Live Chat for WordPress using Pure Chat
Pure Chat is a great Live Chat for WordPress
Live Chat for WordPress using Pure Chat
Pure Chat is a great Live Chat for WordPress

Part of our series of on Live Chat for WordPress platforms

Pure Chat has some great options for WordPress and especially your WooCommerce site!

When you’re running a website one of the most important things you need is engagement.

Remember that the web is a big place & attention spans are not that long.

The quicker you get someone’s attention the more likely you are to engage with them &they with you.

In order for YOU to get more qualified engagement, let’s look at some of the unique options in Pure Chat.

You can always customize the contact information the color and the layout of your Pure Chat window which is great for keeping cohesive and consistent branding on your website.

Having live chat on your WordPress site yet distracting them with an unmatching chat box which is not in line with consistent branding is never good. It just looks kinda ….“off”.

Pure Chat allows you to customize all types of options in your WordPress live chat platform.

If you would like to have an image only you can do that also which I thought was totally cool! Imagine a compellingly clever picture to click on that launches live chat. Maybe a cute kitty, your own pie hole, or even this adorable little puppy!

ok, now THAT is the best-est call to action EVER!

Checkout what Pure Chat does which is a bit unique. You can also have options for maps, social, and a phone number as well located right there in the chat bar.

How super simple is that?!?!
If you have a retail store along with your website, how many phone calls will this cut down on to put a quick link for a map right there so bold & easy to click on!

If you have GDPR notices then you can set the position of the chat box so that it doesn’t interfere with any promotional bars or legal notices that you are required to display on your site.

It is SOOOOO unprofessional to put all of those notices on top of each other!

One of the most unique features in Pure Chat is that you can always add a custom link button after the chat is over 👍 Now here’s where that comes in handy 👀

After you have just engaged with someone by answering a specific question on your site you can direct them to the correct page that they might have been looking for. AND, if you’re using WooCommerce you can direct them to the correct product page as well 💰.

Drop the visitor the link in the live chat or make it a button for them to click on as well!

If you would like to not have a window in the bottom of your site you can always launch your live chat with a simple button as well. And that’s one of the unique features to Pure Chat that I can’t remember seeing in too many other live chat + WordPress options. Check this out:

So, if you do NOT want that little bar in the bottom of the window, you could simply put a button on your site.
Now, for all my fellow WooCommerce Store owners out there, PLEASE CONSIDER what would happen to your CONVERSION RATE if you put a button like this on your product page 👏👏👏

Being available 24/7 is sometimes not possible for all online stores. So when you’re away from the desk or away from the computer and taking a well earned vacation you can always add an email options that will display during specific times and then turn it back to live chat for other times when you are available.

Pretty convenient way to have a “contact us” option when you do NOT want to actively be available for live chat!

Now remember whenever I said that it’s important to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person?

This is exactly what you need to ask a person on ….say a shirt product page…. “What size do you need?” or “We’ve got some great pants that will match this!” to engage your customer!

Pure Chat empowers you to set custom messages on custom pages in your dashboard so that the right visitor receives the right message at the right time.

At only $39 a month it’s one of the most affordable options and the analytics, visitor tracking, and SMS notifications are some of the essential features that will help engage your visitors with your site and develop a relationship with them for your success.

YUP. It’s that easy to have live chat in WordPress and connect it all to the cell phones!

Connecting to your chat to MailChimp is a snap & couldn’t be easier thanks to their automated integrations. Of course you can always use Zapier to connect Pure Chat to anything in the world.

WordPress Live Chat via Pure Chat connects to MailChimp as well 🏆THAT'S A WINNER
WordPress Live Chat via Pure Chat connects to MailChimp as well

With over 55000 users in 200 countries Pure Chat is one of the best options for Live Chat in WordPress.

Pretty cool right?

💡 You definitely don’t have to take my word for it. After all, they do have a FREE account!

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