I started the recording a bit too early (perhaps way too early), but skip forward to the 7 minute mark to get going with the content.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in video content, conference calls, webinars, and Zoom meetings (….or whatever else), is that folks seem to make a video or webinar and then they’ve gotta move onto something else.

We’re all busy, right?

So, one of the cool features of Crowdcast is that you can embed your webinar on your own site once the webinar is over. Kinda cool!

No, wait: That’s really cool!

So, here’s the embed option from my Crowdcast webinar with Printify.

When running your WooCommerce business, consider embedding your Crowdcast webinar into YOUR SITE.

Then, using SocialPilot (or whatever you’re flavor is for social posts), recycle this evergreen webinar via your Chirps on the Tweeder, Spacebook Posts, Email Blasts, and all your other social channels. You’re driving folks back to your site, your content, and your store!

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