WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Options
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Options

I’ll make up a quick video 🎥 on each of these 7 options for you. That way you will be able to decide which Cart Abandonment option is best for your store – more importantly – YOUR CUSTOMERS!

💡 Which ever Cart Abandonment solution you choose, one of the most important things to remember is that the behavior of the actual <Add To Cart> “button push” is the *BEST* time to snag the person’s email.

😤A quick short rant (backed by visitor recordings)

The best time to attempt to snag a person’s email is not on an ‘exit intent’ popup. Although that’s fine to read that on the {cough} sales page of ‘xyz Company’ wanting to sell you some Exit Intent popup, that’s not always the best time to interrupt the customer.
The customer might just be moving their mouse off the screen to turn down iHeart Radio, finishing an article, check another notification, or any number of other tasks.
How many tabs do YOU have open right now?
So, they tab back over to your site, and now there is a HUGE BOX over what they were just focused on not more than 5 seconds ago. Now they get to figure out how to close the box or simply leave your store entirely 😲
They have just been 🧠cognitively interrupted during their shopping experience on YOUR site by (whom?)
*BY YOU THE STORE OWNER* setting some exit intent popup. 😖
Triggered slide ins, timed ‘inactivity’ top/bottom bars, or something similar is much more effective.
Oh, and for-the-love-of-all-that-is-good-and-holy:
Stop discounting YOUR store BEFORE you even met the customer!

Rant Over 😀 Let’s Get Down to Business!

There are dozens of abandoned cart options out there. Make sure that they do NOT wait for the checkout page to capture a visitor’s email address.

Capture the email address on the <Add To Cart> click. And only choose one of the providers who *DO* capture the email address in that part of the visitor’s natural buying cycle – not just on the checkout page! – but on the product page as the visitor is adding the item to their cart.

Here’s why: When you rely on a cart abandonment system that waits all the way to the checkout page to “attempt” to capture the visitor’s email address, you are waiting too long down-the-funnel to make that “attempt”. Does that make sense?

There’s a few different ways to demonstrate this and test it for yourself in your own store. We’ll show you in Google Analytics and that should make things easier to see. Swing over to this tab right here labelled Behavior Flow.

Now, this might take a few clicks, but really drill down on you numbers for your store.

Do you see how many of your store’s Interactions do not ever involve the /checkout page?

It’s staggering to see how many page views it takes in one week to drive actual sales, right?

Here, let’s look at it from another point of view. Up until a few years ago, most of the cart recovery platforms simply bragged, advertised, and boasted about how their platform would capture the customer’s email address on the store’s checkout page using the email box.

99.9999999% of the time though, that approach was completely ineffective and entirely impractical in real world usage.

Think About It 🧠
and it makes perfect sense 💡

You visit the checkout page how many times for a transaction on a website _____? (once, right?)

Now, how many times do you click a product page, add to cart, product page, blog post, blog post, blog post, contact us, cart page, about, return policy, product page, add to cart, product page, …..SQUIRREL😲

Find the red box & think of how many thousands and thousands of time you’ve seen this page……..

Waiting until the /checkout page for an attempt to capture the visitor’s email address is way too far down the funnel and incredibly ineffective!


If you don’t know how their system works, then be bold enough to ask them!

Now that we’ve clarified what to look for, let’s go over 5 Cart Abandonment Systems that work. Each of these has their own perks and specific details on approaching abandoned carts in your eCommerce site. We’ll explain and explore the individual differences on each one along with our experiences for you to learn and pass along some wisdom from our experiences with each of them.

5. Carts Guru

Carts Guru takes a great approach in keeping many different platforms under one umbrella🌂, which is a huge time saver for store owners ⏰👍

Emails, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages (like the Pizza Folks use), Facebook Ads, and automatic Coupon Codes are just the start of what all is under the dashboard of Carts Guru. And again, it’s all under ONE dashboard which is a huge time saver for the utmost efficiency!

