I am looking for a plugin that supports multi Vendor and/or Stripe Connect and Subscriptions

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I have tried YITH Subscriptions with YITH Stripe Connect- they say it works… but it doesn’t ๐Ÿ™
WooCommerce Subscriptions doesn’t work with Stripe Connect and I can’t find any documentation that shows it can connect with a Multi-Vendor or Stripe Connect.

I am transferring from Ontraport where we had the ability to have multiple Stripe Accounts as payment gateways and we could assign a particular Stripe account to a particular purchase or product. Easier said than done…

My business partner and I do business coaching, have a course together, and each offer individual coaching. We want an easy/integrated way for clients/students to purchase services from each of us and have that money dump into our respective individual business accounts.

We have coaching packages that include either a payment plan option or a subscription option. Also, our shared course has a one-time payment option or a 4-payment option for lifetime access.

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