WooCommerce Plugins you can try BEFORE you buy

Run over and try out all these WooCommerce products before you buy them!

There is a little-known trick over at

Quite often times we see this overlooked, however you can actually try WooCommerce plugins before you buy them to make sure that they will work the way that you anticipate and the way that you think the WooCommerce plugin should work.

Sometimes store owners buy a plugin with the ‘perception’ that it will do xyz and add an option of abc to their store, only to realize after reading the docs and understanding the plugin better – Alas! This plugin doesn’t do that.

…..and then they have to go through the refund process and hope that they are within their 30 day window.

So, let’s see if we can help prevent that conundrum from happening to you.

At the time of this writing, had 413 plugins for sale on their site. So I went through all 413 of them. Yep. I did that!

Here’s a list of the 10 WooCommerce plugins that you can actually use, like literally spin up a test environment, and play around with each one of their features, options, settings, and features – all BEFORE you ever buy it.

We’re not talking about “live demos” here folks. Jump inside any of these plugins and play around all you want!

1.) Product Add Ons

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons – Custom & Personalized Products

2.) Table Rate Shipping

Click here to swing over and watch the video describing Table Rate Shipping

If your store has billions and gazillions of shipping scenarios and you are currently laying on the floor having a mental break down with Tylenol in one hand & a bottle of bourbon in the other, this is for you!

3.) WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

💡Ok, this next one is a whopper of a plugin that you ARE probably going to want to play in the sandbox to get used to all the settings and options!

4.) WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings – Booking & Reservations WordPress Plugin

5.) Product CSV Import Suite
When you understand the csv file formatting, this will save you hours if not DAYS worth of work and hassle syncing your store and adding products!

6.) Follow Up Emails

Follow up Emails for WooCommerce is actually really fun to play with in the sandbox. Seriously, go fire up your own playground and think of all the possible ways that you can engage your customers much more efficiently!

We 💖 the fact that we can tweet a Thank You with this!

7.) WooCommerce Product Vendors

Ok, this one is quite fun. Listen, there are plenty of people who do NOT want to mess around with WooCommerce, payment gateways, SSLs, and website hosting. (crazy, right?) So this is where YOU (yes Y-O-U) want to get used to this plugin and setup a community where you get the commission for everyone else selling their items!

Click 👆 To Take it for a spin!

8.) WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Do you ever get tired of having to search for the ‘next‘ sale, the ‘next‘ customer, the ‘next‘ transaction? Points and Rewards quickly fixes that problem by giving customers a great reason to come back to your store! Take it for a test drive and brainstorm the possibilities for your store’s growth!

WooCommerce Points and Rewards 1.6.31 · $3.99 · Free Updates

9.) WooCommerce Pre-Orders

I simply cannot stress enough how many times we have launched WooCommerce stores into profitable success simply by using the Pre-Orders Plugin. Basically, think “KickStarter” campaign inside of your WooCommerce Store. You’ve got all the contracts, suppliers, design, and every other aspect of your launch lined up – now it’s time for REVENUE! Kick the tires on WooCommerce Pre-Orders and watch how your store can become profitable from day ONE!

10.) WooCommerce Deposits

We all have that new thing that we’d like to buy, but perhaps we can’t afford to pay for it all at once. Well, sometimes that’s how your customers feel as well! Please, please, please head over to the sandbox that WooCommerce has for the Deposits Plugin and take it for a test drive! Why? Because staring at store metrics and human behavior all day…. this just might be one of the most UNDERutilized plugin. Does the name of the plugin say “deposits”? Yes. But do NOT let that one term throw you off. Think in terms of “layaway” or “payment plan” and then you will really start to see how your customers (and your sales 😁) can really apply this plugin!

Yes that was ALL 413 products listed at 😁

That took a good solid 2 hours, but …Hey, now you have them all listed out in one simply spot. Pretty convenient, right?

Because this list is so important, and because these plugins let you fully play around in a sandbox area, would you please share this post with other store owners? Let’s help everyone grow their revenue and understanding of these WooCommerce Plugins! Share The News!

Vulnerability Alert (Share!)

For most of us having a profitable and high converting checkout page is one of the main goals of our WooCommerce sites.

So anytime there’s a plug-in vulnerability on a popular WooCommerce plug-in I want to make sure that I bring it to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

As a side note if you’re not on the email list please insert your email, your best email, and get on the list right now.

So this vulnerability is from a very popular WooCommerce plugin. It is called Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce.

Make sure you are running version 2.3.4!

This plugin is installed on over 20,000+ sites. So, please: For the love of all that’s good and holy, make sure you use your Twitter Chirps plus all your Facebook posts to get the word out to everyone!


This is one of those zero-day vulnerability issues. And what that means is that the problem has existed from the beginning of this plugin’s creation. 😕

Which, in this plugin’s case is …. 2014!

Screenshot from plugin’s Release Changelog

Yes, that would be about 6 years ago!

To put that in easy-to-understand terms, you need to immediately update this Plug-In or delete it entirely.

Apparently hackers are using this plugin to inject new fields and scripts into the WooCommerce checkout page. Yes, the checkout page. Your store’s checkout page.

The page where people enter their credit card information!

Users have reported that an additional plug in is also being downloaded. And the interesting part about this is that the plug-in is not downloaded to the plugins folder but rather to the media library. And the downloaded file is called “

Yes, let’s recap that part again: It’s downloading a .zip file and then putting that .zip file into your media library. If you haven’t looked already, go open your media library right now and search for a file called “Woo-Add-To-Carts” – NOW! Please, for your sake, your business, and for your customers, go look for this file now.

If you are currently not using this plugin, great. But have you ever installed it and used it? Ever? In the history of your site? Have you ever installed and activated it?

