Live Chat for WordPress using Formilla
Live Chat for WordPress using Formilla

Part of the Live Chat for WordPress series, let’s look at Formilla‘s unique features and how they can be utilized for live chat on your site.

You can use that screenshot, but out-of-the-box, the only content about it is the plugin itself that states: Shopping Cart Details: When using WooCommerce (WordPress ecommerce plugin), Formilla will automatically display a visitor’s shopping cart contents in real time during a chat. If you’re using one of our premium packages, you can also view your most active visitors’ shopping cart contents using the visitor monitoring feature from the live chat dashboard. Know what products visitors have added to their shopping cart, the quantity of each item, sub-total, and grand total. Use proactive chat or request chat functionality to ensure customers purchase before they leave your website.

Formilla is one of those awesome live chat providers for WordPress that really supersedes on some of its own benefits which are specific & unique only to the Formilla platform

The first and major screenshot that I want to show you from their live chat plugin is this one right here.

Live Chat for WordPress using integrated with WooCommerce to see real time stats of visitor's cart value
Live Chat for WordPress using integrated with WooCommerce to see real time stats of visitor’s cart value!

What you are literally looking at here is the customer on the front end of your site & you are seeing the value of that customer and what they have in their cart in real time!

This is a major GAME CHANGER!

What this means is that you can see the actual value of your visitors browsing session in real time as it’s happening. If you have ever wanted to increase your conversion rate this is EXACTLY how you do it! 👏

If you got a high margin item that you know consistently converts over and over again and you get solid sales on that specific product repeatedly throughout the whole spam of your WooCommerce site, here’s what I want you to do:

Go get this live chat right now. Start with the 15-day trial. Don’t worry there’s no credit card needed.

Now, look at the products that your customers are viewing. Take those high margin items, it doesn’t matter the price, but specifically the profit margin that you’re getting on those specific products and I want you to always, Always, ALWAYS reply to those people and engage with those people.

Just like you would expect someone at a retail store to do when you walk into their place of business I want you to look at the visitors that are on your website and pay special attention show me items that they are looking at and remember to engage with them because in Formilla you can see exactly what items and what their total cart value is in real time.

…in real time!

Do not miss that part!

Moving forward….

When you’re on-the-go you don’t want to miss engaging with your customers as well right? Formilla has both an iPhone and an Android app as well to give you notifications when people are engaging with your site and you’re not near a computer. Hey, if they want to give you money, why miss the opportunity 👍

Remember how formula will tell you exactly what the persons cart value is? I want you to imagine yourself getting the tires changed on your suburban and while you’re playing solitaire on your phone, you’re now actively engaging with your customers because of Formilla‘s live chat options via their mobile app!

you can hear the cha-ching already, right? 💰💰💰

Of course if you need to take a break from all digital engagement completely & totally, that’s entirely understandable as well.

However, you never want to lose that opportunity to connect and engage with your customers via live chat.

So Formilla has canned messages which can be used to engage your customers as soon as they get on the website.

This is great because not only can you set it on a per page basis but you can also add specific short tags to collect and filter that customers information as well.

Yup! Formilla can speak Texan!

For those of you running WordPress multilingual for 🌎 worldwide domination, Formilla‘s unique in that it has international language support so you can include things like Hindi, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, French Texan, and Spanish languages automatically.

Installing the WordPress plugin is simple, easy, & direct. Plus with a simple copy and paste of your Formilla ID you can be up and running with the live chat plugin within seconds.

copy, paste, #dropthemic easy!

Of course you can set a schedule for when you are available and when you are away which gives you the convenience to customize what your visitors in your customers are receiving on their end.

Wanna disconnect yet still engage your visitors? NO PROBLEM!

What I sound quite compelling with Formilla is that you can customize the live chat messages based on some very intuitive criteria.

A new visitor can receive one message while returning visitor would see a different message.

And of course you can always pass the returning visitors name into the chat as well giving them and even better personalized experience. How awesome is that? How many times do you go visit a website and get greeted by your first name? Pretty cool I’d say 👍

What are the other awesome features in Formilla‘s live chat for WordPress plugin is that it will also operate as a very solid CRM,

Your site can organize contacts & all your leads from right inside Formilla as well. 🏆#win

In case some of you are trying to overload your WooCommerce site with CRM features & things like that you can actually hold those inside Formilla which will free up your website for handling things like traffic, add to cart, and making sure that you have a fast loading website.🚀

If you open up your account information or you’ll find everything that you need like the full chat history that you’ve had with this customer & their email ➕ their first name ➕ their last name ➕ what URLs they have visited on your web site.

This powerful information really provides crucial insights for understanding your visitors needs and desires within your site.

In case you do not want an actual live chat window, Formilla has a very powerful feature which gives you the ability to use a button or even a simple text link to trigger the live chat to open.

Again for those running WooCommerce I want you to pay very, very, very close attention to this.

On your product page I want you to put this button on your product page itself. Place it near the call to action or put it near the price. Like this:

See how that big blue button gives customer’s immediate assurance and confidence in your store?

Whatever you do, do not leave this off of your WooCommerce site!

If you have a dedicated landing page for one of your products I want to encourage you to put the button on your product landing page as well.

What you’re doing is increasing the customer trust and engagement with your store and with your site. 🤙

Pretty important, wouldn’t you say? 😍

If you haven’t checked out Formilla for live chat, go check it out right now.

Don’t forget: sign up requires no credit card and is totally free.

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