Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth

Christmas and the Holiday Sales have come and gone.  Your WooCommerce site has taken in zillions of dollars in sales and now it’s time to apply all of that for future WooCommerce Growth.

But what do you do with all those sales?  The revenue was great.  But what about the actual customers?  What about the customer data that you have?  How is your WooCommerce Business going to apply all of these different aspects to grow your WooCommerce site to sustain further future growth?

Let’s look at 5 Opportunities for WooCommerce Growth


You’ve collected your emails, they’ve been loaded up into your site and then pushed into your email provider, right?

Be it Active Campaign, Aweber, Drip, or MailChimp, all of those email clients have the ability to segment and give your business much more insight into your customer.

As we look at the other ways to Grow your WooCommerce Business, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that we remember that there is NEVER one aspect that lives in total isolation.  As a result, it’s important to use your emails to further understand your customers, their buying habits, and their demographics.

MailChimp for example has thousands of Automation Activities that can be set up and configured to your WooCommerce Store.

Most store owners are completely missing out on hundreds, thousands, and (for some) even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue simply because they have not (yet) taken the time to slow down and confidently understand all of the Automations which are available in their their email marketing provider.

Forgetting that almost every email marketing service (well, at least the good ones!) will allow, empower, and enable the Business Owner to create these automations ONCE is absolutely tragic!

Don’t make Santa cry. Go find your email providers Automation rules and set ’em up!
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For example, most of the Automations in MailChimp can be created ONE TIME and then –like the famous infomercial says– you can “Set it and Forget It!”.  In other words, it makes sense to find out what type of customer segments are indeed available with your particular email marketing provider, and pursue fully understanding the knowledge and steps necessary to create those Automations.

Once you’ve created those rules, conditions, and Automations correctly one time, they will continually run for all customers, transactions, and segments for customers of your store.

In one particular store that I created automated rules for, we could easily log into MailChimp and track the additional revenue that came from each of those specific automation.  In each case, the additional revenue was not chump change at all!

For every Automated rule set up, their store would generate thousands of dollars in additional income!

Remember that once you have a customer, there is no need to simply think that they customer should NOT come back and buy from you again.

  • Perhaps they need a matching shirt or blouse that would pair great with their previous purchase.
  • Maybe the individual is a long time customer of yours and you’d like to specifically target those long-time customers with a coupon code and a “special discount” so that you, the WooCommerce Store Owner, can liquidate your seasonal items.
  • Or, maybe you’ve got customers who have not bought from your Store in a few months.  You’ll want to segment and target those customers with a specific subject line, email content, and personalize message to engage them with your store again!

Regardless of  which specific Email Marketing Provider you’re using, it bears repeating that NOW is a GREAT time to make sure that you’ve got those Automated rules understood, correctly setup, and working for your Business!


Facebook Pixel

Again, let’s point out that MailChimp does indeed have Automated rules which allows the Store Owner to create Ads in Facebook which are directly and specifically tied to the customer’s interactions with your store, their email actions (opened, click, abandoned cart), and their specific point in the buying funnel.

However, let’s remember that there are other ways to capitalize on the almighty Facebook and the power of the Pixel that gets set.

Remember, almost no one ever logs OUT of Facebook.  So whatever you might be thinking about Facebook, remember that your WooCommerce Store’s Facebook Pixel provides all types of INSIGHTS into your actual CUSTOMER!

There are countless and endless ways to retarget and market to your Facebook audience.  We won’t get into all of that here because it’s a rabbit hole which can lead to very deep and detailed explanation for profitable click-by-click steps to capitalize on the power of Facebook.

Instead, let’s just make sure that the Facebook pixel and the (detailed) information it provides has indeed been setup correctly.

After almost a decade of WooCommerce Stores, there is still only one tool that I’ll recommend to Business Owners regarding Facebook:

It always has been, and will continue to be from Cristian Stoicescu!

Just so we are CRYSTAL CLEAR on this…. I am NOT KIDDING in the least bit: (yep, that’s literally the screenshot of MY account!)

…yep. That is indeed my own dashboard of my account!

