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Hi Brad,

I have a question about putting more images of my art (products) on the Home page.
I still have the categories I’m going to link to in the menu, like ‘Collage Art’. The art pieces that are on those pages will have the keywords of that category in the 4 spots. So if I put those same images on the Home page, they will be labeled with the keywords from those categories Do I need to change those somehow or are you just talking about labeling the images that are specifically for the Home page, like the images for the links to the categories?

I’m seeing products on the Home page more and more on other e-commerce sites, so I know you’re right, but I don’t know how they’re handling that aspect of it. I know it used to be that you don’t mix keywords from different pages because it dilutes the SEO for them, so I need your help on this.

Thanks a lot!

Margaret H.

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