Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP


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Have you seen how many of these GoFundMe pages there are for the furloughed government workers that are not getting paid?
That’s completely crazy to see all these!  Please help these people stop giving away excessive fees to GoFundMe & let’s help these hundreds of thousands of employees with a REAL SOLUTION that will allow all of us to put their money in their pockets instead of giving away fees to GoFundMe!

I wanted to make a post and share some information that would be a legitimate help and blessing for those who are affected by the recent government shut down. So, without further delay: Here is

Fast & Immediate help for furloughed workers affected by the government shutdown!

And, let’s make sure this gets out to the 800,000 people who are affected by this shutdown!

 I want you to Chirp this in your Tweeders, repost on your Facebooks, share in your Groups, email to your email list, post this at the community center, #hashbrown the #hashtags, print this, staple it up at your church, do whatever you need to make sure this post reaches the 800,000 workers + those who’ve been affected by the recent government shutdown!

These are simple, no nonsense ways that furloghed workers affected by the government’s shutdown can make up for their loss of income.  So, it is of VITAL IMPORTANCE that you share this -FREQUENTLY! -with EVERYONE POSSIBLE!

If you or someone you know has a website, go get GiveWP!

Yes, it’s totally and completely 100% FREE. Here, lemme type that again:

You can, of course read up more on GiveWP via their website.  However, lemme give you a brief and simple rundown of GiveWP:

From GiveWP’s own Feature Page, you can click here and read this sentence for yourself:

With Give you can accept one-time and recurring donations through customizable donation forms.
Here's what that means for Y-O-U:
Grab a friend using WordPress, you know one – or two- or three.  I can almost promise EVERYONE on the face of the planet that if you’ll make a post on Facebook asking for a friend who has a WordPress site, you WILL find several friends that can help!

Share this post with that friend, and ask them to go snag a copy of GiveWP to start accepting donations for you!

Once you realize that your spouse, your aunt, your uncle, your mom, your neighbor or your neighbor’s cat, or anyone and everyone else has a WordPress site, you can very quickly and easily setup GiveWP on your site to start accepting donations to help you through this government shutdown time period.

It’s very important to hear, tell and repeat to everyone that none of the furloughed workers should be faulted or their families penalized and have financial ruin that will echo, cascade, and have exponentially devastating affects on themselves and their family.

GiveWP requires you to have what?  A Website!

Wait. That’s it?

Yep! That is it!

For GiveWP to function at it’s most basic level, all you need is a domain and hosting.  That’s a bazillion people!  Seriously, the bazillions of people using WordPress can easily and quickly set any family up with a GiveWP plugin on their website to start helping you -or anyone- accept donations to help get through this shutdown period!

So since you can see how simple and easy it is to use, head on over to and let’s read how easy and simple it is!

You or a friend / loved one / family member / community member / church, or anyone running WordPress, can quickly head over here to the GiveWP demos and see any of the options that your form can look like.

Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP
Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP

The list of possiblities are almost endless. But let’s look at a few more!
Let’s say you’ve got a friend who has been affected by the government shutdown and she’s got a little bit of money in savings, but she needs to make her car payment. Can she make her car payment via the savings that she has? Possibly. However, wouldn’t it be much simpler to ask –yes, just simply ask!– if anyone else can help?
There’s really no reason for your friend to suffer a loss because of the government shutdown, right? She’s rockin’ the single mom action, she’s doing great with her budget. She’s totally on track with her savings. So, you’d want to say AWESOME JOB! Yet, there’s really no reason whatsoever that her car payment should be missed this month simply because of no fault of her own.

So, you go snag a copy of GiveWP!
Set it up for her. Heck, even buy her a month or two of WPEngine hosting! Shoot, let’s bless folks even further! Here, click this little banner ad thingy and it’ll auto-magically apply 20% off for WPEngine hosting with the coupon code of:


The point though is that if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, you can really gift someone some really simple love to get past this current crisis for the government shutdown!

You don’t really want to see someone struggle.  Especially knowing that it is probably going to be a long winded & on going government shutdown.

Give someone your card if you need to.  Because, with a simple gift of even $100, you can easily and simply empower that person to get through this government shutdown using GiveWP + WPEngine (even if they do NOT have an existing site)

Seriously think about that for a minute.

