Imagine this: You’re in a crowded grocery store, your 3 wonderful kiddos are magically adding things to the grocery cart 🛒(Hey, how did this get in there?), and you get a ding on your phone 📳

You look down to see that it’s an email notification that you would like to read some more later. But for right now, you’ve got to figure out why there’s a rather large bag of Sour Gummy Worms in your cart (seriously, I had no clue they sold that many) 😲

Or take a few seconds to look around your computer, right now. Think about how many distractions you have at work. All the emails, notifications, quick snippets of humor, gossip, and dings + bings + chrips + things pulling at your attention every moment.

💡Think about your WooCommerce Sales. You know, those sales on YOUR SITE!

They come from leads right? Those sales come from forms. Your revenue never actually comes in until you connect with that lead and make the relationship happen.

And that’s where WPFrom’s feature for Form Abandonment comes in quite handy!

Remember people get busy. So, before you do anything else, be sure to look at this screenshot below from inside one of our stores. 👇

See that box right there? Be sure to click it each and every time! We’ll put a link below the screenshot so you can pop over to WPForm’s site to read a bit more. But BEFORE YOU GET DISTRACTED 😀, check out the screenshot below.

To see this over on WPForm’s site, tap or click the button link below

💡Remember it’s not about just about getting eyeballs to your site, not just running ads for people to view your landing page, or having great lead magnets…..

You simply MUST follow up with each and every one of those “micro moments” because the world 🌎 is full of distractions.

….and WPForms does EXACTLY that! (without having to open code & quickly getting you back to the business of selling!)

Over on WPForm’s site here:, we managed to snag an awesome screenshot as we were watching their videos to set up the Form Abandonment options up on our site. What’s more important is WHAT🤷‍♂️ and 🤷‍♀️WHY these form abandonment options are so crucial & important for your site.

  • You know that someone is probably going to share your URL with a friend or family member & even possibly share it on social media, right?
  • At some point, you might even start testing some ads for the page that has your form on it. That could happen as well!
  • You’ve probably loaded up some automatic social shares via something like SocialPilot as well, right?

💡You ALWAYS want those👆efforts to Pay Off & Be as Efficient as Possible, Right? Of course You Do! 👏

Over the last 10 years, we’ve noticed that all of those little details add up to big profitable gains when you piece them all together and add them up.

💡TIP: Put the email field as close to the beginning as possible

But it’s knowing how & where to get those tools together and how to use all those little features correctly -like Form Abandonment- to maximize the efficiency of your site to it’s absolute fullest potential!

And, now ‘ya know 😉

Before your competition😲sees this, & to make absolute sure you don’t waste any of your precious time, go checkout WPForms Form Abandonment – TODAY 👍

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