I knew there was something wrong with my code, but I simply did not have the understanding to figure things out. Bjornen came in like Superman with a laptop & cape to save my store!
WC Subscriptions Issue


I only thought I knew how to code. Wow. Was I wrong!
After I looked at his code, I would have paid 5 times what they charge because it was worth every penny.
Havier Q.
Custom API solution


I didn’t even know what questions to ask myself as I started my site. Heather came in like a calming rain (had a ton of questions) yet reassured me that everything would be ok as we moved forward.


We had the end in mind, but no clue how to get there. Heather’s carefully crafted questions led us along the pathway of a successful & worry free launch!
Michaelle F.
Custom Meal Prep Site

Bjornen Nilsson

Code Customization

Bjornen is the number one go to for deep code level integration and file modifications to WooCommerce core and WooCommerce Extensions.

Although not the most photogenic, Bjornen can make the cleanest, most intricate code come to life with remarkable speed and absolute accuracy.

Heather Visser

Lead Operations

Heather is a vetted and verified WooCommerce genius when it comes to connecting with the store owner’s needs & pairing up the right tool with the right job.

With years of experienced sales under her belt, Heather is the leading expert to understand your business needs.


Top Self content writing for sales pages, landing pages, and product pages. My whole site’s conversion finally started taking off after we handed things over to Chris.
Supplements Site


Someone once told me that writing our own product description wasn’t a good idea. Now I see the value in having someone objective do the copy writing for better sales!
Custom Apparel Site

Chris Mason


Chris Mason is one of the nations leading experts on writing compelling, captivating, content creators.

Chris has worked in numerous news organizations & vicariously continues to implement successful converting copy writing campaigns.

To engage with Chris’s classes, check out

Brad Griffin

Head Dinosaur

I’ve been making WooCommerce sites since before WooCommerce had a WooDojo. In that 10 year period, I’ve worked on a couple of SharkTank sites, and thousands of other successful Business running WooCommerce

My favorite part about WooCommerce is knowing that it pays rent, car payments, & puts food on the table for millions of people. But it’s those Business Owners who work in the tens of thousands of transactions that I absolutely love working with to grow their Business!

Long Term

This guy was all up in my business like no one I’ve ever met…. and I loved every second of it! Who opens a meeting with, “Where do you see your company 5 years from now“? After a brief stunned deer-in-headlights look, I had to collect my thoughts & realize that this wasn’t going to be a ‘normal’ conference call.
Fitness & Nutrition Site


Brad, I can’t think of another word besides INTENSE. I can’t even begin to wonder how many tools you know about or how you keep all of those on your radar. But knowing exactly which solution provides exactly which very specific service has saved us thousands of billable hours in trial and error.
Custom Course & Learning Site
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