Because of confidentiality, we aren’t going to show you inside one of our client’s dashboards, we will just go ahead and take a quick screenshot of a page on Cart Guru’s site that shows you all the multiple dynamics that you can coordinate under the same roof:

They call it ” A Complete Cart Recovery Solution for Your WooCommerce Store”
and it IS!

Carts Guru is NOT some cheap “parts & pieces” type of application where you’ll wind up paying for tons of different Saas solutions all separately. Trying to manage multiple marketing channels & schedules in multiple platforms is horribly prone to error. It’s great that Carts Guru keeps everything together!

If it sounds like we just wrote that last sentence out of frustration, then you are definitely right! Trying to coordinate carts and schedules and different platforms can very quickly become an overwhelming time waste!

Fortunately, Carts Guru solves all of this by keeping each piece of the puzzle closely integrated 👍with each other.

Check out this screenshot that we managed to snag as one of the profitable scenarios that you can set up with Carts Gurus: (notice how each marketing platform is all coordinated TOGETHER)

💡Favorite Part About Carts Guru = All the right features in ONE platform allows you to coordinate all the campaigns across multiple marketing channels to achieve maximum conversions!

👉Carts Guru Links For You To Explore More:

4. Jilt

Abandoned Cart Solution for WooCommerce using Jilt Add To Cart Trigger

First and foremost: Does Jilt do the email capture CORRECTLY by applying an option to collect the visitor’s email address on the product page triggered by the Add To Cart button? 👍 YES! 👏


Again, it’s the “behind-the-scenes” programming that makes Jilt’s platform incredibly efficient at generating MILLIONS in revenue💲💲💲

You know those emails that you’re sending out? Ever click on them? Of course you do & so do your customers! But check out what Jilt does….👀

WATCH THIS👀 Jilt’s platform is smart 👩‍🎓…. Once your customer’s email has already been validated, the customer is magically LOGGED IN by clicking on the button in the cart recovery email! (explained further below)

💡Jilt’s platform is also another “burden lifter” out of your hosting account and server performance! Jilt’s platform handles all the email delivering & sending – NOT your hosting account! (using your own host for emails is not smart!)

Jilt has some of the best eCommerce segments already built into their system as templates to choose from. Of course you can always customize those segments even further for your store and your audience’s specific needs!


💡Of course when we use Jilt on client’s sites, we no longer have to mess around with two separate logins & accounts – one for those ‘transactional emails’ then another for the ‘cart abandonment’ system.

📢To all of you wanting to ditch MailChimp: If no one has mentioned this to you lately, let us be the first to remind you that Jilt also handles all of your store’s regular & traditional eCommerce emails as well!
https://jilt.com/product/broadcasts/ 🎉(wahoo! another time saver!)

I’m gonna go ahead and snag one of Jilt.com’s screenshots and show you a great example of all-the-pieces coming together. Take a peek at the image below, click & open it in a new tab if you’d like, but follow along below the image & you are going to see us meticulously break down and fully explain what’s really going on here. Ready?

Dynamic Coupons & Email Editing
  • Max“👉Use customer’s name & personalization factors built into Jilt
  • “…thanks for shopping with us…”👉Reminds cart abandoning customer
  • “…code for 20% off this order…”👉Notice it didn’t say the ‘next‘ order
  • ABCD-1234-EFGH“👉Automatic Code applies to ‘abandoned’ order
  • Complete My Purchase“👉1st person narrative & compelling call to action
  • Expires in: 10 days“👉Motivate customer to 💩or get off the 🚽❗


now, imagine sending that out a few million times a day &
having every bit of those steps automated for your store!

Too see why we use Jilt on client’s sites, and to imagine all the ways you can use Jilt in your store, you’ve gotta go check out all the rest of Jilt’s Automations

3. Tyches Software

When you’re looking for a standalone plugin for Cart Abandonment in WordPress, Tyches Software has a great option that has been used in thousands of WooCommerce Stores!

At only $119 per year for an update & support license, this plugin can be a great cost effective solution for your Abandoned Carts in Woocommerce!

