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[su_box title=”Have you seen how many of these GoFundMe pages there are for the furloughed government workers that are not getting paid?” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#2f39f7″ title_color=”#ffffff”]That’s completely crazy to see all these!  Please help these people stop giving away excessive fees to GoFundMe & let’s help these hundreds of thousands of employees with a REAL SOLUTION that will allow all of us to put their money in their pockets instead of giving away fees to GoFundMe![/su_box]

I wanted to make a post and share some information that would be a legitimate help and blessing for those who are affected by the recent government shut down. So, without further delay: Here is

Fast & Immediate help for furloughed workers affected by the government shutdown!

And, let’s make sure this gets out to the 800,000 people who are affected by this shutdown!

 I want you to Chirp this in your Tweeders, repost on your Facebooks, share in your Groups, email to your email list, post this at the community center, #hashbrown the #hashtags, print this, staple it up at your church, do whatever you need to make sure this post reaches the 800,000 workers + those who’ve been affected by the recent government shutdown!

These are simple, no nonsense ways that furloghed workers affected by the government’s shutdown can make up for their loss of income.  So, it is of VITAL IMPORTANCE that you share this -FREQUENTLY! -with EVERYONE POSSIBLE!

If you or someone you know has a website, go get GiveWP!

Yes, it’s totally and completely 100% FREE. Here, lemme type that again:
[su_heading style=”default” size=”13″ align=”center” margin=”20″]

F-R-E-E! Download it by clicking this sentence!


You can, of course read up more on GiveWP via their website.  However, lemme give you a brief and simple rundown of GiveWP:

From GiveWP’s own Feature Page, you can click here and read this sentence for yourself:
[su_quote]With Give you can accept one-time and recurring donations through customizable donation forms.[/su_quote]

[su_box title=”Here’s what that means for Y-O-U:” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#2f39f7″ title_color=”#ffffff”]Grab a friend using WordPress, you know one – or two- or three.  I can almost promise EVERYONE on the face of the planet that if you’ll make a post on Facebook asking for a friend who has a WordPress site, you WILL find several friends that can help![/su_box]

Share this post with that friend, and ask them to go snag a copy of GiveWP to start accepting donations for you!

Once you realize that your spouse, your aunt, your uncle, your mom, your neighbor or your neighbor’s cat, or anyone and everyone else has a WordPress site, you can very quickly and easily setup GiveWP on your site to start accepting donations to help you through this government shutdown time period.

It’s very important to hear, tell and repeat to everyone that none of the furloughed workers should be faulted or their families penalized and have financial ruin that will echo, cascade, and have exponentially devastating affects on themselves and their family.

GiveWP requires you to have what?  A Website!

Wait. That’s it?

Yep! That is it!

For GiveWP to function at it’s most basic level, all you need is a domain and hosting.  That’s a bazillion people!  Seriously, the bazillions of people using WordPress can easily and quickly set any family up with a GiveWP plugin on their website to start helping you -or anyone- accept donations to help get through this shutdown period!

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/5CTOybPCqOk” width=”900″ height=”600″ responsive=”yes” controls=”yes” autohide=”alt” autoplay=”no” mute=”no” loop=”no” rel=”no” fs=”yes” modestbranding=”yes” theme=”dark” https=”yes”]

So since you can see how simple and easy it is to use, head on over to GiveWP.com and let’s read how easy and simple it is!

You or a friend / loved one / family member / community member / church, or anyone running WordPress, can quickly head over here to the GiveWP demos and see any of the options that your form can look like.

Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP
Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP

The list of possiblities are almost endless. But let’s look at a few more!
Let’s say you’ve got a friend who has been affected by the government shutdown and she’s got a little bit of money in savings, but she needs to make her car payment. Can she make her car payment via the savings that she has? Possibly. However, wouldn’t it be much simpler to ask –yes, just simply ask!– if anyone else can help?
There’s really no reason for your friend to suffer a loss because of the government shutdown, right? She’s rockin’ the single mom action, she’s doing great with her budget. She’s totally on track with her savings. So, you’d want to say AWESOME JOB! Yet, there’s really no reason whatsoever that her car payment should be missed this month simply because of no fault of her own.

So, you go snag a copy of GiveWP!
Set it up for her. Heck, even buy her a month or two of WPEngine hosting! Shoot, let’s bless folks even further! Here, click this little banner ad thingy and it’ll auto-magically apply 20% off for WPEngine hosting with the coupon code of:


The point though is that if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, you can really gift someone some really simple love to get past this current crisis for the government shutdown!

You don’t really want to see someone struggle.  Especially knowing that it is probably going to be a long winded & on going government shutdown.

Give someone your card if you need to.  Because, with a simple gift of even $100, you can easily and simply empower that person to get through this government shutdown using GiveWP + WPEngine (even if they do NOT have an existing site)

Seriously think about that for a minute.

If you don’t have a WordPress site where you can quickly and easily spin up  GiveWP for that specific person, you can always gift them something so simplistic as $100, and you can EMPOWER that person to start accepting donations that are directly deposited into their bank account.

That person, that dad trying to help his family, the single mommy, the family who is hoping to figure out a way to keep their kid’s college fund on track, that family who has been totally screwed and hosed by the government shutdown? Yes. They can very quickly and easily get back on their feet via a simple gift from any and all of you WordPress folks!

Here, check out some more example images to see more examples of options you can create with GiveWP:

Help Families Affected by the Government Shutdown!
Help Families Affected by the Government Shutdown!

See how incredibly easy that is to make a donation form for the Griswold Family using GiveWP!

