How To Change Product Order In WooCommerce
How To Change Product Order In WooCommerce

Here’s How to Change the Product Order in WooCommerce

It’s actually pretty simple and very necessary to change the Order of Products In WooCommerce

Like most restaurants, larger ecommerce stores, and especially in retail stores, the order of your products matter!

For better visibility, you might want to change the order of your WooCommerce Products so that higher profit items appear higher on the page.

Perhaps you’ve Got some products that you need to get out of inventory very quickly.

Or perhaps you’re running a special on certain products and you want those to be seen by the customer first instead of lower down the page.

The reasons for changing your product’s order in WooCommerce is really a mix of profitability, psychology, and understanding your buyers.

So, let’s get to the video of How To Change Product Order in WooCommerce:

How To: Change Product Order in WooCommerce

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  1. This is a great feature, however – it unfortunately become quite useless when you have products assigned to several categories.

    I wish Woocommerce would face this issue, because when setting a global sorting for each product, you mess up the sorting for the other categories the sorted product is in.

    There should be a sorting option for products on a category by category basis!