It’s not just about “Typeform”. It’s about a Conversation!

When you’re engaging with your visitors on your site, It’s always important to have a conversation with them.

💡One of the best ways to do that is to ask better questions.

So we were asked to do a write-up about Typeform vs WPForms and why it is that we recommend and use WPFroms so much on client sites.

If you’d like, you can go ahead and open both of these links in a new tab and follow along:

So, let’s clear some things up about Typeform so that we can focus on the positive aspects of building forms for your site. Here we go!

😳The honest truth about Typeform is that it really restricts you to only 10 questions on the free plan.

And when you’re running a large woocommerce store you never want to be limited on anything – EVER!

With one license for WPForms you can create as many forms as you need and all of those forms to have as many questions as you would like with ZERO RESTRICTIONS on the number of questions.

And I don’t want to be negative, but I do want to be realistic. The free version of Typeform doesn’t really have any professional support at all.

So you’ll have limited support for free plan of Typeform vs. community + monitored help (even for free version) of WPForms!

WPForms actively engages with proactive support for both the paid and even the free plans.

There’s the .org/plugin area is constantly answered with the staff from WPForms, but also the paid support gives the right answer (the first time) within 24 hours:

💡And when you’re using forms to collect leads on your side from possible customers then you want to make sure that your forms have professional support.

💲So let’s swing over to the cost aspect for a minute.

Typeform has three different pricing plans to pick from and if you want anything even remotely “cool”, then you’ll need to upgrade to one of their pay plans.

Here’s the 3 different pricing plans to pick from: Basic (free), Pro, and Pro+. Per year, Pro costs $360 and Pro+ costs $700.

Hold on, let’s type that out again just so that we can be clear. Pro Costs $360 a year, and Pro Plus costs $700 a year. 😲

🚫That’s a TON OF PROFIT from your store flying out the door just simply to put a form on your site!

Even the elite version of WP forms is only $299 a year. And let’s be honest, most stores will be perfectly fine with the Pro ($199), Plus ($88), or even WPForms’ Basic License ($39).

Either way you look at it, WPForms still gives more value for the money than Typeform ever could for a much, much SMARTER price point for the value!💪

When you’re creating conversational forms it’s important to make sure that you DO NOT OVERPAY for features that you do not need.

link to

link to

When creating conversational forms, TypeForm also provides a Logic Jump feature to make your forms smarter. This feature allows you to ask different questions based on the user’s answer to the previous questions as well as show personalized endings based on the answers given.

Of course, WPForms does that as well and WITHOUT the hefty THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR price tag that comes with TypeForm (oh wait, you can of course always pay TypeForm $700 if you want the “Advanced Features”) uhm……. NO THANKS!

I’ll go ahead and put that Typeform money back in my pocket and go snag the Pro version of WPForms because they Conditional Logic as well 👍

It seems a bit irresponsible with your resources to pay more for a Saas like TypeForm when WPForms is only $99, right?

Don’t believe it’s that affordable? It is! Go check it out for yourself!

The $199 a year plan allows you to collect Stripe & PayPal payments, but you’re probably using WooCommerce for that, right? 😉

So using the simple $99/ yr license to collect leads & generate customers is probably the smartest option for WooCommerce Store owners.

💡And remember: 💬Your goal is to create a conversation with user! 

If you haven’t checked out our other posts about how to actually set up a WPForms, scroll back up to the top of the page and you’ll see how we actually use WP forms to create conversations for all of our clients sites.

Now if you’re not running a WooCommerce site, one of the other benefits of WPForms’ Pro Plan is that it DOES Empower you to take Stripe and PayPal payments which is a huge benefit for those selling only a few items, wanting to avoid having to set up WooCommerce.

Imagine not having to go through anything WooCommerce related. Instead, all you need to do is setup a form to take payment, collect shipping info (if needed), and be done!

So even for $199 a year you could even accept payments on your site create a form to collect the shipping information and not even have to worry about WooCommerce at all.

As much as we do love WooCommerce, there are times when perhaps the simpler approach is much easier, faster, and much more efficient.

Also consider that WooCommerce is free and as such sometimes the information out there can be old outdated inaccurate and getting support for the correct solution, for the correct version, and I correct situation, … sometimes difficult.

Remember that if any part of your conversation involves an actual financial transaction then WPForms clearly has an advantage there as well over Typeform!

Plus, with WPForms, it’s much simpler and easier to create those conversations using Conditional Logic along with the Conversational Forms as well.

Remember that when you want to create a Typeform-ish looking form for your WordPress site, the smartest choice is WPForms.

There is a reason WPForms is the goto plugin for all our client’s WooCommerce sites.

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