Let’s look at another example.  In this one, let’s create a form with GiveWP to show a Goal amount that we need to raise for the family affected by the government shutdown.  This was the first image you saw in this post, but let’s take another look at it again because having that psychological ‘Goal’ amount really can help community members and viewers understand how quickly and easily the power of others giving can have on one family!

Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP
See how having that progress bar and the text of “how-much-so-far” of “how-much-needed” can really spur on others to help complete the Goal amount!

The examples are almost endless simply because the amount of images, text, payment options (card / PayPal), Goal levels, even give the givers gifts at different donor levels!

So, here’s what I want some of you to consider doing.  Ready?  Let’s go big, be bold, and courageously help out those families and people affected by this stupid government shutdown.  GiveWP is fine as a standalone WordPress plugin.  But, let’s understand that some of us have the ability to really bless those who are in need right now.  Here’s what I want you to do:

Remember that GiveWP has all types of optional additional Extensions that can supercharge your donation forms! Here, click on the image below and go look at all of these Add Ons that you use:

Let’s talk about these bundles and add ons that GiveWP has for a second.

  • Remember that some of you have a church website that’s running on WordPress, right?
  • Some of you have a personal website running WordPress,
  • and almost each & every community based website I’ve seen is running on WordPress as well!

So, go grab your church’s expense card.  Go get your own card out, find a community member to whip out their card, heck find a business owner that will ‘sponsor’ your community fund raising efforts as well! Point being, go get one of these bundles!

The “Basic Bundle” from GiveWP is gonna cost a humble $240 for a years worth of support, options, and updates! Awesome, right? But hold on a second b/c that “Basic Bundle” is actually NOT what I really want you to thoughtfully consider!

The smartest deal is GiveWP’s PLUS Bundle.  So, after you go get it, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Go find a local church, business owner, chiropractor, lawyer, dentist office, vet, or a business owner that is local and near to your community’s heart.
  2. Found one? Ok. GREAT! Now, offer to put their business logo, link, and information around your WordPress site that’s helping out the community. Or, wait, isn’t there a better idea here? OF COURSE THERE IS!
  3. Find the church or business owner who is ALREADY USING WORDPRESS and put GiveWP on their website!

[su_icon_text color=”#2b12ff” icon=”icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#26eaff” icon_size=”113″ url=”https://givewp.com/ref/8/”]Connect a Local Business Owner + GiveWP & help community members affected by the government shutdown? AWESOMESAUCE!! GENIUSVILLE!! [/su_icon_text]

Quick Way Furloughed workers can get FAST help! #furlough #shutdown #WordPress @givewp #endtheshutdown #shutdownstories #give #growthClick To Tweet

See how simple it is to raise money for the individuals and families affected by the Government Shutdown?

You need to reach out to EVERY one of these folks who are ‘attempting’ to use GoFundMe & share this post with them! There’s always something a bit creepy and weird at not knowing when, why, or where some of that money is going when people use GoFundMe. Seriously, if you’ve never been on the other end of one of those campaigns, there’s all types of fees and policies that are OUTSIDE of your control! Ever wonder how many people on GoFundMe are actually fraudsters?

Don’t get me wrong, GoFundMe is cool if …like you’re making the world’s next wonderful trinket, widget, or some wacky invention.

But it’s still best to use GiveWP on a local & hyper targetted level to raise money for those that are affected by the government shutdown.

Seriously, imagine if a local church with an attendance of a few thousand were to put GiveWP on their site! That church then sends out their email newsletter with a link to those fundraising campaigns. Ok, on a geeky level, the local church’s website is now getting thousands of pageviews- which is totally awesome! But, aside from that SEO aspect, let’s get back to the actual point here of helping those furloughed workers.

General Medium Rectangle

Great fundraising campaigns always happen at a super-local & hyper-targetted level. It’s always much more effective for the local church, the local chiropractor, the vet, or the family member to use their network to prompt for donations. Some of these folks on GoFundMe are totally failing and struggling with their fundraising efforts simply because they are going about it the WRONG way!

The most effective percentages of successful donations happen WITHIN a community!

Remember that ‘church’ example I mentioned above? If one family decides to attempt a fundraiser on a site like that, it’s only them – their facebook reach / their twitter reach / …similar efforts…. The level of effectiveness is highly DIMINISHED!

Now, what happens when the local business or church promotes their own local individuals and family members to people that already trust that business or church? You can literally watch the campaign’s effectiveness and success SKY ROCKET!

Again, please share this post & let’s make the most effective use of donations and fundraisers for those furloughed workers who need our help!

Quick Way Furloughed workers can get FAST help! #furlough #shutdown #WordPress @givewp #endtheshutdown #shutdownstories #give #growthClick To Tweet

I like math. Do you like math? Who doesn’t love math. Math is fun.  Let’s do some math 🤜💥🤛👍

Not only will places like GoFundMe make a huge delay in getting the money to the individual or family member, they charge insanely credulous fees on top of all the other drama!

Ok, so let’s look at an average family that needs to raise $5k to offset the total lack of paycheck for a month.  If a church was to run over to one of those crowdfunding sites, they are going to be charged a whopping FIVE PERCENT OR MORE!

[su_quote]Registered non-profits that use the GoFundMe platform are charged 7.9 percent plus $0.30 fee for each donation.[/su_quote]

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”0″]THAT IS FRIGGIN NUTS!!!!![/su_heading]

On top of that whole math thing, can you imagine thinking that you’re giving money to one of your local family or community members only to find out that it got delayed by some third party platform?  Here, let me type this again:

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”0″]THAT IS FRIGGIN NUTS!!!!![/su_heading]

When you use GiveWP, you put the money DIRECTLY into the person’s account!

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  1. This is a great idea. I wonder how much money the GoFundMe people made off this? I am always amazed though at how fast people can gang together to help others. There is hope.