If you just had a momentary thought of “HOLY SH!TBALLS BATMAN“,
then you would be correct!

See most folks don’t really keep a changelog of what plugins that they have previously installed in the past and what plugins did they have installed and then deleted as well.

So, again, not to be redundant here folks, but go check your site!

And on top of that, it would appear that new admin accounts are being created as well.

Now let’s stop and think about this for a second. Admin accounts are no joke. That is what enables somebody to do virtually, and literally, anything they want inside of your store.

🤚🛑✋With an admin account to your WooCommerce store anyone can jump in and change the PayPal email address.

🤚🛑✋With an admin account to your WooCommerce store anyone can jump in and change the keys as well.

See why I’m encouraging you to share this post? 😯

If you are currently running this plug-in please go back into your store IMMEDIATELY! Open up your users tab, click on administrators, and see if you have any unknown or suspicious admin users that you do not recognize.

If you would like a more detailed understanding of the plugin, you can read more about the hack, the vulnerability, and how to fix it HERE.

Cart Abandonment Questions to Consider & 5 (HIGHLY DETAILED) Options to Fix The Problem!

I’ll make up a quick video 🎥 on each of these 7 options for you. That way you will be able to decide which Cart Abandonment option is best for your store – more importantly – YOUR CUSTOMERS!

💡 Which ever Cart Abandonment solution you choose, one of the most important things to remember is that the behavior of the actual <Add To Cart> “button push” is the *BEST* time to snag the person’s email.

😤A quick short rant (backed by visitor recordings)

The best time to attempt to snag a person’s email is not on an ‘exit intent’ popup. Although that’s fine to read that on the {cough} sales page of ‘xyz Company’ wanting to sell you some Exit Intent popup, that’s not always the best time to interrupt the customer.
The customer might just be moving their mouse off the screen to turn down iHeart Radio, finishing an article, check another notification, or any number of other tasks.
How many tabs do YOU have open right now?
So, they tab back over to your site, and now there is a HUGE BOX over what they were just focused on not more than 5 seconds ago. Now they get to figure out how to close the box or simply leave your store entirely 😲
They have just been 🧠cognitively interrupted during their shopping experience on YOUR site by (whom?)
*BY YOU THE STORE OWNER* setting some exit intent popup. 😖
Triggered slide ins, timed ‘inactivity’ top/bottom bars, or something similar is much more effective.
Oh, and for-the-love-of-all-that-is-good-and-holy:
Stop discounting YOUR store BEFORE you even met the customer!

Rant Over 😀 Let’s Get Down to Business!

There are dozens of abandoned cart options out there. Make sure that they do NOT wait for the checkout page to capture a visitor’s email address.

Capture the email address on the <Add To Cart> click. And only choose one of the providers who *DO* capture the email address in that part of the visitor’s natural buying cycle – not just on the checkout page! – but on the product page as the visitor is adding the item to their cart.

Here’s why: When you rely on a cart abandonment system that waits all the way to the checkout page to “attempt” to capture the visitor’s email address, you are waiting too long down-the-funnel to make that “attempt”. Does that make sense?

There’s a few different ways to demonstrate this and test it for yourself in your own store. We’ll show you in Google Analytics and that should make things easier to see. Swing over to this tab right here labelled Behavior Flow.

Now, this might take a few clicks, but really drill down on you numbers for your store.

Do you see how many of your store’s Interactions do not ever involve the /checkout page?

It’s staggering to see how many page views it takes in one week to drive actual sales, right?

Here, let’s look at it from another point of view. Up until a few years ago, most of the cart recovery platforms simply bragged, advertised, and boasted about how their platform would capture the customer’s email address on the store’s checkout page using the email box.

99.9999999% of the time though, that approach was completely ineffective and entirely impractical in real world usage.

Think About It 🧠
and it makes perfect sense 💡

You visit the checkout page how many times for a transaction on a website _____? (once, right?)

Now, how many times do you click a product page, add to cart, product page, blog post, blog post, blog post, contact us, cart page, about, return policy, product page, add to cart, product page, …..SQUIRREL😲

Find the red box & think of how many thousands and thousands of time you’ve seen this page……..

Waiting until the /checkout page for an attempt to capture the visitor’s email address is way too far down the funnel and incredibly ineffective!


If you don’t know how their system works, then be bold enough to ask them!

Now that we’ve clarified what to look for, let’s go over 5 Cart Abandonment Systems that work. Each of these has their own perks and specific details on approaching abandoned carts in your eCommerce site. We’ll explain and explore the individual differences on each one along with our experiences for you to learn and pass along some wisdom from our experiences with each of them.

5. Carts Guru

Carts Guru takes a great approach in keeping many different platforms under one umbrella🌂, which is a huge time saver for store owners ⏰👍

Emails, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages (like the Pizza Folks use), Facebook Ads, and automatic Coupon Codes are just the start of what all is under the dashboard of Carts Guru. And again, it’s all under ONE dashboard which is a huge time saver for the utmost efficiency!

Because of confidentiality, we aren’t going to show you inside one of our client’s dashboards, we will just go ahead and take a quick screenshot of a page on Cart Guru’s site that shows you all the multiple dynamics that you can coordinate under the same roof:

They call it ” A Complete Cart Recovery Solution for Your WooCommerce Store”
and it IS!

Carts Guru is NOT some cheap “parts & pieces” type of application where you’ll wind up paying for tons of different Saas solutions all separately. Trying to manage multiple marketing channels & schedules in multiple platforms is horribly prone to error. It’s great that Carts Guru keeps everything together!

If it sounds like we just wrote that last sentence out of frustration, then you are definitely right! Trying to coordinate carts and schedules and different platforms can very quickly become an overwhelming time waste!