I simply can NOT recommend PixelYourSite Pro enough!

See, it’s not that you need to understand every single line item of these “Facebook Push Events” that happen within your store.  You, as a Business Owner running WooCommerce do NOT!  What you need to implement and USE is a simpler application and tool which will EMPOWER Y-O-U to implement each of the Facebook “Push Events” for your WooCommerce Site!

Christian has implemented a great plugin for Facebook which is even far superior to Woocommerce’s own Facebook integration plugin.

  • Does PixelYourSite Pro provide the option to push your catalog of products to Facebook? YEP!  And the integrations that PixelYourStite Pro empowers is NOT riddled with bugs for variations and many other things which the native WooCommerce plugin for Facebook has caused SOOOOO many Store Owners.
  • PixelYourSite PRO also sends EVERY piece of information needed for you to segment and run PROFITABLE CAMPAIGNS for your WooCommerce Store’s growth! Including the information needed for Profitable MailChimp campaign retargeting!
  • Do you need to know the Custom Audience metrics that PixelYourSite PRO offers? YES! This is EXACTLY how and why some people waste money on Facebook Ads, and other people run profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns! When Y-O-U, the WooCommerce Store Owner fully understand how to advertise to the RIGHT customers, you will -INDEED- stop wasting money on advertising to the WRONG audience!

Now, do you see WHY I fully use and implement PixelYourSite PRO on every site!?!?!

Not only will PixelYourSite PRO correctly push your products into Facebook, but when you go to setup and create ads for your store, PixelYourSite PRO will empower you with the knowledge and power to send the RIGHT ads to the RIGHT customers at the RIGHT time!

All the cool Santas are rolling in the REVENUE that they’ve gained from PixelYourSite PRO! Are you?
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Ok, now that you’ve got all your orders in, it’s now time to get a bit technical on the whole SEO issue.  Not that every WooCommerce Business Owner needs to understand every semantic and technical detail of the Google machine, the Search Engine Results Page, and what leads to higher rankings, but one of the most important contributors is the number of Reviews that are on your product page.

So, without getting too far deep into the technicalities of the Product Review markup, let’s FOCUS on the actual PROCESS of GETTING those reviews from your Customers!

There is one, and only ONE solution that I want to recommend to you for increasing reviews on your site and it comes directly from WooCommerce.  It’s called Review for Discount (pretty simple to remember):

The best part is that it costs a whopping $29 bucks! Yep. That’s it!  If you didn’t open the link above, CLICK THIS LINK and go check for yourself.  It’s a whopping $29 dollars!

Grow WooCommerce Sales by getting more reviews
Happy Santa says YES to this $29 plugin from WooCommerce!

The Review for Discounts Plugin has SEVERAL benefits that increases your future WooCommerce Growth! Pay attention, because this is a big deal.  Ready? Here we go!

One of the BIGGEST signals to search engines that communicates strong authority for products is the number of reviews.  Google trusts users much more than it trusts you.  (sorry, but it does make sense!) You can have some competitor trying to outrank you all they want.  However, quite frequently, I have gotten WooCommerce Store Owner’s Product Pages to rank HIGHER than AMAZON’s product pages for identical products.

How did that happen?  Reviews. Reviews! REVIEWS!

The exact same store.  The same site.  The exact same URLs.  Nothing changed except the number of customer reviews for their products!

The only difference was that we implemented that simple $29 plugin called Review for Discounts.   Why did it work so well?

  1. Each rule is automated.  Again, learn it once. Set it up correctly. And let it run!
  2. Even if a customer does NOT actually utilize their discount, simply opening and clicking the links (back to your store) that come in the emails will increase your page views to your store, your products, and your site!
  3. Once the customer DOES purchase a product, this is a perfect time to offload any excess inventory or seasonal items by offering them a DISCOUNT or a product specific COUPON!  ….again, it’s even better when that process is totally automated, right?

Now you’ve automated your emails, your coupon codes are going out, and your reviews are increasing, watch what will start happening to your Search Engine Rankings! Not bad for a $29 plugin called Review For Discounts!

