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On December 7th Alberto Medina, one of Google’s Developer Advocate finally announced version 1.0 of the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress.

If you don’t know what AMP means, the definition is really simple.  AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and AMP is meant to make mobile viewing of web content load quicker and faster on mobile sites.

Now that we’ve defined what AMP is meant to do, let’s look at our options for actually implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress sites.

There’s a few different options available to implement AMP for WordPress.  Let’s look at the ‘Official‘ one real quick because there ARE ALTERNATIVE plugins for AMP available.

The official AMP for WordPress plugin is available here.


This version of AMP plugin has been in development since October of 2015.  And the development team includes some of the great tenured developers from XWP and Google as well.

After over 3 years of development, the plugin reached a 1.0 release milestone, and not more than a week later the team rolled out an update to 1.0.1.   The AMP plugin had a few conflicts with the GiveWP plugin and Lester Chan noted an issue as well.

Now, after taking over 3 years to mature into a 1.0 release, is this really the best and only option to accommodate for sites needing to have Accelerated Mobile Pages compatibility?

Remember fellow site owners, the goal of this Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative has always been to allow:

Turn-key solutions site owners can leverage to easily provide awesome AMP experiences regardless of their level of savviness.

While the release of this AMP plugin does bear the words “Official“, I can’t help but remind everyone that they have options when it comes to AMP Plugins.

WordPress AMP Plugins

There is another WordPress Plugin for AMP implementation that has been around for quite some time, has a substantial amount of 5 star reviews, has implementation for WooCommerce store owners, and has some really top notch client sites as well.

I want to point your attention over to AMP for WordPress. Their website is literally called

That’s the logo I want you to look for, and that’s the site I want to point you to.  Why? Because these folks have been focused on Accelerated Mobile Pages for so long that they have almost every implementation and specifics needed for your WordPress site to load fast, speedy, slim, and AMP approved content!

Check out AMP for WordPress documentation here:

Is that a TON of documentation for implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages on your WordPress site? YES! And, I fully believe that there is a very valid reason that the team behind AMP for WP has accumulated so much extensive knowledge and provided it to their customers!

Very specifically, I want you to run over to their site real quick and LOOK at HOW EXTENSIVELY they have FULLY IMPLEMENTED Accelerated Mobile Pages parameters for so many scenarios:  (seriously, this is crazy, but lemme try to list all of these out)

Got Ads on your site like AdSense, WordAds, or self hosted ads that you promote on your site?

Ok here ‘ya go!

Want to receive more exposure in Google and Facebook from BLAZING FAST load times?

No problem! AMPforWP has you covered there as well:

Check out these load times when you implement the AMPforWP Cache Plugin:

WordPress AMP Plugin
AMP for WordPress That’ll get you some serious rankings and some major customer happiness REALLY FAST!

Got Forms? No Problem! The AMPforWP team has fully tested and specifically configured each and every one of these form builders just for Y-O-U!

SERIOUSLY! THAT IS SOME EXTENSIVE work that the team at AMPforWP has done to fully implement each one of those form builders.  To fully go through each one of those plugins and make sure that each and every aspect of those individual and specific plugins are fully compliant and coded with the AMP markup is absolutely incredible!


As we begin this, here is the direct link for both the plugin and the documentation: and docs are here: 

For all the Business OWners using WooCommerce to run their business, here’s where we want to really drill down and take an honest look at this ‘Official’ Amp For WordPress plugin VERSES the incredible implementation that the team from AMPforWP has done:

Does the AMPforWP WooCommerce Integration support Advanced Products? Yes!

What about AMPforWP’s WooCommerce Integrations for the Archives Page? …Gallery? …Cart Page? …Variations? ….Related Products? …Ratings & Reviews? Yes. YES! YES!!!

It’s ALL INCLUDED with AMPforWP Plugin!

Seriously! This is over the top INCREDIBLE! Especially when compared to that ‘official’ plugin :-O

These folks over at AMPforWP have been doing this so long that they have already implemented and tested almost every possible scenarios for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  Their crew has meticulously gone through everything possible for WooCommerce Accelerated Mobile Page implementation.  And the crew over at AMPforWP has been at this for so long that they have an incredible agile support team that is rapidly keeping up with each and every possible scenario to get your site AMP compliant.

AMP Plugin for WordPress: bottom line

Let’s not negate that there are people who are working tirelessly to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress.  The ‘official’ team has been attempting a great job for three years.  And, it’s great that their attempts have finally reached the stable 1.0.1 release for their plugin.  However….

If you are actually wanting a team of experts and developers who have 100% focus on specific implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress, then let’s run with the crew and the team who has a longer track record of reviews, implementation, and extensive knowledge!

I’m not sure how long this “Holiday Promotion is going to last, but here’s a link for that particular promo.

More importantly, much more importantly, COMPLETE and TOTAL ACCESS to ALL of AMPforWP plugins is only $149 a year for ALL ACCESS to each and every one of the plugins!

Seriously, I want you to really understand and contemplate that for a minute.  For about forty five cents a day, your site is going to load faster and consequently be in front of more and more people for a full year!  That’s not a minor feature at all.  Being the fastest, the most fully AMP compatible site, and getting in front of as many customer eyeballs is simply BUSINESS!

When you are ready to take you business seriously, I highly suggest you confidently and immediately invest in AMPforWP today!

Your customers, Your Sales, and Your WooCommerce Store Need More! Want Some?

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