If you’re struggling with following up with lost leads you’re not alone.

Does this sound like you:

Between your work email, social channels, live chat, CRM notifications, and many other platforms, leads can sometimes get lost.

If that’s you, then don’t feel bad. 😭 You are not alone. 😧

This post series is about WPForms, which we both recommend and also use ourselves on multiple client’s WooCommerce sites.

We’re going to reveal for YOU the steps we use to follow up with those lost leads and how we set up these forms to help funnel leads so that those leads do not fall through the cracks. Ready?

💡Create Accurate Notifications

One of the smartest ways to follow up with lost leads is make sure the right lead goes to the right person at the right time!

If your current lead follow up doesn’t allow you to direct form submissions correctly, then you’ll want to check out these two specific features of WPForms:

The first is called Instant Notifications and this one allows us to direct form submissions to as many email addresses as needed.

So, when YOU need one form to go to one person or department, then you can set that specific form to alert one specific person. Smart right?

🔑Five real life examples for your inspiration and application

  • If you’ve got a warranty request form, you can have that form submission go to the right individual.
  • When you have appointments on your site, you can direct the form submission to the right department
  • Using forms on a pre-sale vs. post-sale scenario? Get the right lead to the right person!
  • Selling multiple sporting goods? Have the most knowledgeable person from that department respond.
  • Using forms to acquire leads for multiple products? Get the right sales person to reply – not just anyone.

Yes, those are real life examples from us. So how can YOU use the Instant Notifications?

💡The MOST POWERFUL – Zapier💪

Zapier has got more integrations than a 14 year old has excuses for not doing homework. https://zapier.com/apps/integrations/

Seriously, it’s amazing! And, that’s probably why the folks behind WPForms built this plugin to help you connect & flow Zapier connections to pretty much anything. https://wpforms.com/addons/zapier-addon/

But the CRUCIAL part here is understanding that WPForms’ Zapier connection is the magic 🎩🐰that allows your form to flow to a billion (approximately) other platforms. It’s like a genie🧞that just comes in and says, “What’s your wish?”

  • Does that lead have appointment info? Send it on over to your Google Calendar via Zapier & WPForms.
  • Need the info sent over to QuickBooks? Zap it on through WPForms integration!
  • Want each new lead sent to Twillio to get a text? Not a problem at all.
  • Populating a shared Google Docs with the new leads? Yep, that’s an option as well!
  • Want that form submission to go into Facebook Lead Ads? No problem from WPForms to Zapier it goes.

Starting to see the possibilities? 💭 This is why we keep WPForms in our tool shed! We never know what platform or options the client, customer, or business owner is going to need.

🔑And that’s the key point we want to convey that’s most important. YOU don’t know how, when, in what direction, on what social platform, and in what scale your leads are going to grow the most & what tools YOUR site will need to grow🌲

With Zapier integrated with WPForms, no matter what happens, YOU HAVE the tools ready for everything!

💡Ensure Form Abandonment is Active

In a previous post we talked about form abandonment in more depth. And we would not be doing you any favors if we didn’t mention it here in a post talking about following up with lost leads.

Think back on some of the sites that YOU visit and the forms that you fill out. Now go look at your inbox and look at the services, products, and companies that you’ve engaged with.

Which one’s do you remember the most? Which sites managed to make it back into your cranium🧠?

It’s those sites that take every step, every moment, and every opportunity to follow up with a connection to you that you engage with the most.

Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle
Form Builder WordPress Plugin WPForms Form Anbandonment Toggle

🔑With this simple little check box from WPForms Form Abandonment feature, YOU HAVE that same opportunity as well❗

💡Follow up With LARGE Incentive

One of the biggest opportunities we want to show YOU is how to implement this principle into YOUR own site. These incentives might be access to a worksheet, white paper, eBook, case study, video, course, free consultation or another type of information valuable to your intended audience. Upgraded feature for a product.

Don’t fall short on this one. Make the follow up with those lost leads so incentivizng and exciting that they can’t help but finish filling out that form.

🔑Here’s 5 Examples of blah to AMAZING Incentives & Offers that YOU should start Using Today!

