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14 Reasons Why You Should Use WooCommerce

People sometimes ask for Reasons Why you should use WooCommerce.  So, here’s 14 reason to use WooCommerce.  Well, technically there’s actually only 13 reasons to use WooCommerce.  Number 14 is the one that YOU add!

WooCommerce is FREE!

Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce is 100% free to use!

WooCommerce does not costs you one penny. Thanks to the generosity and the success of WordPress.com and the company behind Automattic, WooCommerce is 100% free to use for any business owner.  It’s free for EVERY Business Owner!  If you can’t be sold on something simply by the word “FREE”, then something might be wrong.

Now, just because WooCommerce is free, please don’t confuse that rock-bottom price tag with Value!  WooCommerce is packed with loads of Value on multiple levels from customization to dependability. So let’s get into some more benefits of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is Totally Open Source!

One of the easiest ecommerce platforms to use, dissect, understand and customize, is one that has their source code fully out in the open.  And WooCommerce’s source code is freely and openly hosted here on Github.

What that means for every business owner is that they can fully hire thousands of developers to customize any and every part of WooCommerce!

Monthly ecommerce services, like Shopify for example, they have recurring payments for almost all of the Shopify Apps

And those recurring fees add up very quickly.  Most of the apps simply modify a piece of content or function of a Shopify store.

However, in WooCommerce, since all of the source code is freely viewed and accessible, anyone can customize the code for their particular Business needs and specifications!

WooCommerce Can Be Used To Sell Anything

Here is one of the most overlooked features of WooCommerce:  It can be used to sell pretty much anything!

See, at the very core, WooCommerce is simply a cart.

Wait, what?

Yeah. It might be a bit simplistic to really wrap your head around.  Let’s be honest, there’s tons of information on the innertubes and the innerwebs. But, check this out: At the very heart of WooCommerce is ….a cart!  Yeah, there’s a PayPal default gateway and some shipping options (that you don’t even have to use!) which can be toggled.  But, check this out:

The possibilities of product types are infinite with WooCommerce!  See how looking at WooCommerce from a simpler point of view really can change the understanding of what WooCommerce can do?

Great Analytics Can be Integrated With WooCommerce

I was going to list out all of the integrated Analytics that pair well with, let’s see how many I can name off the top of my head….  (seriously, no new tabs were opened in the making of this section!)

Segment.com, Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Tag Manager, Quick Books, Metorik, Glew, Jilt, ….and dozens more!

It’s not just that WooCommerce can be extended with all types of existing Analytics tools, but moving forward, with everything being accessible via a validated & secure API call, WooCommerce can be integrated with a INFINITE amount of Analytics platforms!

WooCommerce Does NOT Take Your Profit

Unlike some, WooCommerce does NOT take a commission of your business growth as your sales expand.  And, this is a big deal.  Listen carefully.  Believe it or not, there are actually some ecommerce companies that will -INDEED- charge a percentage of your sales.  In other words, if the number of transactions goes up, you get charged more. Which is not the case with WooCommerce.  Or, perhaps if the value of the customer’s cart increases, then you -THE BUSINESS OWNER- get charged more.  Crazy right?  There’s all types of metrics that other ecommerce platforms might use to justify taking away from YOUR PROFIT!

With WooCommerce, this is never the case!

Managing Content Is Easy with WooCommerce

Updating Products in WooCommerce is as easy and simple as typing a document.  There is simply not an easier way to change the content, price, description, and details about your Business’ Products than when using WooCommerce.

Plus, let’s not forget that WooCommerce is powered by WordPress.  What this means for your business is that you can create as many articles as you would like about your business and it’s products!  If you’d like to have thousands of internal links to your products, simply make a thousand blog posts and point links back to your own store’s products.

If you want to have dozens and dozens of articles about your business auto chirped to the Tweeders, reposted on the Spacebooks, and Pinsta-Grammed on the social media accounts, you can do that!  All of your content is totally within your control!

Seriously, all of the content is simple and easy to manage with WooCommerce!

Integrations Abound!

Much like great analytics, the integrations with WooCommerce are abounding!

Not only does WooCommerce have an open API which can be extended to anything else with an API, there are plenty of other platforms which integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce! Some of these integrations are even free!

There is simply nothing better than MailChimp.  Although I do like Drip.com’s interface a bit better, and there are plenty of other email providers which provide email integration with WooCommerce, MailChimp is by far the most used, most supported, and ….what on earth does not integrate with MailChimp? 😉

Seriously! You can search the innertubes and the googles and the searches to piece together all the WooCommerce integrations.  The search for integrations can completely and totally exhaust Business Owners!  You’ll quickly find that everything integrates and works with MailChimp!  But email is only one of the integrations that benefit those who choose WooCommerce!

Google Analytics integrates with WooCommerce.  So do payment gateways like PayPal! Seriously, the PayPal for WooCommerce options are almost endless!  You will quickly find any PayPal option that will fit your Business needs.

Want to ditch PayPal and only take credit cards in WooCommerce? Not a problem! WooCommerce Stripe integration is another example of a FREE integration of a payment gateway that integrates with WooCommerce.

The number of integrations with WooCommerce is too extensive for one blog post!

The point to remember though is this:  You will have a difficult time finding any other ecommerce platform which provides you more  integrations than WooCommerce.