Fortunately, Carts Guru solves all of this by keeping each piece of the puzzle closely integrated 👍with each other.

Check out this screenshot that we managed to snag as one of the profitable scenarios that you can set up with Carts Gurus: (notice how each marketing platform is all coordinated TOGETHER)

💡Favorite Part About Carts Guru = All the right features in ONE platform allows you to coordinate all the campaigns across multiple marketing channels to achieve maximum conversions!

👉Carts Guru Links For You To Explore More:

4. Jilt

Abandoned Cart Solution for WooCommerce using Jilt Add To Cart Trigger

First and foremost: Does Jilt do the email capture CORRECTLY by applying an option to collect the visitor’s email address on the product page triggered by the Add To Cart button? 👍 YES! 👏

Again, it’s the “behind-the-scenes” programming that makes Jilt’s platform incredibly efficient at generating MILLIONS in revenue💲💲💲

You know those emails that you’re sending out? Ever click on them? Of course you do & so do your customers! But check out what Jilt does….👀

WATCH THIS👀 Jilt’s platform is smart 👩‍🎓…. Once your customer’s email has already been validated, the customer is magically LOGGED IN by clicking on the button in the cart recovery email! (explained further below)

💡Jilt’s platform is also another “burden lifter” out of your hosting account and server performance! Jilt’s platform handles all the email delivering & sending – NOT your hosting account! (using your own host for emails is not smart!)

Jilt has some of the best eCommerce segments already built into their system as templates to choose from. Of course you can always customize those segments even further for your store and your audience’s specific needs!

💡Of course when we use Jilt on client’s sites, we no longer have to mess around with two separate logins & accounts – one for those ‘transactional emails’ then another for the ‘cart abandonment’ system.

📢To all of you wanting to ditch MailChimp: If no one has mentioned this to you lately, let us be the first to remind you that Jilt also handles all of your store’s regular & traditional eCommerce emails as well! 🎉(wahoo! another time saver!)

I’m gonna go ahead and snag one of’s screenshots and show you a great example of all-the-pieces coming together. Take a peek at the image below, click & open it in a new tab if you’d like, but follow along below the image & you are going to see us meticulously break down and fully explain what’s really going on here. Ready?

Dynamic Coupons & Email Editing
  • Max“👉Use customer’s name & personalization factors built into Jilt
  • “…thanks for shopping with us…”👉Reminds cart abandoning customer
  • “…code for 20% off this order…”👉Notice it didn’t say the ‘next‘ order
  • ABCD-1234-EFGH“👉Automatic Code applies to ‘abandoned’ order
  • Complete My Purchase“👉1st person narrative & compelling call to action
  • Expires in: 10 days“👉Motivate customer to 💩or get off the 🚽❗


now, imagine sending that out a few million times a day &
having every bit of those steps automated for your store!

Too see why we use Jilt on client’s sites, and to imagine all the ways you can use Jilt in your store, you’ve gotta go check out all the rest of Jilt’s Automations

3. Tyches Software

When you’re looking for a standalone plugin for Cart Abandonment in WordPress, Tyches Software has a great option that has been used in thousands of WooCommerce Stores!

At only $119 per year for an update & support license, this plugin can be a great cost effective solution for your Abandoned Carts in Woocommerce!

As a WooCommerce Store Owner, you can 1.) send unlimited emails, 2.) integrate via Twillio to send text messages, and then also 3.) target shoppers via Facebook Chat as well!

Between those three marketing mediums, you can quickly see how easy it is to reach those customers who might sometimes get a bit distracted.

💡Remember: All the settings, email templates, reports and more live right inside the dashboard of your WooCommerce site!

One of the interesting specifics about Tyche’s abandoned cart solution is that IF you would like, you can actually configure the plugin so that a visitor MUST enter their email to add an item to their cart.

Yes, this is actually a really GREAT feature. Why? We’ve seen quite a good number of successful conversions happen from store owners who decide to LIMIT their store in such a way that they make the visitor enter their email address to add a product to their cart! 🛒

🧠Does that seem counter intuitive? 💡Well every store is different and different approaches work great on specific customer groups! Some WooCommerce stores are completely locked up allowing ONLY fully registered and logged in users to even see their product listings!

Making the <Add To Cart> action available ONLY with an email address just might actually prove to be an INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE solution for your store!

Of course, like all the other great features, you -the WooCommerce Store Owner- are in full control and you can make the email field 100% optional (or mandatory) for your store’s visitors at any time! (all with no coding involved!)

Your store, my store, client’s WooCommerce Store, … EVERY WooCommerce Store needs to have abandoned cart setup from the start! This is A MUST!

If your store is just starting up and you have NOT implemented any type of abandoned cart solution for your WooCommerce store, then start TODAY!


2. Beeketing

We have both used and setup Beeketing Apps many times with incredible success! Now, to really understand “one aspect” of Beeketing that specifically handles “Abandoned Carts” is almost impossible (and that’s a POSITIVE thing to say. Lemme show ‘ya why…..)

👷‍♀️The WHOLE PLATFORM is setup to convert unknown shoppers into known visitors and follow up with them on ALL of Beeketing’s Apps ACROSS THE BOARD! Here, go check ’em out for yourself 👉

It’s like the whole “Abandoned Cart” element is sort of “baked in” to everything Beeketing does & “woven throughout” each element of their apps!

Sound confusing? IT’S NOT! 😀

To keep it concise and short, let’s just look at a few images & comments that way YOU can swing over to their site and read more on each of these….

