Can you really build an online store in less than an hour? ABSOLUTELY! Let's go through it together.

I was asked a challenge from someone. The challenge was to show folks that it actually is possible to get an online store in less than an hour.

Challenge accepted!

Let’s break this down into minute by minute increments. Now this doesn’t have to actually be that detailed, but the point is to show folks just how easy it is to get your ecommerce store online. To get your store from ‘nothing’ to ‘running’, you’re getting a step by step breakdown of exactly what to do in order for your WooCommerce site to be live in under an hour.

Specific WooCommerce Hosting



To get your online store up and running in an hour, we need to first talk about hosting your WooCommerce site somewhere. But you can’t (should NOT) just chose anywhere for your WooCommerce hosting. What you are looking for in your WooCommerce hosting is a provider that will save you time, have tools built in that save you hours of work, and provide a very specific infrastructure for hosting your WooCommerce site.

Scouring the internet and blog posts to decipher very specific WooCommerce Hosting is time consuming. Often times, this leads to “analysis paralysis” & there is simply way too many options for hosting and the WooCommerce store owner chooses some cheap shared WordPress hosting for their online store. 😱😩😨

Remembering that this guide is helping you get your WooCommerce site up an running in less than an hour, we’re going to quickly narrow down some specific WooCommerce hosting to only three providers. Then efficiently and briefly point out the “why behind each WooCommerce Hosting provider.


1. Liquid Web

🤘🏻 White-glove migration service.

⚡Ultra fast, expert support – whether it’s email, chat, or by picking up a phone.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Order data that reduce query loads by 95% & increase capacity +75%.

🧪Performance Tests on demand

🤑 AstraPro is included with Liquid Web!
Astra Pro, the fastest theme built for eCommerce, is included for FREE!


2. Cloudways

Cloudways has a super efficient lineup of tools 🔧 for online store owners called an Ecommerce Starter Bundle and it includes:
🛒Checkout Field Editor
💻Kadence Email Designer
📢Cart Abandonment Recovery
🔏Safe Update: automatically detect, test, and deploy WordPress updates

Load WooCommerce Stores in 249ms!

3. WPEngine

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Smart Plugin Manager will check to ensure that the updates are working as expected, and that the update did not cause any visual problems on your site 💪
Psst, want less of a headache and a few more hours in your day? You DO, don’t you! Check this out 👉 https://wpengine.com/smart-plugin-manager/

EverCache® for WooCommerce 😮 Do you know what Evercache is & how it helps your store visitors browse your products fast? 🤔😔
💡Here ‘ya go 😉 👉https://wpengine.com/evercache/

I urge you to NOT ignore this advice:

💡💡💡If you want to get your online store up an running in under an hour, then the KEY ELEMENT is HOW you start!

To run a WooCommerce store, obviously hosting is something that you can NOT avoid, right? Scroll back up and relook at those hosting options and their benefits. Notice anything special about each one of those hosting options?

Each of those WooCommerce specific hosting options all have EVERYTHING a store owner will need to get their online store up and running within an hour.

🤚🛑✋You do not want to go with Blue-Host-Gator-Daddy-Pappa-Monster-Host or any other those dirt cheap shared WordPress hosting solution. Why?

Because getting the right tools, themes, hosting configurations, and automations is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for you to actually 👏RUN 👏YOUR 👏BUSINESS!

I know you do not want to continue worrying about updates breaking your store, slow web site speeds because of shared hosting, and you definitely do not want to waste your marketing time in a forever long email thread spanning days apart from some ‘just-another-WordPress-hosting’ company.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

I’ve been there. I know the pain is real. That’s why I am able to help folks get their store up and running with precise accuracy and in record time! I know that all good WooCommerce stores begin with the right tools!

Spin up a hosting account … hold up … a WooCommerce Hosting account on one of the three mentioned and everything is already installed and ready to go.

If you’ve ever taken the time to build a WooCommerce site from scratch, you know how long it takes to register for a hosting plan, then install WooCommerce, then activate it, then install your abandoned cart plugin, wait for it to activate, then install a theme you bought, then activate it, and then………..

Of all the options above, wanna know the shortest, fastest, most efficient choice?

It’s Liquid Web + Astra Pro. This combo allows us to then go in, add the products / images / pricing / and details, customize the store layout and colors, add the store’s logo, and then…


…we’re done!

Go! and Do It Yourself! Ready?

So, what is the ONE tool that I use to get a WooCommerce site up and running in less than an hour? It’s really simple folks & you, YES Y-O-U, can go do it right now.


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