LiveChat for WordPress

Live Chat for WordPress is a Powerful Engagement for your site. It’s like walking into a store and having a person wave, say hi, and smile.

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Live Chat for WordPress

So, there you are. You walk into a local retail storefront, your grocery store, the local bank, or the clothing store. And none of the employees ever say a word to you. The never greet you. They don’t stop what they are doing for even two seconds enough to look up and say hi. No one looks you in the eye and smiles at you when you walk into the store.

How does that make you feel?

Now, let’s imagine a different scenario.

You walk into a store for the first time. However, this time every store employee possible says “Hi Welcome to _______.” They smile at you. If they know you, the store owner even greets you by your first name. And, you receive the most pleasant heart warming smile.

That is EXACTLY what Live Chat does for your site visitors. Let’s take a quick look at what Live Chat does for WordPress and WooCommerce sites and then we can move forward with more ways to use Live Chat for WordPress to grow your site and your sales.

Key Benefits of Live Chat for WordPress

Cost efficient compared to phone and email support

Installing Live Chat in your WordPress site or WooCommerce site is so much more cost effective than buying a dedicated phone line. Yes, we can all buy a virtual phone number, but that’s not really an option for everyone – especially when you are in a loud busy area w/out a dedicated quiet office surrounding.

However, Live Chat helps you keep all communication together, keeps all the dialogue in one place and keeps everything in sync without having to wonder who called who, who talked with what customer, and what dialogue / deals / promos, and discussion was about. LiveChat keeps it all in one thread. 👍

Have you tried LiveChat yet?

You’ve probably already experienced Live Chat on another site.
Now it’s YOUR TURN!

It’s a live chat software and help desk software that allows your customers to reach you in real time without the need to make a phone call!

Proactively generates leads

Live Chat for WordPress sites generates more leads faster than a bowl of ice cream disappearing on a hot summer day!

One of the simplest ways to generate more leads with LiveChat is to pipe those leads into your email provider. Lucky for you, the LiveChat widget is always on 💡 & you can automate 😉 feeding those leads into email providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response and more. Check it out for yourself in their huge market of email integrations right …HERE! 👈

Live Chat Reminds the WHY

One of my favorite things in the entire world is randomly jumping into chat (shoutout @LiveChat ). It’s super nice to just talk to customers, kind of reminds you why you do what you do. If you have chat and have never been in it, I highly recommend it.
@Quentalto Quentin Montalto

Great for Local Municipalities!

Our Commercial Division was busy in May, and they were awarded best customer service by LiveChat for the third month in a row!

Louisiana Secretary of State

Wow. Those are some pretty powerful reviews! If our

Turns visitors into engaged customers

Improves customer satisfaction

What is WordPress LiveChat?

Why LiveChat

Best solution available

LiveChat is a simple and beautifully designed tool for online communication between a company and its customers. Now your clients can contact you faster and easier than ever before.

LiveChat offers a built-in ticketing system, offline messages, canned responses, customer message preview, exportable reports and SSL encryption.

It’s possible to fully customize LiveChat widget with CSS styles. The customization can differ for domains and pages. It comes with many native integrations like WordPress, Shopify, AdWords, Mailchimp or Facebook. It also allows you to build your own integrations, as you get access to powerful API.

LiveChat support is available 24/7 so you can reach them at any time you need to.

LiveChat is a tool for online communication between a company and its customers. It easily integrates with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, AdWords, Mailchimp or Facebook.

LiveChat comes with advanced reports, that give you the overview, as well as a detailed look at your customer service activities. Basic reports show you the number of chats you get, tickets you receive, your response time and your customer satisfaction score.

If you run several websites, you can place LiveChat on each of them with no additional charge. Using the work scheduler, you can easily manage your team’s working hours for each day of the week.

With LiveChat you are all set to go and serve your customers. Sign up now for a free 14-day trial.

LiveChat is an online customer service tool for ecommerce. It opens up a new sales and support channel that can complement your email and phone use. With features like visitor monitoring, built-in ticketing system and many integrations, you’re ready to serve your customers from one place.

