Information that you need to know about WooCommerce and CBD products.


They will not tell you upfront which hosting companies Automattic has invested in. You will, however find out after-the-fact.

Pressable, BlueHost, and any other hosting company which Automattic has invested capital and revenue into will be on the list.

It does not matter if hemp cannabis or THC is legal or not.

The second you Connect Your Site, as the prompt suggests, you have now technically “connected”

  • WooCommerce from is open-source software and is hosted through a third-party company.

However, regardless of where you downloaded it from, that’s not quite “all” the story. There’s much more to it.

The second you host it w/ an Automattic invested hosting company, you’re in violation. The instant you “connect’ you’re in violation. If you use any plugin directly downloaded “from”

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