💡Happy Email

Happy Email is a neet little app that sends personalized automated emails which essentially say, “Howdy!” to your stores visitors! Totally simple, incredibly effective, and 100% FREE❗ 👉

💡Quick Facebook Chat

We’ve all seen the benefits of live chat? But let’s talk about HOW this works!
In Beeketing’s Quick Facebook Chat, YOU the store owner, will now have that person’s contact info on Facebook as well!
Again, what we’re doing here is looking for multiple channels (not just email) to recover that abandoned cart! Now YOU can do the same thing! (yep, it’s FREE!)

💡Sales Pop

You’ve seen them and probably used them as well in your own eCommerce site. There are of course several providers of these little notifications, but what’s interesting about Beeketing’s option is that they make this one free as well!

💡Better Coupon Box

Remember when I mentioned that Beeketing has “woven” their Abandoned Cart elements into EVERYTHING that they do? Well, here’s yet another demonstration of how they have applied it to their app called Better Coupon Box.
Is it an exit intent pop-up? ….it could be!
Triggered on specific page loads? ….sure!
…& it captures email address while ALSO offering a discount? HELL YEAH!💯

The options here are quite extensive! Enough to cover EVERY scenario possible! And again, is it free? YEP!

Beeketing does have a couple of paid apps which are very competitively priced. Again, though the point is to not try to part and piece everything together on separate platforms – that’s a total time waste! It’s worth every penny to get your time back and keep things under one umbrella!
To check out all of Beeketing’s aspects of handling Abandoned Carts, run over here and check ’em out for yourself 👀


1. Metorik

Rounding out our last tool that we use in client’s sites is Metorik.

Now, a bit about the founder Bryce: Bryce is one of the oldest, most seasoned, knowledgeable, and long time WooCommerce Ninjas who has been working with WooCommerce since 1845 (give or take a few years) 😏

Now, let’s get into the guts, the parts, the pieces, and the tools that Metorik uses for abandoned cart options. 💪
Once you’ve signed up for your account, swing over to the cart settings page inside Metorik, and you’ll see this button. Click it!

Yep, it’s that easy!

Next, you need to create the content that will be sent out in your abandoned cart email sequence.

Of course there will be three email templates initially setup for you to build with, which makes it super quick to finish and fill in your store’s details. 💪

Remember 💡Earlier we mentioned “The effective platforms will capture the lead much, Much, MUCH farther UP the sales funnel!” Metorik does this quite effectively as well with their “Add To Cart” email popup prompt.

Customize the “Save Your Cart” area so the shopper knows what the Abandoned Cart prompt is actually doing!

Rename that text above to whatever works best for your customers!

What we love most about Metorik’s Cart Abandonment function is the reports that we see in the dashboard! Bottom line is that these are just the most beautiful reports that our eyeball hole’s have ever seen!

Bottom line is that these are just the most beautiful reports that our eyeball hole’s have ever seen! 👀And, yes! Our eyeball holes spend a lot of time each day staring at reports!

Most of these all do similar things & handle Cart Abandonment in their own particular way. But Metorik gives the best looking reports. We might be a bit biased here because we do use Metoriks segmenting feature quite extensively to really drill down and filter our customer data! So, perhaps our view is a bit biased, but you can always see Metorik’s segmenting options yourself here:


  • Effective Cart Abandonment solutions focus on CONVERTING the UNKNOWN visitor to a KNOWN CUSTOMER!
  • Waiting for the /checkout page to “hopefully” capture a lead is NOT the MOST EFFECTIVE way of handling cart abandonment in WooCommerce!
  • Most abandoned cart strategies are actually focused on checkout abandonment, NOT cart abandonment.
  • Effective cart abandonment strategies are focused on converting unknown visitors to known contacts HIGHER UP the purchasing funnel.

🧠A Few More Points To Ponder🧠

💌Always offload your email sending to a 3rd party provider. Do not use your hosting account to send all of these emails. That puts too much stress on your OWN hosting, and your site should be 100% focused on displaying products and customer transactions as quickly and as fast as possible!🚀

💡There’s one last point that needs to be mentioned here…. Notice that 4 out of 5 of these are EXTERNAL Services! There is a reason for this….

🔑KEY POINT: Abandoned cart data will fill up your hosting account with rows and rows, megabytes and megabytes of data, that you do NOT WANT slowing your site down!

💡Imagine for every ONE singular order, you generate information that will have to live inside your site. It’s rows and rows of data and those rows of data making up each transaction on your site.

For every one COMPLETED order, let’s say you have 7 abandoned carts. You’ll be loading😰 your own hosting server with megabytes of data if you are not using an external service like the ones mentioned here.

The only “self-hosted” solution we mentioned was Tyche’s Option. The rest of these are all EXTERNAL services which off-load the work to their services and keeping the horsepower of your own site focused on loading fast!

Tyche’s option keeps all of this inside your WooCommerce site. While Carts Guru, Jilt, Beeketing and Metorik all remove this from your site and off-load the work to their own service! ….freeing up your site to have fast loading times!

📢We’d love to see you give a shout out to all these tools and companies that have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of WooCommerce Store Owners make millions of dollars!

How To Follow Up With Lost Leads (Step By Step)

At the end is the Outline of the Steps, but 👀 watch WHY we do each of those to 🚫PREVENT🚫LOST LEADS❗

If you’re struggling with following up with lost leads you’re not alone.

Does this sound like you:

Between your work email, social channels, live chat, CRM notifications, and many other platforms, leads can sometimes get lost.

If that’s you, then don’t feel bad. 😭 You are not alone. 😧

This post series is about WPForms, which we both recommend and also use ourselves on multiple client’s WooCommerce sites.

We’re going to reveal for YOU the steps we use to follow up with those lost leads and how we set up these forms to help funnel leads so that those leads do not fall through the cracks. Ready?

💡Create Accurate Notifications

One of the smartest ways to follow up with lost leads is make sure the right lead goes to the right person at the right time!