You can use LiveChat from your favorite browser or via desktop apps for OSX and Windows. When you’re on the go, you can simply turn the mobile app on and talk to customer from any place and at any time. You can also place LiveChat on your Facebook page and reply to messages and comments directly from the app.

Ready to go? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to test out all the features!

LiveChat is an online customer service tool for ecommerce. It opens up a new sales and support channel that can complement your email and phone use. With features like visitor monitoring, built-in ticketing system and many integrations, you’re ready to serve your customers from one place.

You can use LiveChat from your favorite browser or via desktop apps for OSX and Windows. When you’re on the go, you can simply turn the mobile app on and talk to customer from any place and at any time. You can also place LiveChat on your Facebook page and reply to messages and comments directly from the app.

Ready to go? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to test out all the features!

LiveChat is an online chat solution that helps you connect with your customers on your website. When using LiveChat, you can see in real time the way visitors behave and approach them on each step of the buying process. This allows you to easily provide instant help and, in result, increase your conversion rates.

LiveChat comes with a ticketing system built into the applications. The ticketing system allows you to receive customer queries when you are offline. By creating tickets from your chats, you can stay in touch with customers when you need some time to deal with their cases. You can also receive your support emails as tickets and handle them in one place.

LiveChat comes in three packages tailored to the needs of small, medium and big companies.

With LiveChat, you won’t miss any opportunities to contact your clients. Sign up now for a free 14-day trial.

How does LiveChat work?

Imagine that you want to buy a pair of running shoes. You enter a shoe store’s website and you find a model you’d like to buy, but your size is out of stock. Obviously, you’d like to know when your size will be available. Wouldn’t be great if you could ask your question immediately, without making phone calls or writing emails?

Luckily, it is possible with live chat software. All you need to do is to click on a chat icon and you can instantly chat with an agent! You get your help immediately, without phone costs and without waste of time!

LiveChat allows you to chat with customer service in a flash. You don’t need to install any software. All you need to have is a computer and internet connection! Easy, isn’t it? Imagine how pleased will be your clients!

Make customers’ life easier and use customer service software from LiveChat!

Used by top players and SMBs

Available across all platforms

Flexible product to support your business needs

Highest security standards

Basic chat features

Visitor view / Agent view

Fully customizable chat widget

One solution for different industries




Real estate


Pure Chat | Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Live Chat for WordPress using Pure Chat
Pure Chat is a great Live Chat for WordPress

Part of our series of on Live Chat for WordPress platforms

Pure Chat has some great options for WordPress and especially your WooCommerce site!

When you’re running a website one of the most important things you need is engagement.

Remember that the web is a big place & attention spans are not that long.

The quicker you get someone’s attention the more likely you are to engage with them &they with you.

In order for YOU to get more qualified engagement, let’s look at some of the unique options in Pure Chat.

You can always customize the contact information the color and the layout of your Pure Chat window which is great for keeping cohesive and consistent branding on your website.

Having live chat on your WordPress site yet distracting them with an unmatching chat box which is not in line with consistent branding is never good. It just looks kinda ….“off”.

Pure Chat allows you to customize all types of options in your WordPress live chat platform.

If you would like to have an image only you can do that also which I thought was totally cool! Imagine a compellingly clever picture to click on that launches live chat. Maybe a cute kitty, your own pie hole, or even this adorable little puppy!

ok, now THAT is the best-est call to action EVER!

Checkout what Pure Chat does which is a bit unique. You can also have options for maps, social, and a phone number as well located right there in the chat bar.

How super simple is that?!?!
If you have a retail store along with your website, how many phone calls will this cut down on to put a quick link for a map right there so bold & easy to click on!

If you have GDPR notices then you can set the position of the chat box so that it doesn’t interfere with any promotional bars or legal notices that you are required to display on your site.

It is SOOOOO unprofessional to put all of those notices on top of each other!

One of the most unique features in Pure Chat is that you can always add a custom link button after the chat is over 👍 Now here’s where that comes in handy 👀

After you have just engaged with someone by answering a specific question on your site you can direct them to the correct page that they might have been looking for. AND, if you’re using WooCommerce you can direct them to the correct product page as well 💰.

Drop the visitor the link in the live chat or make it a button for them to click on as well!

