We all love using our electronics so why not be able to just sign any forms from our websites too. Electronic signatures are great and now you can have them included with your forms as well. Creating a Signature form is as easy as 1-2-3. Anyone can do it! It keeps everything together (all online) without having to worry about printing and faxing anything. Make you and your customer’s lives a whole lot easier. The Signature Addon feature is something everyone will love.

Just follow these simple steps.

The First Step Is To Choose Your Form:

Make your Form how you want it. (WPforms gives you templates to choose from that will help guide you in creating your form.) Once you have selected the template you will get to the part of the form builder where are going to be able to add and remove fields from your form.

Want to see More Ready Made Templates for Yourself? Open THIS link or tap the button bellow:

Next, Grab the Signature Field:

You will need to drag and drop the Signature Addon(located under the Fancy Fields section) to where you would like it to be located in your form, also make sure you mark that the signature field is required. If you have not downloaded the signature addon plugin yet that’s easy to do too. (You can easily install the Signature Addons after you have logged into your WordPress and from the panel on the left select WPforms, then click Addons, search for the Signature Addon, install it and make sure you have it activated).

To see the Signature add on click on the image or the button below.

Last, Setup Your Notifications:

Now that we have created your form and have chosen to have a signature required with it. You will just need to setup your notifications, which you can set it up to get emails every time someone fills out a form on your website. Then you are just going to go publish it on your website, the same way that you would add any other content to your website. (Add new, then + block and select your form and publish, then you are all set.)

A little bit more information just for you…

💡Think carefully about all the items that you as a store owner can sell.
While the options are limitless, there are many opportunities to validate your sale, and also reduce charge backs and fraud in your WooCommerce Store’s Transactions!

You can use the Signature addon to have any of the following signed:

  • Contracts
  •  Petitions
  •  Service Agreements
  •  Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Terms of Service
  • Any other kind of form you would need signed

Now I’m sure you also want to know how it works for your customers when they get to the signature section of the form, right?

Well… they are are going to be able to just sign it either using their mouse or by using touchscreen. Once a customer signs one of your forms the image is going to be saved and you will either be emailed or it will saved to your websites database.

So go ahead and try it out! Simplify your life and your customers by being able sign any form that’s needed and keep it all together.
🤜💥🤛 (it’s easier than a fistbump!)

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