What if you could have your very own

Experienced WooCommerce team

on YOUR side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Howdy! I’m Brad. And this is the part of every sales page where I’m told that it’s good to beef up myself and our company’s credentials to build trust and confidence us.
Guess what? I’m not going to do that. I’m not here to play games and neither are you.
This is the land of WooCommerce, and I expect you to expect me to get to the point.
So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. A big Texas sized Howdy to ya!
Now, let’s get down to Business.

I’ve been the sole admin for 41,000 WooCommerce store owners Fb group for years now, and answering all those questions has shown me a lot. Some of the questions are about the core of WooCommerce, others about plugins related to WooCommerce and of course there is always questions about themes and plugins.

Years ago I started hiring only the best and the brightest to help other WooCommerce store owners.


Your goal is to run a business, not a website.

And that’s where we come in.

It’s called the Store Owner Care Plan.

And at the very heart of it, our goal is to get you back to business and not worried about your website.
So here’s what we’re going to do for you:

  • Daily Clone Database and Files in OFFsite Backup
  • Scan those files & database against known viruses
  • Fix any corrupted files IMMEDIATELY
  • Support & Troubleshoot your WooCommerce Store
  • Should a restore be needed WE will restore the WooComerce backup CORRECTLY.
  • Never update a LIVE Site (unless it’s a security update) until the updates have been VERIFIED on the cloned site.
  • Unlimited Content Edits – Yes, you heard that right!

Clone your site everyday.

Why do we do this? It’s not just for backup reasons, but that is one element of it. Some hosting companies and even backup plugins keep archives of sites INSIDE of the existing hosting account which causes storage overages and if the hosting account gets corrupted with a virus, then a backup can be compromised as well. 🤬

But that’s not the only reason that we clone and backup your site every single day of the week. After we’ve cloned your site’s database and files, here is what we do next…

My hosting company had a two day outage. Luckily they restored a backup into another hosting account for me within the first day. Needless to say, I ditched that other hosting company. But if I’d had my backups with the same hosting company, I now realize how badly I would have been screwed and losing money!


Scan Your Store everyday.

This topic could be preached about for HOURS! But we scan the cloned site against multiple libraries of security vulnerabilities. We run the scans on the CLONED site leaving your server resources on the LIVE site for taking care of customers!

Not just one library of security patches – MULTIPLE! Across the web, we keep up with multiple hacker updates to make sure Your Store is secure.

Moreover (I could type for days on this), but in the rare occurrence that something does infect your site, we’ll do two things. We will FIX Your Store! Whatever it is that happend, we WILL fix it.

This next part is !important: We trace down the hack to the SOURCE of the problem! Too many times we see some company that just simply fixes a file or restores the file from a backup. But that did NOT address the problem of “how did the bug get there?” It is CRUCIAL that the bug get traced down to the actual precise CAUSE </end rant> 💪

Verify *ALL* Updates!

Everyone has been there and done this (sometimes multiple times)! You click update like you’re supposed to right?
And then … the drinking starts 🍻

Either something broke, a contact form no longer works, the checkout page is broken 😡, images are messed up, variations are wonky, or the dreaded white screen. In numerous scenarios, then bottom line is that Your Store is now losing money!

That’s why we FIRST test on Your cloned Store. We verify that the updates didn’t break or change anything by going through EVERY PAGE of Your Store! (yes, I have strict high standards – EVERY PAGE) And then, and only then, do we push those updates to Your live Store!

Prevention is key! Having a team on Your side, that goes before You, on Your behalf, to ensure an update NEVER ever becomes a problem TO BEGIN WITH is the only smart thing to do. When we prevent the problem from happening in the first place, Your Store stays safe, secure, and open for business!

Rise above the crisis management mode & focus on Your Business
(we’ll focus on your site)

Our team has your back and—at the same timeleads you along the path to make sure your business stays open.

We TEST beta and alpha releases of WooCommerce! How many store owners do you know who do that? Before an update ever reaches your WooCommerce dashboard, Your Team has already tested it to ensure compatibility with your store!


Of course, we’re using WooCommerce Subscriptions, so you are in total control and can cancel anytime you want.


We know WordPress and WooCommerce in and out. From premium themes and plugins, whatever Your troubleshooting needs are, we can help.


Having a team of WooCommerce skilled experts to work on Your site results in Quality Results when You need it the most!


Your most Valuable resource is the time that You spend to get more done for You, Your Customers, and Your WooCommerce Business!


Discover a staff of English fluent partners which You can count on for Your Success that will take Your Store to a whole new level!


There’s a level of wisdom that only comes from years of experience with theme authors and WooCommerce Plugins. Let us put that wisdom to work for You!


You are in complete control of your month-to-month plan. Simply log in and cancel, pause, or start back up whenever You want your Store’s plan to end or begin.


Every theme, and plugin, all the things: If it connects to WooCommerce, in the last 12 years we’ve seen it and can diagnose it. From templates to theme and plugin compatibility.


Most people have seen a few of these plans around the internet. However, MOST of them are NOT WooCommerce specific. We believe in giving you unlimited support to run your business – no limits. Ever!


At the very core of this is the heart of someone who loves the heart and mind of a business owner.
That’s us, and that’s also you too!
Keeping Your Business open and running smoothly is the reason WooCamp has been around for so long!

Unlimited Store Owner Support
...because you want to run YOUR Business
(and not just a website!)

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As WordPress evolves, WooCommerce is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster, and more visible to search engines. Just like Microsoft Office and your smartphone software needs updating, so too does your website. More importantly, though, your WooCommerce website is a crucial part of your online business and therefore requires extra care to make sure it continues to perform its functions.

Up until now, perhaps you have been able to manage your website requirements on an ad hoc basis, but your site has now grown to a point where managing all the complexities of your site ALONE is just no longer viable.

So, you’ve got two options for your business to have upward progress. We can manage your website for you with our WooCommerce care plans, or you can choose to manage your website yourself.

We do NOT take on anyone and everyone. We do not take on regular WordPress sites that are not running WooCommerce. Our focus is on you, your customers, and your business running on WooCommerce.

WordPress and WooCommerce are living things. They change, they modify, they update. You update your phone, and you update your computer, so why is it that WooCommerce business owners will neglect to give their own store and their own site the love and attention that it needs?

It’s difficult

It’s too risky to update

It takes me too long

I don’t know what is going to break.

(yes, these are all real valid concerns that we hear all the time)

I don’t know if any of these updates will break my site

How am I supposed to know how to fix it?

How do I revert to a buackup without losing my current sales?

Can’t someone just do this for me?