If you would like to not have a window in the bottom of your site you can always launch your live chat with a simple button as well. And that’s one of the unique features to Pure Chat that I can’t remember seeing in too many other live chat + WordPress options. Check this out:

So, if you do NOT want that little bar in the bottom of the window, you could simply put a button on your site.
Now, for all my fellow WooCommerce Store owners out there, PLEASE CONSIDER what would happen to your CONVERSION RATE if you put a button like this on your product page 👏👏👏

Being available 24/7 is sometimes not possible for all online stores. So when you’re away from the desk or away from the computer and taking a well earned vacation you can always add an email options that will display during specific times and then turn it back to live chat for other times when you are available.

Pretty convenient way to have a “contact us” option when you do NOT want to actively be available for live chat!

Now remember whenever I said that it’s important to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person?

This is exactly what you need to ask a person on ….say a shirt product page…. “What size do you need?” or “We’ve got some great pants that will match this!” to engage your customer!

Pure Chat empowers you to set custom messages on custom pages in your dashboard so that the right visitor receives the right message at the right time.

At only $39 a month it’s one of the most affordable options and the analytics, visitor tracking, and SMS notifications are some of the essential features that will help engage your visitors with your site and develop a relationship with them for your success.

YUP. It’s that easy to have live chat in WordPress and connect it all to the cell phones!

Connecting to your chat to MailChimp is a snap & couldn’t be easier thanks to their automated integrations. Of course you can always use Zapier to connect Pure Chat to anything in the world.

WordPress Live Chat via Pure Chat connects to MailChimp as well 🏆THAT'S A WINNER
WordPress Live Chat via Pure Chat connects to MailChimp as well

With over 55000 users in 200 countries Pure Chat is one of the best options for Live Chat in WordPress.

Pretty cool right?

💡 You definitely don’t have to take my word for it. After all, they do have a FREE account!

8 Ways For You To Use JivoChat to Improve Conversions Today

Powerful features for 💬Live Chat To Increase Conversion💲 and Engagement💲 for your eCommerce Site💪

…..ok, I’m totally not counting to 8. There’s waaaay more than that in JivoChat! 👍

  • Updated w/ Exclusive Coupon Code: Details added to the end of post 👇

Quite often times the customer or a visitor will leave your site simply because it’s too easy to say no, click the red x, and go on to the next tab in their browser or the next search engine result for their shopping.

Having a live chat option on your eCommerce website engages your visitor and reminds them that there are actual people 🙋‍♀️ behind the website.

Plus live chat provides the customer a simple reassurance that their shopping needs can be met. 💪

It’s not so much about having a live chat option on your website as much as it as it is having a live chat option turned ON and CORRECTLY engaging as visitors come to your site.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. It does your site and your store’s conversion rate absolutely no good to distract your customers with an empty 💬🔊<ding> and the motion of a window popping up if there’s no value in it at all.

You should NEVER be comfortable with your WooCommerce site having a little live chat bubble in the bottom right whenever the live chat operator is not available and you leave some cheesy default message in the chat window.

If a visitor wants to contact the store owner then they can always do so by clicking a contact button or something similar. But these blank and empty popup messages are the equivalent of an answering machine from 1980. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

💡 We all need a break from the innertubes. So, when you or your staff are not available, use JivoChat’s page level triggers to greet the customer, prompt for a couple of the most frequently asked questions, and then a bit of follow up.

Leaving a generic blank empty “answering machine” on your WooCommerce site is definitely an option that we’ve all seen browsing the web.

Your site will have more than just a mediocre bland & boring Live Chat with Jivo!

Having a live chat option that automatically engages the user and the visitor is the equivalent of a warm smile & saying “Howdy!” to your potential customer when they walk into your store.

Here: Pop this link open real and then tab back over here so you can keep reading. But here’s the link to JivoChat’s Triggers. Pretty extensive, right?

It’s important get the RIGHT live chat option for your woocommerce store.

What I enjoy about JivoChat for WooCommerce is that YOU as the store owner now have the option to turn your live chat on and more importantly to turn it off when you are not available. But let me get to the more appropriate setting in a second.

