Here’s a handy short list of news for WooCommerce Store owners to use which has been hand curated from around the web for the 31th Week of 2019 (July 28th):

Kadence Blocks Pro, which you are looking at right now (yep! We use it as well!) now comes with a Video Popup Block 💪Since WE are using Kadence Blocks, it would only make sense that we show you a quick demo of their new Video Popup Block using 🥁(drum roll please)🥁the Video Popup Block 🤣

So, what’s in it for you? Keep your videos looking sharp and larger than the smaller width of your regular content so that viewers can actually see 😍 your video content in crystal clear clarity! And the Popup Plugin from Kadence does EXACTLY THAT! 😎

Now, if you opened that video popup above👆, what did you see? 😲Yep, that video is of Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer!

(See, you knew there was a reason that WE use it on client’s sites as well, right?)

Well, their email designed is yet one more reason👍 As Store Owners you NEVER want your customers receiving boring, ugly, emails, after they just bought something from you right?

Here’s the link for their membership which includes the WooCommerce Email Customizer.

RafflePress came out a few weeks ago. What’s in it for you? Regardless if your store is new, just starting out, or you haven’t even launched…. If you’ve got sales coming out the wazoo or if sales have hit a ‘summer slump’…. If you are running any type of business, then you need LEADS!

Your site, your business, and your income will quickly dry up into 💀extinction without LEADS❗ Do you want to wake up tomorrow broke? 😱 Of course not! You ALWAYS need more oxygen to live 💨 and for your business to survive, you constantly need more leads or it dies as well 📉!

SukiWP rolled out even more updates this week. (which is of course the theme that we are using right now) What we love about this theme is it’s BLAZING SPEED🚀, Custom Gutenberg Blocks 🎁, & Extensive WooCommerce Options🔧.

After 10+ years of WooCommerce, 🕵️‍♀️we look at a vast array of elements with absolute scrutiny specific for WooCommerce sites. We’re quite confident that the SukiWP WooCommerce Theme will become the next theme which will sustain you 5+ years into the growth of WordPress and your WooCommerce Store. (for those of you serious about your WooCommerce Success, you’ll want to skip past the “Free” version & quickly jump on the Value of the Pro Theme!)

Elementor introduced Tailor Made Icon Sets which always help make a WooCommerce store look much more slick and professional looking for your happy visitors to open their wallets wide and dole out their money for your awesomely design, life altering, mind blowing, incredible products! (whoop whoop) 😎 When you’re using Elementor in WooCommerce, you are always going to want your site to be looking sharp, right?
👀 Look at how SHARP Elementor’s new Icons are, by clicking here 👇

As most of you know, we’re huge fans of AffiliateWP because having a 💪healthy profit margin enough to pay for more marketing is just 💡smart business💲. So since you are interested in making your referral marketing work better for your store, read Mandy’s article to see if your store’s influence and ambassadors have these tools to use!
To Make Influence Marketing WORK, Read Mandy’s article Now

Simon from CommerceGurus wrote up a massively inspirational list of 38 Top Designs to Learn From. We never make changes to a design without quantitative measured analytical data to justify the redesign. 👀 So when we see something that can work better for our clients, you can bet that we’re going to keep this article handy as inspiration!
Great job Simon!

Christine from Warfare Plugins wrote a crucial article about optimizing your blog’s post titles. Absolutely imperative for WooCommerce store owners to remember that when you write, everything including your blog’s post titles, is a step closer to more sales and increased revenue.

Printful has a great list of of 7 Back To School Marketing Tips and they even included FREE Graphics files that you can use (regardless of drop shipping fulfillment platforms) 👕 Thanks Printful ✅
To Snag your Free Graphics and read Printful’s Back To School Tips, Click Here
Graham from Printify has a GREAT write up on 30+ Tips & Tools on How To Sell on Instagram

Scott from Amplify Plugins has a great plugin that takes conditional checkout fields to a whole new level with options to display conditional checkout fields based on quantity, conditional checkout fields for product variations, and more – all without touching a line of code or having to wait for a developer.
Click Here & think of your checkout fields while reading this from Scott👇

A few bits of articles from live chat providers that apply to our WooCommerce stores:
Formilla has a pretty powerful integration that let’s you see what’s in the cart 🛒of whomever your chatting with 😲 (you’ll need this plugin too)

PureChat wrote up a smart hack for Facebok

And JivoChat has a very informative article on HOW TO for us WooCommerce store owners!

WPEngine cranked out another surprise-from-a-hosting-company and now Genesis Themes incorporate AMP directly into their framework:

Pressable wrote a great guide for obtaining backlinks ….CORRECTLY! 😀

CloudWays (always our favorite for WooCommerce) wrote up a great article about packing slips & pdf invoices here:

Tapfiliate came out with a slick looking Affiliate System for WooCommerce
If you ever find a self-hosted option like AffiliateWP too much for you or your site to handle, swing on over and check out Tapfiliate!