If your current lead follow up doesn’t allow you to direct form submissions correctly, then you’ll want to check out these two specific features of WPForms:

The first is called Instant Notifications and this one allows us to direct form submissions to as many email addresses as needed.

So, when YOU need one form to go to one person or department, then you can set that specific form to alert one specific person. Smart right?

🔑Five real life examples for your inspiration and application

  • If you’ve got a warranty request form, you can have that form submission go to the right individual.
  • When you have appointments on your site, you can direct the form submission to the right department
  • Using forms on a pre-sale vs. post-sale scenario? Get the right lead to the right person!
  • Selling multiple sporting goods? Have the most knowledgeable person from that department respond.
  • Using forms to acquire leads for multiple products? Get the right sales person to reply – not just anyone.

Yes, those are real life examples from us. So how can YOU use the Instant Notifications?

💡The MOST POWERFUL – Zapier💪

Zapier has got more integrations than a 14 year old has excuses for not doing homework.

Seriously, it’s amazing! And, that’s probably why the folks behind WPForms built this plugin to help you connect & flow Zapier connections to pretty much anything.

But the CRUCIAL part here is understanding that WPForms’ Zapier connection is the magic 🎩🐰that allows your form to flow to a billion (approximately) other platforms. It’s like a genie🧞that just comes in and says, “What’s your wish?”

  • Does that lead have appointment info? Send it on over to your Google Calendar via Zapier & WPForms.
  • Need the info sent over to QuickBooks? Zap it on through WPForms integration!
  • Want each new lead sent to Twillio to get a text? Not a problem at all.
  • Populating a shared Google Docs with the new leads? Yep, that’s an option as well!
  • Want that form submission to go into Facebook Lead Ads? No problem from WPForms to Zapier it goes.

Starting to see the possibilities? 💭 This is why we keep WPForms in our tool shed! We never know what platform or options the client, customer, or business owner is going to need.

🔑And that’s the key point we want to convey that’s most important. YOU don’t know how, when, in what direction, on what social platform, and in what scale your leads are going to grow the most & what tools YOUR site will need to grow🌲

With Zapier integrated with WPForms, no matter what happens, YOU HAVE the tools ready for everything!

💡Ensure Form Abandonment is Active

In a previous post we talked about form abandonment in more depth. And we would not be doing you any favors if we didn’t mention it here in a post talking about following up with lost leads.

Think back on some of the sites that YOU visit and the forms that you fill out. Now go look at your inbox and look at the services, products, and companies that you’ve engaged with.

Which one’s do you remember the most? Which sites managed to make it back into your cranium🧠?

It’s those sites that take every step, every moment, and every opportunity to follow up with a connection to you that you engage with the most.

Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle
Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle

🔑With this simple little check box from WPForms Form Abandonment feature, YOU HAVE that same opportunity as well❗

💡Follow up With LARGE Incentive

One of the biggest opportunities we want to show YOU is how to implement this principle into YOUR own site. These incentives might be access to a worksheet, white paper, eBook, case study, video, course, free consultation or another type of information valuable to your intended audience. Upgraded feature for a product.

Don’t fall short on this one. Make the follow up with those lost leads so incentivizng and exciting that they can’t help but finish filling out that form.

🔑Here’s 5 Examples of blah to AMAZING Incentives & Offers that YOU should start Using Today!

1.) Have a “Loss Leader” such as an extensively documented and authoritative book that you can offer to those who finish filling out the form. (not just an “eBook”, but something with HIGHER VALUE with citations, vetted authors, documented research)

2.) (this is yet another real-world example that you’ll need to cater to your own needs) If you are selling a product like custom hand made greeting cards and you’ve got an “option” of upgrading to a different finish or coating on the card, offer that “option” as an incentive for the completion of the form.
🔍Find or CREATE 💭an “upgrage” to your service/product that loses the least amount of profit margin & creates the smallest amount of overhead. That’s the ‘thing’ that you offer as an “upgrade”.

3.) Most of the time those who have filled out a form completely in its entirety are already far enough along the marketing path and ready to engage. So send something unique for those whom you’ve seen WPForms identify as ‘abandoned’.

Take a picture of you and your team in your office and email it to them saying ‘HI’. What you’ll find is that those who “abandoned” the form initially, will then quite often go on to become your most engaged users!

Again, keep it real! And …really FUNNY & AUTHENTIC works best 🤣 Something like: “Finish this form & we’ll show you a funny selfie of the cutest ball of hair with squishy cheeks that you’ve ever seen in your life”

See, it’s kinda funny, yet authentic and the same time. Remember though, it’s HOW you leave the visitor FEELING that matters most! So, how does YOUR form leave your visitors feeling?

4.) Once you’ve identified those who’ve not finished the form, remember to go back and look at how you’ve setup your WPForms. We wrote up the specifics for you to read here:

So, remember: Since you’ve setup your form according to that guideline above…. While you probably have gotten an email, did you also get a 📞PHONE NUMBER as well, right?
😃Big business or small, you’ve got a phone number to call the visitor! This is ASTRONOMICALLY EFFECTIVE for smaller businesses – local or not – to have the person on the other end of the screen actually talking to them!

Receiving a call? …..from a real person? …at a real business? ….that actually said ‘Hello!’? ….and wants to engage with voice communication?


5.) Then there’s the good ole traditional coupon code as an incentive. Again, as demonstrated in #1 with the “eBook” example, make the coupon code something so off-the-wall exciting, original, and even lovingly intangible that the person simply can NOT resist. “Finish the form and we’ll send you a HUG in the mail” ~or~ “At the end of this form, you’ll find the most irresistible selfie that my 3 year old took when she stole my phone.” See where we’re going there? Your ‘coupon’ code or ‘discount code’ does not always have to be something like “10% off your first order”.