As a WooCommerce Store Owner, you can 1.) send unlimited emails, 2.) integrate via Twillio to send text messages, and then also 3.) target shoppers via Facebook Chat as well!

Between those three marketing mediums, you can quickly see how easy it is to reach those customers who might sometimes get a bit distracted.

💡Remember: All the settings, email templates, reports and more live right inside the dashboard of your WooCommerce site!


One of the interesting specifics about Tyche’s abandoned cart solution is that IF you would like, you can actually configure the plugin so that a visitor MUST enter their email to add an item to their cart.

Yes, this is actually a really GREAT feature. Why? We’ve seen quite a good number of successful conversions happen from store owners who decide to LIMIT their store in such a way that they make the visitor enter their email address to add a product to their cart! 🛒


🧠Does that seem counter intuitive? 💡Well every store is different and different approaches work great on specific customer groups! Some WooCommerce stores are completely locked up allowing ONLY fully registered and logged in users to even see their product listings!

Making the <Add To Cart> action available ONLY with an email address just might actually prove to be an INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE solution for your store!

Of course, like all the other great features, you -the WooCommerce Store Owner- are in full control and you can make the email field 100% optional (or mandatory) for your store’s visitors at any time! (all with no coding involved!)


Your store, my store, client’s WooCommerce Store, … EVERY WooCommerce Store needs to have abandoned cart setup from the start! This is A MUST!

If your store is just starting up and you have NOT implemented any type of abandoned cart solution for your WooCommerce store, then start TODAY!


2. Beeketing

We have both used and setup Beeketing Apps many times with incredible success! Now, to really understand “one aspect” of Beeketing that specifically handles “Abandoned Carts” is almost impossible (and that’s a POSITIVE thing to say. Lemme show ‘ya why…..)

👷‍♀️The WHOLE PLATFORM is setup to convert unknown shoppers into known visitors and follow up with them on ALL of Beeketing’s Apps ACROSS THE BOARD! Here, go check ’em out for yourself 👉 https://beeketing.com/apps

It’s like the whole “Abandoned Cart” element is sort of “baked in” to everything Beeketing does & “woven throughout” each element of their apps!

Sound confusing? IT’S NOT! 😀

To keep it concise and short, let’s just look at a few images & comments that way YOU can swing over to their site and read more on each of these….

💡Happy Email

Happy Email is a neet little app that sends personalized automated emails which essentially say, “Howdy!” to your stores visitors! Totally simple, incredibly effective, and 100% FREE❗ 👉 https://beeketing.com/happy-email


💡Quick Facebook Chat

We’ve all seen the benefits of live chat? But let’s talk about HOW this works!
In Beeketing’s Quick Facebook Chat, YOU the store owner, will now have that person’s contact info on Facebook as well!
Again, what we’re doing here is looking for multiple channels (not just email) to recover that abandoned cart! Now YOU can do the same thing! (yep, it’s FREE!)


💡Sales Pop

You’ve seen them and probably used them as well in your own eCommerce site. There are of course several providers of these little notifications, but what’s interesting about Beeketing’s option is that they make this one free as well!


💡Better Coupon Box

Remember when I mentioned that Beeketing has “woven” their Abandoned Cart elements into EVERYTHING that they do? Well, here’s yet another demonstration of how they have applied it to their app called Better Coupon Box.
Is it an exit intent pop-up? ….it could be!
Triggered on specific page loads? ….sure!
…& it captures email address while ALSO offering a discount? HELL YEAH!💯

The options here are quite extensive! Enough to cover EVERY scenario possible! And again, is it free? YEP!


Beeketing does have a couple of paid apps which are very competitively priced. Again, though the point is to not try to part and piece everything together on separate platforms – that’s a total time waste! It’s worth every penny to get your time back and keep things under one umbrella!
To check out all of Beeketing’s aspects of handling Abandoned Carts, run over here and check ’em out for yourself 👀

🏆 https://beeketing.com/beeketing-for-woocommerce

1. Metorik

Rounding out our last tool that we use in client’s sites is Metorik.