Andy & Katie from Barn2 Media wrote up a great article about the hidden value of adding slick looking product filters to your site. links and of course we can’t forget mentioning their Product Table Plugin for WooCommerce as well

PixelYourSite News:
Christian wrote an EXCELLENT article about the Ads Library and how to use them more effectively: 💯
And, of course, our favorite plugin is the Product Catalog for WooCommerce 😍

Of course we would be crazy not to call your attention to yet one blockbuster write up from Tavleen called
3 Building Blocks Of A Sales Funnel That Sells Like A Human
If you haven’t yet read about the “Big Leap Forward” post on their site for UpStroke, your 💰wallet will definitely want to read it!

CheckoutWC wrote an excellent article titled How to Add a Shopify Style Checkout to WooCommerce
While we do still tend to trust and rely on BuildWooFunnels more b/c of their features, here’s an alternative (and a great post) from CheckoutWC

SocialPilot which is what we use) wrote a MUST READ post called 44 Social Media Growth “Hacks” 😖
📢Hey, all you folks that have your site up and running but need more sales: READ THIS 👇

HummCommerce (again, yes, we use this to justify the pinch points with data for eCommerce sites)
A great post for all the eCommerce folks wanting to get into making great looking images and pictures:
Beginner’s guide to ecommerce photography

WooRise (while we’re still currently crushing on RafflePress at the moment, we’ve used WooRise quite a number of times)
Again, back to the marketing and growth of your site, here’s a great list titled 50+ Social Media Management & Marketing Tools for Growth which you can bookmark, read, and RE-read here:
Plus, I saw a “Limited time offer” coupon code of “YEAH” which should give a 50% discount 👍

CSS Hero:
Ah, one of my go-to favorites when I simply want to work smarter not harder!
CSS Hero wrote some very thought provoking ideas on Call To Action Buttons! Hey, you want your visitors to convert, right? Better go read this! 👉

Swift Performance can show us how to handle some really fine tuned performance issues here:
(I always 💖LOVE 💖 those advanced articles that explain the ultra fine tuning of the details) 👍

WP Rocket published an incredible How To article entitled:
How To Optimize WooCommerce Product Images for Faster Load Times
(and of course, we all know our stores love those images right? 🤳)

(yeah, we’re mentioned in this one) 😉
Beaver Builder put together a great of WooCommerce Support Resources here:
Top 10 WooCommerce Support Resources Online for Beginners and Pros

Bryce from Metorik has an incredible post called:
Top 5 Metrics to look out for in Metorik
(if you didn’t already know, Bryce is one of the old-school original WooCommerce ninjas – even before they had a WooDojo😉 You’ll be doing your WooCommerce site a HUGE favor by using a tool like Metorik 👍💯)

TaxJar: I’m absolutely loving these folks so much, we’ve got 3 GREAT READS that we’re gonna point ‘ya to. Ready?

Shopping Feed When you are ready to put more 🎣hooks out there for the customers🐟🐠🐡 to nibble on, you’re going to want to Automate your listings across Ebay, Jet, WalMart, and Etsy! (wow! That’s a big pool of customers!) But, you’ve gotta automate all of that and make it super simple in order to be timely, efficient, and profitable, right?
Here ‘ya go!
If your competition gets these Actionable Insights before you do, don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya 😉

WooCommerce Assistant: (If you missed this one, then you’re missing out on a big time saver from WooCommerce)
Pop over there and watch the video on it, but here’s what the site says about it:
Assistant is a WooCommerce store management extension that aims to reduce manual work by automating several routine tasks. With a simple set of rules, it can schedule salestweak pricesrun clearance events – all completely unattended.
Seems like a 💡SMART IDEA, right? Keep your eye on that one especially! I know we are!

GoDaddy Acquires SellBrite: (wait, whaaaat?)
SellBrite is an Inventory Management Solution for Multi Channel Sellers.
Here’s the link for SellBrite’s WooCommerce Integration which allows you to publish your WooCommerce products to other channels, like Amazon and eBay, quickly & easily:

🎉📣Sellbrite Joins GoDaddy To Accelerate Marketplace Growth for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs:

Our friends from SkyVerge have written a great post over on titled How eCommerce stores can benefit from thinking like a nonprofit. 💡 Quite a few interesting points for all us WooCommerce Store owners 👍

CartsGuru: Abandoned carts is always an issue, right. Let’s face it, sometimes people get ….SQUIRREL!
Sorry, what was I saying? Anyways, here’s a much needed article for you to carefully read 👓 6 Best Practices To Recover Your Abandoned Carts and you can check it out here!

EasyShip has a great WooCommerce Integration that you can find here:
✅Even better is a great write up on How to Write Product Descriptions That Boost Conversions which you can find right here

UseProof: Want to know The Top 32 Call to Action Examples That Make Customers Click ? Ok, read it here and see if your CTA’s match up:
UseProof has a GREAT integration for all our WooCommerce Stores that you can find here:

QuickBooks For WooCommerce:
You’re all finally ready to use Quick Books with WooCommerce, right?
The FREE “Connector” Extension is here:
The FREE (to use up to ??? transactions per month – see their site) is here:

Whew. This post is one of many that I hope to start bringing to you folks on a weekly basis.

But…. WOW That took forever! Will you do me a favor? Post this in your SpaceBooks and Chrip it in your Tweeders so that more people can find these tools! 🔨🔧🔩

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