Total Control

Here’s where WooCommerce really shines through! This might seem like an edge – case scenario, but there are a lot of WooCommerce Business Owners who are (supposedly) high risk merchants.  Canibus and CBD are the main examples of some of these merchants.

Now, most WooCommerce Business Owners are NOT in the ‘high risk merchant’ category.  So why use the example of CBD / Canibus as an example for “Total Control“?

Well, as some store owners have found out the hard way, there are times when you sign up for an ecommerce solution only to find out a few months into your store that you have now been banned from their platform.  Again, that might not be you.  But it is a good opportunity to raise awareness for a much larger point.

With WooCommerce, Y-O-U are in total control!

If there should ever come a point where you need to switch to another Payment Gateway, you can do that quickly, easily, and efficiently without losing customer data, past orders, previous sales information, and without having to completely and totally rebuild your store from the ground up!

It’s a huge problem.  But again, it’s one of those opportunities where we can all learn and gain wisdom! You might not think that your business is even remotely ‘high risk’ at all.  Then come to find out a month, 6 months, or a year later, there is someone somewhere in some country, some state, some organization which places some limit and some aspect of restriction on your store, your business, and your profits!

When (hopefully not IF) that happens, you do not want your customer’s information, your content, your sales data, and your Business to be at risk! With WooCommerce, you are in Total Control of your business.  And it needs to stay that way! Choose WooCommerce and you stay in control.

Professional or Simple – You Choose!

Remember all of that control, analytics, and integrations?  You can choose to use WooCommerce in a highly professional manner which scales to power 15+ peoples mortgages, rent, childcare, 401(k), insurance, and puts food on the table for employees!

Or, you can choose to keep your WooCommerce store incredible simple!  No really!  That’s the beauty of WooCommerce!

There are hundreds of thousands of WooCommerce stores out there! You will have competition.  Don’t let anyone kid you or butter you up with some bull.  You are in total control of making your WooCommerce Business incredibly complex with analytics, multi-country currencies,  and integrations building out to millions of dollars.  Or you can completely and totally keep your WooCommerce store totally simple and still make enough money to put food on the table for you and your family!

WooCommerce is Simple!

Ok, yes.  We’ve gone over several different ways to completely and extensively customize WooCommerce.  But at it’s very core, it is SIMPLE!

At the very heart of the WooCommerce Plugin, is …..SIMPLICITY!

Create a product, give it a price, apply some shipping rules, then ….GO! That’s it.  Plain and simple.  Literally!

Leave it at that if you want to!  Remember – You Are In Control!

At the very core and the heart of the WooCommerce is the ability to simply process a transaction.  Again, you’ve got tons of options for Payment Gateways, shipping options, and all types of customized WooCommerce Extensions!

Keep it simple.  If you want to, extend your WooCommerce Store with Extensions for WooCommerce! Here: There’s a TON!

If you want to keep things simple, that’s totally your choice as well! 😉

How incredibly awesome is that?

Extensive Plugins

Speaking of WooCommerce Extensions….

When is the last time you shut off the innertubes, shut off the phone, told any and all distractions to stop, and spent some quality time really going through the plugins that are listed on WooCommerce.com?

Really. That’s a very honest question!  I’ve spent almost a decade monitoring, using, and watching WooCommerce Plugins.

Here is the number one thing that I’ve found….  Most Store owners are not fully educated on the vast level of Extensions which are available to them!

As the case might be for you, feel free to browse all of the official WooCommerce Plugins —> HERE <— (there’s more than you thought, right?) 

Unlimited Themes for a Unique Look

While there are several key components of a WooCommerce store that must be functional, there is no reason in the world that your store has to look like everyone else’s store.  Behaviorally, human nature does tend to show some cohesive and very predictable expectations for a cart, checkout page, and for a product page.  But who is to say that your Business presentation can’t use its own layout, colors, fonts and unique styles?

With WooCommerce, you can!

There are approximately 529,356,245,083 themes that work with WooCommerce (ok, that number might be an estimate) 🤣

However, out of all the WooCommerce Themes that are available, just think of one.  Any of them.  Just think of one theme.  Now, remember that one particular theme can have unlimited colors, totally unique fonts, even unique fonts for each heading, totally one of a kind images, right sidebar, left sidebar, no sidebar, widgets with limitless configurations, and thousands of WooCommerce Plugins to make their theme’s presentation completely unlike any other store that anyone has ever seen.

With WooCommerce, your options are even more unlimited than you can imagine!

Unique Needs

Let’s face it: Some WooCommerce Businesses have completely and totally quirky needs.  And, yes, indeed it is the case sometimes where someone will invent some type of questionably interesting way to use WooCommerce!

The best part about those infinite needs?  WooCommerce can handle all of them!

Remember those plugins.  Recall that WooCommerce is open sourced and freely extensible.  Realize that WooCommerce can scale to any level of growth.  Don’t forget that.  Don’t forget any of it.

Your needs might be 100% predictable and simple.  And, your business might have a need to come up with some complex needs.

Either way, WooCommerce can handle your unique needs!

Reason 14

What’s reason 14?

Nope, that’s not a rhetorical question.  It’s a question for you.

Yes, Y-O-U!

What’s your reason for using WooCommerce?  What made you start your WooCommerce store?  What has kept you around?  What was the first thing that drove you to create your store?  Remember that first, initial reason that prompted you to create your first product?  What was it?

What’s the WHY for you?

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