Selecting a WooCommerce Theme is a difficult choice.

If you’re browsing through all the themes over at {cough} “TheForest” {/cough}, you’ll be bombarded with a huge sales page going on and on and on about each particular theme’s 4 billion features and oh-so-freely included plugins…..

…and how fast the theme is, how wonderful the theme is, and how that particular theme is going to “Revolutionize” something-or-another to make your store suddenly generate gazillions of dollars.

…check out the 58 billion plugins bundled with your purchase….

Pay Attention and allow me introduce you to something fresh, unique & different:

A WooCommerce Theme With the Power & Options that YOUR STORE NEEDS!

It’s called SukiWP and it has quickly turned into the WooCommerce Theme that I think every store owner will want to use.

And, we’re not talking about “use for a few months, then go buy another theme” to try. I’m talking about:


There’s several very unique features of this Suki Theme for WooCommerce that I want to really highlight and point out to all the other WooCommerce Store owners.

It’s not that I want to recommend one theme over another, but the team behind SukiWP is doing things substantially correct and I think I owe it to
Y-O-U to show you what’s going on in here.

As you read this, I want you to have their site open as well. And, in particular, after you click on the image below, go ahead and scroll down to this part of the homepage and look at the part that I’ve high lighted there with these obnoxiously gigantic red arrows:

…click the image for yourself to see that little part down there which states:
withOUT cache, CDN ….

β—β˜β—β˜β—That part is quite importantβ—β˜β— β˜β—

Having a theme, the theme itself, which does *NOT* need some insanely expensive and exhausting amount of hosting resources is !important – not to mention: a HUGE time saver!

Yes, your insanity level matters πŸ˜‰
Your job is to run a BUSINESS! (not a WooCommerce Website!)

When you begin and start your store with a hugely bloated and confusing theme with tons of plugins, it’s a bit like beginning a journey with tons of ambition, but heading in the completely WRONG direction.

You want your base, your theme, your underlying core structure of your WooCommerce Store, to be as ⚑lightning fast and πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈlean as completely possible! And, that is (only one of) the core differences you get when you make the choice to power your store with the Suki WooCommerce Theme!

Ok, now that we realize how important it is to have a strong, lean, and fast WooCommerce Theme, let’s look at the actual powerful options for WooCommerce Store Owners.

Ready? Here we go!

As you enter a product into your store, do you ever have specific needs for different products, different product scenarios, unique product layouts, and more……?

So, let’s look at all of the product layout scenarios and configuration options within the Suki Theme’s options. As you’re entering products into your WooCommerce store do you ever have one of those ‘one-off’ products where you really do NOT need any kinds of permalinks displayed on the page?

Not a problem! In this theme, you can toggle those breadcrumbs on and off on a per product basis!

Yes!!!! That’s on EVERY product! All the time, Anytime! No code necessary!

Customize the Breadcrumb on EVERY WooCommerce Product

Do you want your product’s images to always, Always, ALWAYS be in the exact same spot, all the time, anytime? Well, you might…. but,

There are times when you’d like to change things up a bit. And the Suki Theme has you WooCommerce store owners covered!

Check this out: In each product you can decide if you would like your product’s images to be on the left, right, or bottom of your product’s featured image!

And, let me mention this again: This IS NOT on a universal store level. You can change the image placement on every product!

Perhaps you would like to keep the customer’s eyeballs fresh and alert, so on one product you put your additional images to the left, then on the next product the additional images are on the right. Don’t laugh – because keeping your visitor’s eyeballs moving and engaged can have a very powerful affect on their level of engagement in your store!

What about all those tabs that are default in WooCommerce? Could you use code to remove them? Sure! Can you also purchase an additional plugin from WooCommerce called WooCommerce Tab Manager for $99? Absolutely!

But why do that when the Suki Theme has another powerful feature built into the theme already? Check out this next image below.

See how this theme has a simple built in toggle for the tabs? Pretty awesome, right?

There are always times when you want to remove those tabs – especially when making landing pages, and when there is simply no ‘additional information’ that would go in those tabs.

The Suki Theme empowers you to remove that distraction from the customer’s eyeball holes! It’s a bit like a good store employee picking up an unused coat hanger off the ground. If you don’t need those tabs, then simply toggle them off – again, on a PER PRODUCT level!

Now, we all know that we’ve got perhaps one or two products in our store which do NOT need those up-sells lurking down below.

  • Maybe we’ve got a bookings page that doesn’t need customers seeing other tangible products in the middle of them creating their booking!
  • Perhaps this particular product page is a higher end item & we want folks to keep looking at it w/out seeing the other items
  • Or perhaps you’ve got a product that is a ‘one-off’ item like ‘Coaching’. In which case, you don’t really have too many other ‘items’ so it’s best to simply toggle those up-sells to NO and leave them off that particular product’s page!

Again, the amazing part about this is that all of these options are available on a per product basis. It’s not like you are having to write per-product coded rules to make all this happen.

And, just like with the up-sells option, the ‘Related Products’ can simply be unhooked and removed on a universal level within the customizer or you always have the freedom to toggle it off for any individual product that you want. Again, zero coding and no additional plugins are necessary to make this happen inside the Suki Theme!

Speaking of landing pages, this next image is not only built into WooCommerce product pages, but all throughout your site as well.

See how you can keep it to be what you initially set in the WordPress customizer? But then there’s more options as well.

If you’d like a normal (set) width you can specify that setting, or if you’d like one of those gargantuan wide (full width) pages, then that is YOUR option as well.

The same goes for the content and sidebar layouts. Many of you who’ve worked with layouts and optimized sites for conversions know exactly how important it is to retain visitors attention.

On a shop page and a product category page, you might understand that you need the sidebar for searches and filtering. However, on a single product page, you decide you want to remove that sidebar entirely.

Hey look, I just did that on this post right here!
Pretty cool, right?


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