If you don’t have a WordPress site where you can quickly and easily spin up  GiveWP for that specific person, you can always gift them something so simplistic as $100, and you can EMPOWER that person to start accepting donations that are directly deposited into their bank account.

That person, that dad trying to help his family, the single mommy, the family who is hoping to figure out a way to keep their kid’s college fund on track, that family who has been totally screwed and hosed by the government shutdown? Yes. They can very quickly and easily get back on their feet via a simple gift from any and all of you WordPress folks!

Here, check out some more example images to see more examples of options you can create with GiveWP:

Help Families Affected by the Government Shutdown!
Help Families Affected by the Government Shutdown!

See how incredibly easy that is to make a donation form for the Griswold Family using GiveWP!

Let’s look at another example.  In this one, let’s create a form with GiveWP to show a Goal amount that we need to raise for the family affected by the government shutdown.  This was the first image you saw in this post, but let’s take another look at it again because having that psychological ‘Goal’ amount really can help community members and viewers understand how quickly and easily the power of others giving can have on one family!

Immediately Raise Money for Furloughed Workers Affected by the Government Shutdown with GiveWP
See how having that progress bar and the text of “how-much-so-far” of “how-much-needed” can really spur on others to help complete the Goal amount!

The examples are almost endless simply because the amount of images, text, payment options (card / PayPal), Goal levels, even give the givers gifts at different donor levels!

So, here’s what I want some of you to consider doing.  Ready?  Let’s go big, be bold, and courageously help out those families and people affected by this stupid government shutdown.  GiveWP is fine as a standalone WordPress plugin.  But, let’s understand that some of us have the ability to really bless those who are in need right now.  Here’s what I want you to do:

Remember that GiveWP has all types of optional additional Extensions that can supercharge your donation forms! Here, click on the image below and go look at all of these Add Ons that you use:

Help the family members affected by the government shutdown using GiveWP
Help the family members affected by the government shutdown using GiveWP

Let’s talk about these bundles and add ons that GiveWP has for a second.

  • Remember that some of you have a church website that’s running on WordPress, right?
  • Some of you have a personal website running WordPress,
  • and almost each & every community based website I’ve seen is running on WordPress as well!

So, go grab your church’s expense card.  Go get your own card out, find a community member to whip out their card, heck find a business owner that will ‘sponsor’ your community fund raising efforts as well! Point being, go get one of these bundles!

The “Basic Bundle” from GiveWP is gonna cost a humble $240 for a years worth of support, options, and updates! Awesome, right? But hold on a second b/c that “Basic Bundle” is actually NOT what I really want you to thoughtfully consider!

The smartest deal is GiveWP’s PLUS Bundle.  So, after you go get it, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Go find a local church, business owner, chiropractor, lawyer, dentist office, vet, or a business owner that is local and near to your community’s heart.
  2. Found one? Ok. GREAT! Now, offer to put their business logo, link, and information around your WordPress site that’s helping out the community. Or, wait, isn’t there a better idea here? OF COURSE THERE IS!
  3. Find the church or business owner who is ALREADY USING WORDPRESS and put GiveWP on their website!
Connect a Local Business Owner + GiveWP & help community members affected by the government shutdown? AWESOMESAUCE!! GENIUSVILLE!!
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See how simple it is to raise money for the individuals and families affected by the Government Shutdown?

You need to reach out to EVERY one of these folks who are ‘attempting’ to use GoFundMe & share this post with them! There’s always something a bit creepy and weird at not knowing when, why, or where some of that money is going when people use GoFundMe. Seriously, if you’ve never been on the other end of one of those campaigns, there’s all types of fees and policies that are OUTSIDE of your control! Ever wonder how many people on GoFundMe are actually fraudsters?

Don’t get me wrong, GoFundMe is cool if …like you’re making the world’s next wonderful trinket, widget, or some wacky invention.

But it’s still best to use GiveWP on a local & hyper targetted level to raise money for those that are affected by the government shutdown.

Seriously, imagine if a local church with an attendance of a few thousand were to put GiveWP on their site! That church then sends out their email newsletter with a link to those fundraising campaigns. Ok, on a geeky level, the local church’s website is now getting thousands of pageviews- which is totally awesome! But, aside from that SEO aspect, let’s get back to the actual point here of helping those furloughed workers.