There really is nothing more distracting than having an audible beep and a window pop-up when there is no one on the other end of it. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Actively engaging your customer in your website visitors with visual and audible distractions when no one is on the other end of the chat is 100% stupid. Bottom line. Let’s just call it what it is. Irrelevant distractions are not smart – ever.

  • Remember the “appropriate setting” that I mention earlier? Here it is:
A quick tap/click on the image above, and you’ll see that I got this image from THIS PAGE over on Jivo’s site.

With JivoChat, when there is NOT a person available, you can do two things. Customize the chat window to stay closed AND make a message that is informative to your shoppers should they decide to open it.

💡Always make sure that you have a chat option which is ACTIVELY telling the customer something of value!

Let’s say that you are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. If you are going to insist on having the live chat engaging the customer when you’re not around then go ahead and set those times and create page specific & time specific automated triggers in your live chat. That way if a customer toggles the live chat area, the visual window that pops up at least give the customer a bit more information. 🏆

Having a bubble in the bottom of your site with simply a box that says we’re not available does no one any good (and, honestly? it really is just a stupid distraction) 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

It’s a bit like playing an old school answering machine message each and every time someone walks into your store saying, “Hi. We’re not here. But we wanted to proactively distract your shopping experience to give you that message.” ….and then playing that sound byte over and over and over again for each visitor.

Under NO circumstances would you want an automated voicemail saying, “Hi welcome to my store. We’re not here & this is a recording” every time someone walks in.

In the same way, having a distraction between the customer’s experience an audible beep individual window pop-up when there’s no one on the other end of that live chat is an absolute distraction.

So I do enjoy the fact that JivoChat for WooCommerce allows you to turn off and turn on your live chat during ⌚specific hours or when there is an actively available agent🙋‍♀️ on the other end of that live chat.

One of the other great features about JivoChat is that it empowers the store owner to be able to change the appearance to better reflect their own stores settings and colors. 🤳(we gotta make sure our store looks good, right?)

Swipe through these 4 images real quick and you’ll see a few of JivoChat’s many options.

Now, that’s pretty smart, right? How many times have you seen a site that looks like it’s been designed by a 40 year old color blind dadbod with no sense of fashion? 👴 (wait, who wrote that last sentence?)

Here, pop open this link 👇
It’s much easier when you see all of the colors and design options in Jivo Chat for yourself 👍

And in any instance where you would want a phone number for customers to call you and be able to leave a voice message JivoChat does include that capacity as well.

This is almost a CRM inside of a chat in that it actually empowers the store owners to keep an ongoing thread of knowledge for the customer IN ONE PLACE!

  • I think it’s one of the few live chat options that also incorporates the ability to take a phone call and have that log within the messaging system as well.

⏰ Another time-saving aspects for the site owner which JivoChat brings is that it integrates very easily with third-party CRM like Zoho and Slack with details like the phone number, the customers comments, & the full chat history to get a better understanding of that particular customer on a fuller richer scale than simply individually scattered interactions.

Who likes their interactions scattered? 😱 Not us! Not only does it cost in sales revenue, but having to track where the communication breaks is always a bigger time waste!

The fact that you can use JivoChat on a multilingual website is absolutely unparalleled and critical if you’re eCommerce store sells, or has any desire to sell, globally on a worldwide stage. You can especially setup JivoChat to work on multi-language eCommerce sites by apending the URLs with /en or /es for languages like English or Spanish.

Below is a screenshot, but here’s the screenshot showing you how to change the language options inside your JivoChat Dashboard👈

That way if your site would like to hire a virtual assistant who speaks another language or have multiple chat agents available who are multilingual, then the right conversation can go to the correct person.

👋 One of the other awesome things about JivoChat is that you can set the exact right actions to happen on specifically the right pages at the right time. 👏

Essentially what you’re doing there’s you’re telling the chat to say the right thing at the right time for the right person. 🧠💭Nice, right?

And you can set all these triggers with so many conditions that it really engages with effective communicate with exactly where the customer is in your store.

Let’s say for example you walked into a major home improvement store and you’re overlooking at the mowers.

It wouldn’t really make any sense so the store employee to walk up to you and say, hi can I help you find some plumbing fixtures?