To get the visitor from ‘Start’ > ‘Lost Lead’ > ‘Finished’, MAKE IT SOMETHING FUN😀

💡Last tip, then onto the steps: Use EMOTIONS!

Never, never, never, ever, ever, never, ever, never use the word “SUBMIT” on your button… EVER! NEVER! ❌


You are giving them something in return for their information, so use EMOTION words ON your button itself! Look at theses buttons below.

🤜💥🤛 Nice, right? It’s thousands of little things that add up😉

Now, let’s think about those buttons above for a minute. Which of those buttons makes you want to finish the form more? The word ‘submit‘ or the buttons which have text on them that include an emotional action word?

See? In the world of the web, being real and personal -especially in a business sense- with a touch of humor, always gives people an incentive with an emotion to take an action!


  1. Think & Map out numerous forms for specific behaviors and goals.
    • Contact Us Page, Landing Pages, Various Ads, Social Posts
  2. Go ahead and make TWO forms for each of those above.
    • One is for the initial visit.
    • The other will be for Form Abandonment automation.
    • Initial Form has ‘incentive A’ / 2nd form has ‘incentive B’
  3. On ALL forms, make sure you’ve activated “Form Abandonment” in WPForms
  4. Keep no more than 5 fields in view at a time
  5. Be sure the viewer knows UP FRONT what the incentive is for finishing the form.
  6. Use WPForm’s Zapier integration to make sure the right lead goes to the right person – each time, every time, and the first time.
  7. Since you’ve enabled the “Form Abandonment” option, you’ll be able to follow up with those lost leads for higher engagement and conversions.
  8. Remember to 🧠Always use Emotions as trigger words.
    • In follow up emails use EMOTIONS on links in email going back to the form on your site.
    • On your site’s form(s) always remember to use EMOTIONS there as well.
  9. Along with the Emotional Power Words, give those who have abandoned their forms an incredibly REAL incentive to finish the form.
  10. Keep it emotionally fun and exciting, even thoughtful and original!


Now, after you’ve learned our secret sauce, what are you waiting for? Go apply it to your own site as well. So that YOU can experience the same results, go check it out now.

How To Save Lost Leads And Sales In 4 Simple Steps

Your forms get viewed. How often do they CONVERT❓ 🤔 Can YOU follow up with leads that ABANDONED Forms❓ We’ll let you in on a secret🍻This is how we DO IT👂

💡First: Right Fields, Right Order

When creating your forms, if you’ll put the email box as one of the first couple of fields, this helps tremendously. Here’s WHY you want to put the email field first or towards the top of your form.

You see WPForms is going to 🎧 “listen”👂(if you will) to different fields of your form.

In the world of programming, it’s called ajax. But, if you’re running a business, you need to remember to stay 100% focused on the WHY behind the WHAT.

It’s this ajax listening feature that creates the opportunity for you to follow up with those “lost leads” who got distracted and didn’t finish filling out the form.

Because of this, it’s imperative that you put the 👉email field👈 as close to the beginning of your form as possible 👍

Forms Plugin for WordPress Email Fields on Field Order
Forms Plugin for WordPress Email Fields on Field Order

🔑Key point is to remember that WPForms will not wait until the visitor is DONE filling out your form and presses the <sumbit> button (or whatever you have set).

As soon as the visitor types their email into this field, WPForms is going to IMMEDIATELY save that information for YOU❗ (regardless if they ever FINISHED filling out the whole form or not)

By doing that, WPForms will keep track of which sessions were abandoned. Then you can follow up with those individuals according to your needs.

Forms Plugin for WordPress Follow Up with Abandoned Visits
Forms Plugin for WordPress Follow Up with Abandoned Visits

❗ Without this feature, you’re simply losing leads and losing money!

💡Next: Check This Box Here

When using WPForms, you’re going to make variations of your forms, right? Of course you are. 👍

RELATED: WPForms vs. TypeForm, Wofuu, and Saas Forms

You’re going to make different forms for specific landing pages, for different audiences, and you’re going to make a good number of forms for each of your “behavior specific” goals, right? Of course! To make your forms more effective, you take the time to carefully articulate each and every form!

So each and every time you create all of your unlimited forms, be sure to check this box right here – each and every time!

Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle
Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle

❗ This is what makes the magic happen!

💡Third: Keep the Number of “fields-in-view” very short

Check out this image of a form on a smartphone:

That is indeed quite painful to look at!

There are times when you need to collect various fields for your user. And, if collecting dozens of fields is an absolute must, then always minimize the number of fields that are in the immediate site of the visitor.

When we setup a form using WPForms, we always utilize TWO very distinct features of WPForms.

One is the Form Pages Features:
But the more important feature that we need to point out here is the Multiple Page Forms.

IF (and, yes that is an ALL CAPS ‘IF’) longer forms are needed, Mulitpage Forms will split up the form into two different “pages” (if you will). Here’s a video from WPForms giving a really short overview.

Basically what that does is that it gives the viewers eyeball holes 👀 a significantly shorter visual cue of all the fields. Remember that screenshot from earlier of the two phone screens? It’s even worse on a desktop when your visitor immediately sees a HUGE list of fields that they need to fill out because they can now see *ALL* of them at the same time. 😧YIKES❗

Anytime we see that the visitor might need to fill out more than 4 or 5 fields, we ALWAYS (always! always! always!) add a “NEXT” button for all our forms. Always? HELL YES! Here’s why we want YOU to understand how important this is:

This totally cuts down on the number of “page bounces” & “page exits” as well. That’s where a visitor lands on the page, then does absolutely nothing. So what happened? How did you lose that lead?

💩They saw a big ass ugly form with a ton of fields that needed to be filled out and simply clicked ‘X’. Poof! You are gone. Just like that!

