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How to create a customer loyalty program
Beginner’s Guide to building a Customer Loyalty program. How do I set up a Loyalty Rewards program? How much does it cost to create a loyalty program?

First, before we get started on the whole concept of loyalty / rewards / points programs for your WooCommerce site, I want to point out something to everyone. There’s two major tools used for creating this system of points and rewards. One of them is Points and Rewards from WooCommerce and the solution we’re going to look at today is from the Advanced Coupons plugin.



Points and Rewards from WooCommerce.com is a hundred and twenty nine dollars! Yes, I just spelled out $129 for emphasis 😎


Now, here’s the current pricing for Advanced Coupons:


Pretty substantial difference in the pricing right?

Let’s dig into the Loyalty Program in the Advanced Coupons plugin.

Once activated and installed, you will find the settings to toggle the Loyalty Program by clicking on ‘Coupons’ and then ‘Settings’. Once there, simply toggle the Loyalty Program on and that’s how easy it is.

The really substantial part about Advanced Coupon plugin is that the rewards and loyalty point system is already built into the plug-in itself. (if you haven’t already, re-read that last sentence again!) So there is no additional plugin that you need to go by and configure. It’s all under ONE ROOF!

The MAIN POINT that needs to be emphasized (again) is that this plugin puts all of this under one roof for you to EASILY manage!

Ok, so let’s get into setting up your points and rewards system. One of the main things that you want to set up established is how many points will get what reward. You can do this by simply writing out a few ideas on paper and then looking at the number of points that those ideas will generate. Your goal here is to generate as many points for the customer as possible. The higher number of points and the frequency at which the customer can receive those points is very important.

πŸ’‘You have to really tap into the endorphins, the rewards section of the brain, and the happy factor that comes from receiving something. So the more you tap into that psychological emotion the more profitable and prosperous your loyalty and Rewards program will be. That in turn will lead to more sales and higher Revenue in your store.

And of course the word “Points” can be easily modified without code!

πŸ’‘ Successful wording would be some text which invokes a GREAT sense of emotional accomplishment which is specific to your store and your customers!

Here’s a few examples: Achievements, Accomplishments, Thank You Points, Journey Points, Rewards, Goodies Points, Victory Points, Success Points, Milestone Marker,

Think of some store specific names for points and you will see the customer engagement skyrocket even more!

  • Needlepoints – that one was for a crafting site.
  • Checkpoints – this wording was used on a store that sold marathon equipment.
  • Ballpoints – Yes. This was used in a store that sold softball gear. Total success!

Get creative with your points and reward system. Especially in the naming of the actual points themselves. Customers will see that text show up in various places all throughout your store. So get creative.

Over in the backend of Advanced Coupons, you’ll find this powerful feature for your rewards and loyalty program. Again the main benefit for you the store owners is that you can totally customize these messages without having to code anything at all.

πŸ’‘Again, you can use whatever conglomeration of code that you would like, but we prefer to use the plugin. When running a business it is absolutely crucial that you use EFFICIENT tools!

So, the screenshot above is where we are going to create those messages that the customers will see as they are browsing the site. And there are three different places to both change, remove, or modify those messages: product, cart, and checkout! Again though, remember that communication is key!

Be sure to make those messages as emotionally engaging as possible along the customer journey!

This is a great start. But what if we modified the on-product page to say, “Congratulations! Add this & you are about to earn 55 BONUS POINTS!

Congratulations! Add this and you GET 55 BONUS POINTS!

See the difference in the emotional connection?

Now, let’s make that emotional connection again on the cart and the checkout pages as well. Remember, we gotta keep that customer moving through the process of the rewards and points system. It is just smart business, right?

In the next setting for the customer rewards, let’s modify the prompt that shows up on the cart page that the customer will see. Try to personalize it and watch what happens to your revenue!

Howdy! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ‘‹πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘‹If everything looks good here, you’re about to earn 55 BONUS POINTS!

(Yes! Using an emoji or two really helps remind the customer of your store’s humanity and that they are helping actual people by purchasing from you. Sprinkle around an emoji or two πŸ˜‰)

TIP πŸ’‘ Brainstorm some other messages that can be used on the cart page. Here’s how: Get a few friends together and ask each other what words or phrases that they hear in real life when they approach a physical checkout. Now start typing those words out and tie in a bit of personalization to your store.

  • Hey there! Your cart full of knitting supplies is about to earn 55 Needle Points!
  • Howdy Girlfriend! That cart is gonna earn you 55 sexy points and keep you lookin’ πŸ”₯HOT!
  • You’ve got 55 Foodie Points in that cart! Let’s finish this up and get cooking!

Again, those are just several examples for the cart page prompt in the loyalty & rewards system. Your messages should be personalized for both the product, cart, and checkout page!

Let’s move on to some more gooey goodness inside the rewards system that comes inside the Advanced Coupons tool!

I’ll include a screenshot from Advanced Coupon’s page for this next part.

If you want, you can click on the image and it will take you to the same page over on their site!

This is inside the /my-account area of your customer’s dashboard. See how easy and simple it is to <APPLY> the coupon? With just a simple click of their mouse or a tap of their finger, your customer can now apply that coupon code! ……and, And, AND

Add more points to the loyalty program!

Which again, brings more sales, more repeat business, and more revenue into your pocket!

Watch this again! The customer literally just puts in how many points that they want to use, it automatically gets calculated to the correct amount, and then <click> REDEEM!

Loyalty Program Redeeming Points

After clicking the Redeem button, the Advanced Coupons plugin automatically cranks out a coupon code which is specific for that particular customer! Pretty sweet right?

Loyalty Program Redeemed Coupons

See how awesome that is to make a loyalty and rewards program in your store!?!?!

More importantly, do you now see how to use it?

Find a product that is a best seller or perhaps even a product that you need to get rid of in excess inventory. Now, if it’s a best seller product, see if you can order materials in bulk or get a volume discount on your supplies. Take that product and run a totally awesome coupon deal on it.

  • Email everyone!
  • Chirp it in the Tweeders!
  • Post it on Facebook!
  • Find a coupon thread in Reddit!
  • Tape the coupon code to a cat’s tail & let it loose in the neighborhood!

And remember, you as the busy store owner that you are, have done absolutely nothing because this whole process is automated. That is a complete and total Time Saver right there!

That’s how easy it is for the customers to use their reward points for their purchase!

Who knew a WooCommerce Plugin called Advanced Coupons could create a points and rewards program inside their store, and do it so easily? Now, Y-O-U know!

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