WooCommerce SEO

Be sure to go over the Yoast SEO for WooCommerce and Bonus Material Course as well. That one is Included when you Join.

28 Compelling Lessions

Over 100 Confidence Building Questions

If you’re sick of gurus, blog posts, click bait, affiliate links, fly by night ‘experts’ & people who have ZERO CLUE about WooCommerce SEO, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!

Today, YOU will discover EVERY part and piece that creates better SEO for WooCommerce Stores.

CONFIDENTLY take ACTION : In every Lesson in this course, you will be prompted to


Going through the motions” of just listening & watching this will NOT benefit you, your store, or your REVENUE- AT ALL!

You WILL be prompted to log into your store and shown

  • EXACTLY where to make changes,
  • HOW TO make modifications, and (most importantly)
  • WHY those changes are needed for better WooCommerce SEO, Make a commitment to YOU, YOUR STORE, your CLIENT’s store, and let’s understand WooCommerce SEO correctly!
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