Lately, what I’ve seen from our Facebook Group is more Struggle Than Success

TODAY, That needs to CHANGE!

Maybe you’re not aware of all the 👉WooCommerce Extensions👈 that you can install in your WooCommerce Store.  But there are dozens and dozens of 👉Extensions👈 that RARELY EVER get the attention needed.

Tomorrow, NOT today, tomorrow
👉👈 is going to have one of their sales.When you buy 3 plugins, the discount grows to 33%
When you buy 4 plugins, the discount grows to 44%!

Normally we’ve seen these happen around Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and other traditional holidays.  But tomorrow, 👉WooCommerce👈 is going to have a sale for 22% off.  So, tonight (Texas Time), I wanted to send out an email to point out a few of the lesser known 👉Extensions👈 that will MASSIVELY power your Store GROWTH!

Of course, if you’re struggling with your current theme, you don’t want to mess with too much technical aspects and you want to get up and running quickly, there is always the 👉Storefront Theme👈.  But it’s got a bundle deal that really doesn’t get too much attention.  Is the Storefront theme a bit plain looking in the default state? Sure.  But that’s where the 👉Storefront Bundle👈really shines.  You can customize your blog layout, change any font, modify and color, switch up the layout ON A PER PRODUCT BASIS and more.

You might have missed that part, so lemme add some caps again with some bold text.  Ready?

One of the features of the 👉Storefront Theme Bundle👈 is the 👉Storefront Power Pack👈 and it really has tons of features in it that don’t get much love.

Here’s the other Growth Tool that needs your attention called 👉Conditional Content👈.
Again, this plugin is only $49 …FOR A YEAR of support and updates!  But the secret of this plugin is what it empowers YOU to do with your customer’s brain cell inside of the mind hole.  Now, I know that most of you would much rather run your WooCommerce Business much more than you would like to open up a code editor.  So lemme just post a screenshot from the Conditional Content plugin and you can open it up by clicking on it to see all the other features.

The most important part again, is that it lets you EASILY put a little snippet of content ANYWHERE you want without having to understand the hooks, filters, and priority numbers for php code.

  • Want to add a message at the top of the page when a user is viewing a specific product? Not a problem!
  • How about adding a Call To Action right near the Add To Cart button on a certain product based on the total quantity? Totally Easy!
  • When an un-registered visitor comes to the site, prompt them to create an account (or anything else), then on the next page reward them with a coupon code, then on the next page tell the customer about your sale, then on the product page that’s got your sale product, remind them about a bundle that you made which includes that ‘specific-product-that-they-are-viewing’ plus a “BIGGER DISCOUNT” if they’ll purchase the bundle.

Speaking of Bundles, I can say that the 👉WooCommerce Bundle Plugin👈has got to be one of the most profitable, yet untapped plugin that I see store owners miss out on.  And, it breaks my heart to see some of you missing out on the revenue 😉

Let’s say you sell stickers.  Pretty specific example, but let’s run with it for a minute and I’ll let your mind wander into your own store scenario.
Do I want to purchase one of those family stick figure stickers for the Suburban? Well, maybe – maybe not.  But here’s the deal: What if I google Ballerina 🤸‍♂️ Window Stickers and see a Bundle Sale?

If there’s a Bundled Deal that will let me get a Ballerina Window Decal AND a Ballerina Themed Notebook AND a Ballerina styled Pencil Notebook, how much more likely am I to see the discount and complete my purchase?  ….or, more than likely give into someone who has me wrapped around her little pinky and give her my card 🤗

See, that 👉Bundle Plugin👈 really needs to be considered and thought about as you look over your store’s sales.

  1. What items are bought together?
  2. Now, on top of that, what items do you think ‘should’ be bought together?

You can take either “common sense” items and bundle those together and/or combine that with existing sales (or even bundle sales that you see from other successful stores).  Open your bank statement and look over your own transactions from things that you’ve bought.

  • Ever bought peanut butter w/out buying jelly?
  • Ever bought salt w/out buying pepper?
  • Ever bought mustard & mayo & ketchup all in one transaction?

Of course you have!

That’s why 👉bundled products👈 are indeed one of those overlooked and under utilized plugins.

Ok, enough for now, but tomorrow on the 22nd, WooCommerce is having a sale for 22% off on all their plugins.

I’ll send another email tomorrow as well, but for now, spend some time looking through some of the other WooCommerce Extensions and make a wish list if you want.  No one wants to see you grow more than me.  So explore some of those lesser known plugins!

To your growth -Brad

P.S. Don’t forget:
👉If you buy 3 plugins, the discount grows to 33%  When you buy 4 plugins, the discount grows to 44%! 👈

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