So the triggers in JivoChat really help this store say the right messages at the correct time exactly where the customer is in their browsing session. 🤜💥🤛 Genius, right!

Ok. Let’s move on to a really interesting point about Jivo Chat…..

I can’t say that I have ever seen a live chat option that has this unique feature but check this out:

Did you know that JivoChat has a really effective feature called REGIONS?

Here’s the link and below are some of the screenshots I noticed as we were setting ours up on a few sites and we were reading through some of Jivo Chat’s support area:

What this allows your store to do is have different agents responding to different customers based on their IP address.

Here’s where this JivoChat feature really comes in handy: When you have say a website where you got air conditioning repair people or perhaps different offices in different states and locations, and you would want to route the customers chat directly with the closest office available.

This means you wouldn’t have to take a customer’s information and pass it on and then pass it on and then pass it on again which is totally in efficient and a time waste.

With the region feature in JivoChat you can route the customer based on their IP address to whatever region you want.

Onto my Favorite aspect of JivoChat:
Facebook Messenger! 💬

Connecting your site’s live chat to Facebook Messenger is pretty simple. All you do is open the backend of the JivoChat side, tap the prompt (scroll through the shots below), and that’s it! The chat on your site is now connected with your Facebook page hence you can now follow up with your customers via their Facebook Messenger.

Here’s the link over to JivoChat’s site where they talk about it, but …seriously, we found it incredibly simple!

It’s universal, millions of people have Facebook, there’s nothing ‘extra’ for the customer to do. Now your site is connected to keeping conversation fluently flowing via Facebook.

(remember earlier we talked about how difficult it is to keep all the segmented conversations together? Yeah, connecting your Live Chat for WordPress and your Facebook page has never been easier!) Here, take a look:

  • Connect Jivo's Live Chat to your Facebook page
  • Connect Live Chat to Facebook in ONE Click

….and in a whopping ONE CLICK, you’re done! No copy/paste of app ID’s, making all types of technical decisions and wondering if they are right. ONE CLICK & THAT’S IT!

JivoChat’s installation was incredibly easy and straightforward.

yep. THAT was easy!

One of the wisest 🦉 things is that YOU can install a live chat option on your WordPress site that has applications which allow you to CONNECT with your visitors however you’d like.

Let’s say you’re sitting at the tire store waiting in line. (Yes, this is a very real example!)😉 If you want, you can download the JivoChat mobile app for your WordPress / WooCommerce site and then turn it ON showing yourself available for chat in the case you’d like to be available for the customers while you’re not at the computer.

That’s totally awesome when you think about it, right? How often are you waiting in a line & whip out your phone to chat with someone or make a comment on the social twitter book tube gram? All the time, right? ⏳ Now, when you download the JivoChat mobile app, we can make ourselves visible & available for (ehhh…) 20 minutes, then turn it back off and let Jivo’s Triggers take over.

Keep JivoChat’s Automated Triggers rockin’ until we decide that we are available for active chat again. Then turn it back on for 15 minutes. Again, letting Jivo’s Triggers take over when we’re not actively available. See where we’re going with that? 💡

💲Those little micro moments of “availability” really start to add up to real revenue when you start to apply it and do it! Super convenient and super easy to do with the mobile app that lets you connect -when YOU want- on the go!

There’s a web version, and a desktop application as well which makes it incredibly simple and efficient to keep in contact with your visitors. 💻 (Yes, even when you’re getting new tires on the family suburban)

Here’s Jivo’s Live Chat Video

Jivo & WooCommerce: Live Chat for WordPress sites

The fine folks over at JivoChat were kind enough to allow me to bring you some of the behind the scenes goodies that come FREE in every JivoChat account:
(enjoy the spontaneity)

The JivoChat folks were generous enough to give everyone an exclusive code that requires NO Credit Card at all!

Click on “I have a promo code” & enter “WOOCAMP

Enter the word WOOCAMP right there where the blue arrow is & you’ll get 14 days of ALL JivoChat’s PREMIUM Services for FREE!

Thanks again to the fine folks for getting this integration with our stores, thanks for the video interview (no matter how it turned out), and thanks for giving our Group Members the discount as well!