Website Forms done the wrong way
Website Forms done the wrong way

Cycle that ineffective process times the millions of page views of forms all over the internet & you’ll see why some convert incredibly well & other simply suck horrifically and waste both time and money!

❗Use WPForms’ “Next” button to show visitors no more than 5 fields!

💡Step Four: Ask OPEN ENDED Questions about THEM

Please take a minute to read, share, re-read, share, ask another opinion, then re-read this section as many times as possible.

Ask questions about your user. Not you!👍

  • Questions like: How did you hear about us? Should be rephrased into something more user-centered into something like: Hey, do you by chance remember what led you here?
  • Instead of prompting: Email? What would happen if you asked: What is your best email?
  • First Name? can be rephrased to a prompt that says: Hi! What’s your first name? ….and your last name?
  • Ask something that is not so lead centered like: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Can you see the difference in those prompts? Notice how many times we’ve used the word Y-O-U in this post? Can you spot the difference in the phrasing of those form field prompts?

💡That’s right! It’s all about Y-O-U😃

Now can you see why we refuse 🚫to use form builders that do not allow us the freedom to change every detail of the form. That’s why we use WPForms. And that is exactly how {ready} YOU Can Save Lost Leads And Sales In 4 Simple Steps😉

How to Create Typeform-like Form in WordPress

Typeform at $300 sure seems like a WASTE. 👨‍🎓Do You Want to make a smarter decision❓Take a peek at what we use (and why)👀

It’s not just about “Typeform”. It’s about a Conversation!

When you’re engaging with your visitors on your site, It’s always important to have a conversation with them.

💡One of the best ways to do that is to ask better questions.

So we were asked to do a write-up about Typeform vs WPForms and why it is that we recommend and use WPFroms so much on client sites.

If you’d like, you can go ahead and open both of these links in a new tab and follow along:

So, let’s clear some things up about Typeform so that we can focus on the positive aspects of building forms for your site. Here we go!

😳The honest truth about Typeform is that it really restricts you to only 10 questions on the free plan.

And when you’re running a large woocommerce store you never want to be limited on anything – EVER!

With one license for WPForms you can create as many forms as you need and all of those forms to have as many questions as you would like with ZERO RESTRICTIONS on the number of questions.

And I don’t want to be negative, but I do want to be realistic. The free version of Typeform doesn’t really have any professional support at all.

So you’ll have limited support for free plan of Typeform vs. community + monitored help (even for free version) of WPForms!

WPForms actively engages with proactive support for both the paid and even the free plans.

There’s the .org/plugin area is constantly answered with the staff from WPForms, but also the paid support gives the right answer (the first time) within 24 hours:

💡And when you’re using forms to collect leads on your side from possible customers then you want to make sure that your forms have professional support.

💲So let’s swing over to the cost aspect for a minute.

Typeform has three different pricing plans to pick from and if you want anything even remotely “cool”, then you’ll need to upgrade to one of their pay plans.

Here’s the 3 different pricing plans to pick from: Basic (free), Pro, and Pro+. Per year, Pro costs $360 and Pro+ costs $700.

Hold on, let’s type that out again just so that we can be clear. Pro Costs $360 a year, and Pro Plus costs $700 a year. 😲

🚫That’s a TON OF PROFIT from your store flying out the door just simply to put a form on your site!

Even the elite version of WP forms is only $299 a year. And let’s be honest, most stores will be perfectly fine with the Pro ($199), Plus ($88), or even WPForms’ Basic License ($39).

Either way you look at it, WPForms still gives more value for the money than Typeform ever could for a much, much SMARTER price point for the value!💪

When you’re creating conversational forms it’s important to make sure that you DO NOT OVERPAY for features that you do not need.

link to

link to

When creating conversational forms, TypeForm also provides a Logic Jump feature to make your forms smarter. This feature allows you to ask different questions based on the user’s answer to the previous questions as well as show personalized endings based on the answers given.

Of course, WPForms does that as well and WITHOUT the hefty THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR price tag that comes with TypeForm (oh wait, you can of course always pay TypeForm $700 if you want the “Advanced Features”) uhm……. NO THANKS!

I’ll go ahead and put that Typeform money back in my pocket and go snag the Pro version of WPForms because they Conditional Logic as well 👍

It seems a bit irresponsible with your resources to pay more for a Saas like TypeForm when WPForms is only $99, right?

Don’t believe it’s that affordable? It is! Go check it out for yourself!

The $199 a year plan allows you to collect Stripe & PayPal payments, but you’re probably using WooCommerce for that, right? 😉

So using the simple $99/ yr license to collect leads & generate customers is probably the smartest option for WooCommerce Store owners.

💡And remember: 💬Your goal is to create a conversation with user! 

If you haven’t checked out our other posts about how to actually set up a WPForms, scroll back up to the top of the page and you’ll see how we actually use WP forms to create conversations for all of our clients sites.

Now if you’re not running a WooCommerce site, one of the other benefits of WPForms’ Pro Plan is that it DOES Empower you to take Stripe and PayPal payments which is a huge benefit for those selling only a few items, wanting to avoid having to set up WooCommerce.

Imagine not having to go through anything WooCommerce related. Instead, all you need to do is setup a form to take payment, collect shipping info (if needed), and be done!

So even for $199 a year you could even accept payments on your site create a form to collect the shipping information and not even have to worry about WooCommerce at all.

As much as we do love WooCommerce, there are times when perhaps the simpler approach is much easier, faster, and much more efficient.

Also consider that WooCommerce is free and as such sometimes the information out there can be old outdated inaccurate and getting support for the correct solution, for the correct version, and I correct situation, … sometimes difficult.