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Track Revenue

This is the part where we turn a site owner into a Business Minded Money Making Smart Savvy WooCommerce Store Owner!

If you’re not tracking your revenue, you need to.  But let’s be very specific here.  If you are making your own products, hand crafting your own items, importing products from overseas, and/or bulk wholesale buying your store’s items then reselling them on your site… We still need to know which products are actually creating the most revenue for you!

Between time, importing costs, production hours, labor, cost of goods, and every other metric that factors into your product’s price, if you don’t know which items actually create the most profit, then you need to figure that out –IMMEDIATELY!

Now, after you’ve gotten those numbers, it’s now time to track the actual PROFIT for each item!

  1.  What are your highest selling products?
  2. What are your highest PROFIT products?
  3. Are you pushing those higher PROFIT items enough?
  4. Once you find your most purchased products, what can your store do to reduce your cost for those items?

These are all great questions, but let’s back things up a second.  Too many times WooCommerce Store Owners really struggle with automating the process of tracking, running reports, and then analyzing those reports.  If that is you, then you are not alone!

I want to introduce you to Metorik.

Metorik is made and created from one of the smartest and one of the original developers on the WooCommerce team! So you can trust that the Metorik team is fully knowledgeable of the importance of proper, simple, and easy-to-understand reports for your store!

Here: THIS LINK will open in another tab so that you can keep reading here.

More importantly, I want you to take a second and watch this video from Bryce as he goes through some of (the many) benefits of Metorik’s Revenue Reporting.

Metorik is pretty Awesome, right?!?!  So, now that you’ve got your segmented reports – easily setup and coming straight to your happy smiling revenue generating eyeballs, what else can we do to increase the Store Revenue?

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Consider Bundles

This is, by far one of the SMARTEST ways to increase revenue in EVERY WooCommerce Store!

Open this in a new tab so you don’t lose track of it!

It’s not just about making more sales, but rather it’s about knowing which items to bundle and sell given your particular store’s dynamics.

If you’ve got a clothing store selling tops, bottoms, and accessories, does it really make much sense to ONLY present these items to your customers one at a time? Of course not!

What about makeup?  Does it really sound smart to simply present each product on an individual basis …like eyeliner, lip liner, blush, and mascara? Well, anyone in the makeup industry and anyone who has ever shopped for makeup knows that those items are almost never bought individually.

In both scenarios, products can AND SHOULD be BUNDLED together.

Again, this is what you NEED:

Consider bundling a blouse with a matching bottom and coordinating scarf.

In the makeup example, think through the matching and similar products that the buyer will need.

You’ve got your Metorik reports running right? Good! So which products are sold the most?  Now take those products and bundle those highest converting product with something else!

Seriously! In every WooCommerce store, I want you to go find which product you consistently sell the most of.  Found it? Great.  Now open your admin area and create a product bundle.  The first product to include is that item which is consistently converting with the highest sales.

Remember, you can create as many different bundles as you’d like.  So take that highest converting product, and make 6, 7 ,50 or however many bundles sounds correct for your customers!

When customers are on the product page of your highest converting product, be sure to mark those BUNDLED PRODUCTS deals as the Upsells and Cross-sells so that customers SEE them as they visit the product page!

WooCommerce Growth Tools via Bundled Products
Click the image above to read about Bundled Products. Be sure to read the docs to see how easy, simple, and profitable Product Bundles are!

Remember, you can always make as many PRODUCT BUNDLE combinations as you’d like! Don’t be shy!!

Kinda difficult to see the image, but click HERE and it’ll open up to show you more details. This is yet another -OF MANY- ways to utilize Product Bundles! Pretty Awesome, right?!?!
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Ok, more to come later.  But for now, those are 5 Actions for Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth!

Keep Rockin the Revenue with these 5 Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth Tips!

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  1. One of the best ways that I’m growing my stores is to learn more about email segmentation and all the actual features of MailChimp! I’ve ran the numbers and for even some of my smaller stores, each and every email I send generates a few thousand dollars!
    Pretty crazy to *NOT* learn those email tips. It’s like free money! Ya just gotta learn how!!