1.) Have a “Loss Leader” such as an extensively documented and authoritative book that you can offer to those who finish filling out the form. (not just an “eBook”, but something with HIGHER VALUE with citations, vetted authors, documented research)

2.) (this is yet another real-world example that you’ll need to cater to your own needs) If you are selling a product like custom hand made greeting cards and you’ve got an “option” of upgrading to a different finish or coating on the card, offer that “option” as an incentive for the completion of the form.
🔍Find or CREATE 💭an “upgrage” to your service/product that loses the least amount of profit margin & creates the smallest amount of overhead. That’s the ‘thing’ that you offer as an “upgrade”.

3.) Most of the time those who have filled out a form completely in its entirety are already far enough along the marketing path and ready to engage. So send something unique for those whom you’ve seen WPForms identify as ‘abandoned’.

Take a picture of you and your team in your office and email it to them saying ‘HI’. What you’ll find is that those who “abandoned” the form initially, will then quite often go on to become your most engaged users!

Again, keep it real! And …really FUNNY & AUTHENTIC works best 🤣 Something like: “Finish this form & we’ll show you a funny selfie of the cutest ball of hair with squishy cheeks that you’ve ever seen in your life”

See, it’s kinda funny, yet authentic and the same time. Remember though, it’s HOW you leave the visitor FEELING that matters most! So, how does YOUR form leave your visitors feeling?

4.) Once you’ve identified those who’ve not finished the form, remember to go back and look at how you’ve setup your WPForms. We wrote up the specifics for you to read here: https://woocamp.com/woocommerce-plugins/how-to-use-form-abandonment-to-recover-distracted-conversions/

So, remember: Since you’ve setup your form according to that guideline above…. While you probably have gotten an email, did you also get a 📞PHONE NUMBER as well, right?
😃Big business or small, you’ve got a phone number to call the visitor! This is ASTRONOMICALLY EFFECTIVE for smaller businesses – local or not – to have the person on the other end of the screen actually talking to them!

Receiving a call? …..from a real person? …at a real business? ….that actually said ‘Hello!’? ….and wants to engage with voice communication?


5.) Then there’s the good ole traditional coupon code as an incentive. Again, as demonstrated in #1 with the “eBook” example, make the coupon code something so off-the-wall exciting, original, and even lovingly intangible that the person simply can NOT resist. “Finish the form and we’ll send you a HUG in the mail” ~or~ “At the end of this form, you’ll find the most irresistible selfie that my 3 year old took when she stole my phone.” See where we’re going there? Your ‘coupon’ code or ‘discount code’ does not always have to be something like “10% off your first order”.

To get the visitor from ‘Start’ > ‘Lost Lead’ > ‘Finished’, MAKE IT SOMETHING FUN😀

💡Last tip, then onto the steps: Use EMOTIONS!

Never, never, never, ever, ever, never, ever, never use the word “SUBMIT” on your button… EVER! NEVER! ❌


You are giving them something in return for their information, so use EMOTION words ON your button itself! Look at theses buttons below.

🤜💥🤛 Nice, right? It’s thousands of little things that add up😉

Now, let’s think about those buttons above for a minute. Which of those buttons makes you want to finish the form more? The word ‘submit‘ or the buttons which have text on them that include an emotional action word?

See? In the world of the web, being real and personal -especially in a business sense- with a touch of humor, always gives people an incentive with an emotion to take an action!


  1. Think & Map out numerous forms for specific behaviors and goals.
    • Contact Us Page, Landing Pages, Various Ads, Social Posts
  2. Go ahead and make TWO forms for each of those above.
    • One is for the initial visit.
    • The other will be for Form Abandonment automation.
    • Initial Form has ‘incentive A’ / 2nd form has ‘incentive B’
  3. On ALL forms, make sure you’ve activated “Form Abandonment” in WPForms
  4. Keep no more than 5 fields in view at a time
  5. Be sure the viewer knows UP FRONT what the incentive is for finishing the form.
  6. Use WPForm’s Zapier integration to make sure the right lead goes to the right person – each time, every time, and the first time.
  7. Since you’ve enabled the “Form Abandonment” option, you’ll be able to follow up with those lost leads for higher engagement and conversions.
  8. Remember to 🧠Always use Emotions as trigger words.
    • In follow up emails use EMOTIONS on links in email going back to the form on your site.
    • On your site’s form(s) always remember to use EMOTIONS there as well.
  9. Along with the Emotional Power Words, give those who have abandoned their forms an incredibly REAL incentive to finish the form.
  10. Keep it emotionally fun and exciting, even thoughtful and original!


Now, after you’ve learned our secret sauce, what are you waiting for? Go apply it to your own site as well. So that YOU can experience the same results, go check it out now.

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