Remember that if any part of your conversation involves an actual financial transaction then WPForms clearly has an advantage there as well over Typeform!

Plus, with WPForms, it’s much simpler and easier to create those conversations using Conditional Logic along with the Conversational Forms as well.

Remember that when you want to create a Typeform-ish looking form for your WordPress site, the smartest choice is WPForms.

There is a reason WPForms is the goto plugin for all our client’s WooCommerce sites.

How to use Form Abandonment to Recover Distracted Conversions!

🛑STOP!🛑DO NOT let a site visitor’s distractions prevent you from losing leads 😲Let’s fix that – NOW 👍

Imagine this: You’re in a crowded grocery store, your 3 wonderful kiddos are magically adding things to the grocery cart 🛒(Hey, how did this get in there?), and you get a ding on your phone 📳

You look down to see that it’s an email notification that you would like to read some more later. But for right now, you’ve got to figure out why there’s a rather large bag of Sour Gummy Worms in your cart (seriously, I had no clue they sold that many) 😲

Or take a few seconds to look around your computer, right now. Think about how many distractions you have at work. All the emails, notifications, quick snippets of humor, gossip, and dings + bings + chrips + things pulling at your attention every moment.

💡Think about your WooCommerce Sales. You know, those sales on YOUR SITE!

They come from leads right? Those sales come from forms. Your revenue never actually comes in until you connect with that lead and make the relationship happen.

And that’s where WPFrom’s feature for Form Abandonment comes in quite handy!

Remember people get busy. So, before you do anything else, be sure to look at this screenshot below from inside one of our stores. 👇

See that box right there? Be sure to click it each and every time! We’ll put a link below the screenshot so you can pop over to WPForm’s site to read a bit more. But BEFORE YOU GET DISTRACTED 😀, check out the screenshot below.

To see this over on WPForm’s site, tap or click the button link below

💡Remember it’s not about just about getting eyeballs to your site, not just running ads for people to view your landing page, or having great lead magnets…..

You simply MUST follow up with each and every one of those “micro moments” because the world 🌎 is full of distractions.

….and WPForms does EXACTLY that! (without having to open code & quickly getting you back to the business of selling!)

Over on WPForm’s site here:, we managed to snag an awesome screenshot as we were watching their videos to set up the Form Abandonment options up on our site. What’s more important is WHAT🤷‍♂️ and 🤷‍♀️WHY these form abandonment options are so crucial & important for your site.

  • You know that someone is probably going to share your URL with a friend or family member & even possibly share it on social media, right?
  • At some point, you might even start testing some ads for the page that has your form on it. That could happen as well!
  • You’ve probably loaded up some automatic social shares via something like SocialPilot as well, right?

💡You ALWAYS want those👆efforts to Pay Off & Be as Efficient as Possible, Right? Of course You Do! 👏

Over the last 10 years, we’ve noticed that all of those little details add up to big profitable gains when you piece them all together and add them up.

💡TIP: Put the email field as close to the beginning as possible

But it’s knowing how & where to get those tools together and how to use all those little features correctly -like Form Abandonment- to maximize the efficiency of your site to it’s absolute fullest potential!

And, now ‘ya know 😉

Before your competition😲sees this, & to make absolute sure you don’t waste any of your precious time, go checkout WPForms Form Abandonment – TODAY 👍

WP Forms 3 Step Signature Form

Quite often, signatures are needed in WordPress Forms. 💡 It’s SUPER EASY & FAST to do in 3 simple steps.

We all love using our electronics so why not be able to just sign any forms from our websites too. Electronic signatures are great and now you can have them included with your forms as well. Creating a Signature form is as easy as 1-2-3. Anyone can do it! It keeps everything together (all online) without having to worry about printing and faxing anything. Make you and your customer’s lives a whole lot easier. The Signature Addon feature is something everyone will love.

Just follow these simple steps.

The First Step Is To Choose Your Form:

Make your Form how you want it. (WPforms gives you templates to choose from that will help guide you in creating your form.) Once you have selected the template you will get to the part of the form builder where are going to be able to add and remove fields from your form.

Want to see More Ready Made Templates for Yourself? Open THIS link or tap the button bellow:

Next, Grab the Signature Field:

You will need to drag and drop the Signature Addon(located under the Fancy Fields section) to where you would like it to be located in your form, also make sure you mark that the signature field is required. If you have not downloaded the signature addon plugin yet that’s easy to do too. (You can easily install the Signature Addons after you have logged into your WordPress and from the panel on the left select WPforms, then click Addons, search for the Signature Addon, install it and make sure you have it activated).

To see the Signature add on click on the image or the button below.

Last, Setup Your Notifications:

Now that we have created your form and have chosen to have a signature required with it. You will just need to setup your notifications, which you can set it up to get emails every time someone fills out a form on your website. Then you are just going to go publish it on your website, the same way that you would add any other content to your website. (Add new, then + block and select your form and publish, then you are all set.)

A little bit more information just for you…

💡Think carefully about all the items that you as a store owner can sell.
While the options are limitless, there are many opportunities to validate your sale, and also reduce charge backs and fraud in your WooCommerce Store’s Transactions!

You can use the Signature addon to have any of the following signed:

  • Contracts
  •  Petitions
  •  Service Agreements
  •  Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Terms of Service
  • Any other kind of form you would need signed

Now I’m sure you also want to know how it works for your customers when they get to the signature section of the form, right?

Well… they are are going to be able to just sign it either using their mouse or by using touchscreen. Once a customer signs one of your forms the image is going to be saved and you will either be emailed or it will saved to your websites database.

So go ahead and try it out! Simplify your life and your customers by being able sign any form that’s needed and keep it all together.
🤜💥🤛 (it’s easier than a fistbump!)