Now, a bit about the founder Bryce: Bryce is one of the oldest, most seasoned, knowledgeable, and long time WooCommerce Ninjas who has been working with WooCommerce since 1845 (give or take a few years) 😏

Now, let’s get into the guts, the parts, the pieces, and the tools that Metorik uses for abandoned cart options. 💪
Once you’ve signed up for your account, swing over to the cart settings page inside Metorik, and you’ll see this button. Click it!

Yep, it’s that easy!

Next, you need to create the content that will be sent out in your abandoned cart email sequence.


Of course there will be three email templates initially setup for you to build with, which makes it super quick to finish and fill in your store’s details. 💪


Remember 💡Earlier we mentioned “The effective platforms will capture the lead much, Much, MUCH farther UP the sales funnel!” Metorik does this quite effectively as well with their “Add To Cart” email popup prompt.


Customize the “Save Your Cart” area so the shopper knows what the Abandoned Cart prompt is actually doing!

Rename that text above to whatever works best for your customers!

What we love most about Metorik’s Cart Abandonment function is the reports that we see in the dashboard! Bottom line is that these are just the most beautiful reports that our eyeball hole’s have ever seen!


Bottom line is that these are just the most beautiful reports that our eyeball hole’s have ever seen! 👀And, yes! Our eyeball holes spend a lot of time each day staring at reports!


Most of these all do similar things & handle Cart Abandonment in their own particular way. But Metorik gives the best looking reports. We might be a bit biased here because we do use Metoriks segmenting feature quite extensively to really drill down and filter our customer data! So, perhaps our view is a bit biased, but you can always see Metorik’s segmenting options yourself here:


  • Effective Cart Abandonment solutions focus on CONVERTING the UNKNOWN visitor to a KNOWN CUSTOMER!
  • Waiting for the /checkout page to “hopefully” capture a lead is NOT the MOST EFFECTIVE way of handling cart abandonment in WooCommerce!
  • Most abandoned cart strategies are actually focused on checkout abandonment, NOT cart abandonment.
  • Effective cart abandonment strategies are focused on converting unknown visitors to known contacts HIGHER UP the purchasing funnel.

🧠A Few More Points To Ponder🧠

💌Always offload your email sending to a 3rd party provider. Do not use your hosting account to send all of these emails. That puts too much stress on your OWN hosting, and your site should be 100% focused on displaying products and customer transactions as quickly and as fast as possible!🚀

💡There’s one last point that needs to be mentioned here…. Notice that 4 out of 5 of these are EXTERNAL Services! There is a reason for this….

🔑KEY POINT: Abandoned cart data will fill up your hosting account with rows and rows, megabytes and megabytes of data, that you do NOT WANT slowing your site down!

💡Imagine for every ONE singular order, you generate information that will have to live inside your site. It’s rows and rows of data and those rows of data making up each transaction on your site.

For every one COMPLETED order, let’s say you have 7 abandoned carts. You’ll be loading😰 your own hosting server with megabytes of data if you are not using an external service like the ones mentioned here.

The only “self-hosted” solution we mentioned was Tyche’s Option. The rest of these are all EXTERNAL services which off-load the work to their services and keeping the horsepower of your own site focused on loading fast!

Tyche’s option keeps all of this inside your WooCommerce site. While Carts Guru, Jilt, Beeketing and Metorik all remove this from your site and off-load the work to their own service! ….freeing up your site to have fast loading times!

📢We’d love to see you give a shout out to all these tools and companies that have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of WooCommerce Store Owners make millions of dollars!

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  1. I know it wasn’t typed up thoroughly enough, but I can NOT stress enough how important it is to keep as many of these aspects *OUT* of your core WooCommerce store!

    I just cracked open another client’s site to see how much data their “plugin” had accumulated. Turns out, not only was all that data just sitting in their site, but it was also counting towards their automated backup storage limits as well. Soooo many rows and rows of information accumulating inside the database 😤 ….not cool.