GrabAR Augmented Reality for WooCommerce
GrabAR Augmented Reality for WooCommerce

Have you seen all those commercials where someone holds up their phone and gets to experience your products like magic right before their eyes?

You’ve seen augmented reality in commercials and perhaps even used it yourself.

I know I have used augmented reality a time or two when video calling a special little three year old! 😜

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could have that same experience in your WooCommerce site? Of course it would!

You’re going to want to checkout this video below for GrabAR. It’s a new application for WooCommerce store owners just like you!

Now, here’s another video I found for getting the GrabAR to add augmented reality in WooCommerce. It’s only 40 seconds, so check this one out as well & I want to tell you a bit more on the other side of the video.

GrabAR works with all of our existing product images and empowers customers to mix and match WooCommerce products to see how they look within their OWN surroundings.

Check out this video and watch it work! There is a VERY GOOD reason why I’m going to start implementing augmented reality in a few client’s site. It’s the same winning strategy that signals a home purchase in high stakes real estate.

One of the main things that I learned when I was a realtor, was this:

When home shoppers start picturing their furniture in the home, they are more likely and leaning towards choosing that home to buy. When the home shoppers start saying “Ok. We could put our couch over there, the TV would go on this wall, the kitchen table would go over….., I could see our kids playing in that yard…”

In other words, when they begin visualizing that particular house, then that is more likely the house that they are going to buy!

GrabAR does that same thing INSIDE your own WooCommerce house!
😏 …or I meant STORE!

GRAB your Customers attention with an AR Shopping Experience

Get more information and get started using this in your store today!

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