8 Ways For You To Use JivoChat to Improve Conversions Today

…..ok, I’m totally not counting to 8. There’s waaaay more than that in JivoChat!

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Quite often times the customer or a visitor will leave your site simply because it’s too easy to say no, click the red x, and go on to the next tab in their browser or the next search engine result for their shopping.

Having a live chat option on your eCommerce website engages your visitor and reminds them that there are actual people behind the website plus live chat provides the customer a simple reassurance that their shopping needs can be met.

It’s not so much about having a live chat option on your website as much as it as it is having a live chat option turned ON and CORRECTLY engaging as visitors come to your site.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. It does your site and your store’s conversion rate absolutely no good to distract your customers with an empty <ding> and the motion of a window popping up if there’s no value in it at all.

You should NEVER be comfortable with your WooCommerce site having a little live chat bubble in the bottom right whenever the live chat operator is not available and you leave some cheesy default message in the chat window.

If a visitor wants to contact the store owner then they can always do so by clicking a contact button or something similar.

However, having a live chat option that automatically engages the user and the visitor is the equivalent of a warm smile & saying “Howdy!” to your potential customer when they walk into your store.

It’s important get the right live chat option for your woocommerce store.

What I enjoy about JivoChat for WooCommerce is that you as the store owner now have the option to turn your live chat on and more importantly to turn it off when you are not available. But let me get to the more appropriate setting in a second.

There really is nothing more distracting than having an audible beep and a window pop-up when there is no one on the other end of it.

Actively engaging your customer in your website visitors with visual and audible distractions when no one is on the other end of the chat is 100% stupid. Bottom line. Let’s just call it what it is. Irrelevant distractions are not smart – ever.

Remember the “appropriate setting” that I mention earlier? Here it is:

With JivoChat, when there is NOT a person available, you can do two things. Customize the chat window to stay closed AND make a message that is informative to your shoppers should they decide to open it.

Always make sure that you have a chat option which is actively telling the customer something of value!

Let’s say that you are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. If you are going to insist on having it engaging the customer when you’re not around then put that in your live chat options . That way if a customer toggles the live chat area, the visual window that pops up at least give the customer a bit more information.

Having a bubble in the bottom of your site with simply a box that says we’re not available does no one any good (and, honestly? it really is just a stupid distraction).

It’s a bit like playing an old school answering machine message each and every time someone walks into your store saying, “Hi. We’re not here. But we wanted to proactively distract your shopping experience to give you that message.” ….and then playing that sound byte over and over and over again for each visitor.

Under NO circumstances would you want an automated voicemail saying, “Hi welcome to my store. We’re not here & this is a recording” every time someone walks in.

In the same way having a distraction between the customer’s experience an audible beep individual window pop-up when there’s no one on the other end of that live chat is an absolute distraction.

So I do enjoy the fact that JivoChat for WooCommerce allows you to turn off and turn on your live chat during specific hours or when there is an agent on the other end of that live chat.

One of the other great features about JivoChat is that it empowers the store owner could change the appearance to better reflect their own stores settings and colors. Swipe through these and you’ll see some of JivoChat’s options.

And in instance where you might want a phone number for customers to call you and be able to leave a voice message JivoChat does include that capacity as well. I think it’s one of the few live chat options that also incorporates the ability to take a phone call and have that log within the messaging system as well. This is almost a CRM inside of a chat in that it empowers the store owners to keep an ongoing thread of knowledge for the customer.

Another time-saving aspects for the site owner which JivoChat brings is that it integrates very easily with third-party CRM like Zoho in Slack with details like the phone number, the customers comments, & the full chat history to get a better understanding of that particular customer on a fuller richer scale than simply individually scattered interactions.

The fact that you can use JivoChat on a multilingual website is absolutely unparalleled and critical if you’re eCommerce store sells, or has any desire to sell, globally on a worldwide stage. You can especially setup JivoChat to work on multi-language eCommerce sites by apending the URLs with /en or /es for languages like English or Spanish.

That way if your site would like to hire a virtual assistant who speaks another language or have multiple chat agents available who are multilingual the right conversation can go to the correct person.

One of the other awesome things about JivoChat is that you can set the exact right actions to happen on specifically the right pages at the right time.

Essentially what you’re doing there’s you’re telling the chat to say the right thing at the right time for the right person. And you can set all these triggers with so many conditions that it really engages with effective communicate with exactly where the customer is in your store.

Let’s say for example you walked into a major home improvement store and you’re overlooking at the mowers.

It wouldn’t really make any sense so the store employee to walk up to you and say, hi can I help you find some plumbing fixtures?

So the triggers in JivoChat really help this store say the right messages at the correct time exactly where the customer is in their browsing session.

I can’t say that I have ever seen a live chat option that has this unique feature but check this out:

Did you know that JivoChat has a really effective feature called REGIONS?

What this allows your store to do is have different agents responding to different customers based on their IP address.

Here’s where this JivoChat feature really comes in handy: When you have say a website where you got air conditioning repair people or perhaps different offices in different states and locations, and you would want to route the customers chat directly with the closest office available.

This means you wouldn’t have to take a customer’s information and pass it on and then pass it on and then pass it on again which is totally in efficient and a time waste.

With the region feature in JivoChat you can route the customer based on their IP address to whatever region you want.

Connecting your site’s live chat to Facebook Messenger is pretty simple. All you do is open the backend of the JivoChat side, tap the prompt (scroll through the shots below), and that’s it! The chat on your site is now connected with your Facebook page hence you can now follow up with your customers via their Facebook Messenger. It’s universal, millions of people have Facebook, there’s nothing ‘extra’ for the customer to do. Now your site is connected to keeping conversation fluently flowing via Facebook.

JivoChat’s installation was incredibly easy and straightforward.

yep. THAT was easy!

Overall, one of the most important things is that you can install a live chat option on your WordPress site that has applications which allow you to connect with your visitors however you’d like.

Let’s say you’re sitting at the tire store waiting in line. (Yes, this is a very real example!) If you want, you can download the JivoChat mobile app and turn it on in case you’d like to be available for the customers while you’re not at the computer.

There’s a web version, and a desktop application as well which makes it incredibly simple and efficient to keep in contact with your visitors. (Yes, even when you’re getting new tires on the family suburban)

Here’s Their Official Video

Here’s their professionally made video going over just a small portion of JivoChat’s features. (Want to see some high quality video? Scroll down a bit further………) 😉

Here’s a Little Impromptu Video

The fine folks over at JivoChat were kind enough to allow me to bring you some of the behind the scenes goodies that come FREE in every JivoChat account: (enjoy the spontaneity)

The JivoChat folks were generous enough to give everyone an exclusive code that requires NO Credit Card at all!

Enter the word WOOCAMP right there where the blue arrow is & you’ll get 14 days of ALL JivoChat’s PREMIUM Services for FREE!

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