General Medium RectangleGreat fundraising campaigns always happen at a super-local & hyper-targetted level. It’s always much more effective for the local church, the local chiropractor, the vet, or the family member to use their network to prompt for donations. Some of these folks on GoFundMe are totally failing and struggling with their fundraising efforts simply because they are going about it the WRONG way!

The most effective percentages of successful donations happen WITHIN a community!

Remember that ‘church’ example I mentioned above? If one family decides to attempt a fundraiser on a site like that, it’s only them – their facebook reach / their twitter reach / …similar efforts…. The level of effectiveness is highly DIMINISHED!

Now, what happens when the local business or church promotes their own local individuals and family members to people that already trust that business or church? You can literally watch the campaign’s effectiveness and success SKY ROCKET!

Again, please share this post & let’s make the most effective use of donations and fundraisers for those furloughed workers who need our help!

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I like math. Do you like math? Who doesn’t love math. Math is fun.  Let’s do some math 🤜💥🤛👍

Not only will places like GoFundMe make a huge delay in getting the money to the individual or family member, they charge insanely credulous fees on top of all the other drama!

Ok, so let’s look at an average family that needs to raise $5k to offset the total lack of paycheck for a month.  If a church was to run over to one of those crowdfunding sites, they are going to be charged a whopping FIVE PERCENT OR MORE!

Registered non-profits that use the GoFundMe platform are charged 7.9 percent plus $0.30 fee for each donation.

On top of that whole math thing, can you imagine thinking that you’re giving money to one of your local family or community members only to find out that it got delayed by some third party platform?  Here, let me type this again:


When you use GiveWP, you put the money DIRECTLY into the person’s account!



Normally I write better blog posts. This one is immediately going out and I need to ask you to repost this, reCHIRP this in your Tweeders, repost it in your Spacebook Groups, email it, WhatsApp this fix, er…. WHATEVER – JUST SPREAD THIS AROUND QUICKLY!

If you’re using WooCommerce 3.5.2 & WordPress 5.0.2 here is your fix:

Download this plugin :





whew!  After a day or so of WP 5.0.2 being released, WC pushed out an update version of 3.5.3

If you see the UPDATE Prompt inside your site telling you that you need to Update to WooCommerce 3.5.3. CLICK IT & UPDATE!

…and then you can delete the plugin above.


Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth

Christmas and the Holiday Sales have come and gone.  Your WooCommerce site has taken in zillions of dollars in sales and now it’s time to apply all of that for future WooCommerce Growth.

But what do you do with all those sales?  The revenue was great.  But what about the actual customers?  What about the customer data that you have?  How is your WooCommerce Business going to apply all of these different aspects to grow your WooCommerce site to sustain further future growth?

Let’s look at 5 Opportunities for WooCommerce Growth


You’ve collected your emails, they’ve been loaded up into your site and then pushed into your email provider, right?

Be it Active Campaign, Aweber, Drip, or MailChimp, all of those email clients have the ability to segment and give your business much more insight into your customer.

As we look at the other ways to Grow your WooCommerce Business, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that we remember that there is NEVER one aspect that lives in total isolation.  As a result, it’s important to use your emails to further understand your customers, their buying habits, and their demographics.

MailChimp for example has thousands of Automation Activities that can be set up and configured to your WooCommerce Store.

Most store owners are completely missing out on hundreds, thousands, and (for some) even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue simply because they have not (yet) taken the time to slow down and confidently understand all of the Automations which are available in their their email marketing provider.

Forgetting that almost every email marketing service (well, at least the good ones!) will allow, empower, and enable the Business Owner to create these automations ONCE is absolutely tragic!

Don’t make Santa cry. Go find your email providers Automation rules and set ’em up!
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For example, most of the Automations in MailChimp can be created ONE TIME and then –like the famous infomercial says– you can “Set it and Forget It!”.  In other words, it makes sense to find out what type of customer segments are indeed available with your particular email marketing provider, and pursue fully understanding the knowledge and steps necessary to create those Automations.

Once you’ve created those rules, conditions, and Automations correctly one time, they will continually run for all customers, transactions, and segments for customers of your store.

In one particular store that I created automated rules for, we could easily log into MailChimp and track the additional revenue that came from each of those specific automation.  In each case, the additional revenue was not chump change at all!

For every Automated rule set up, their store would generate thousands of dollars in additional income!

Remember that once you have a customer, there is no need to simply think that they customer should NOT come back and buy from you again.

  • Perhaps they need a matching shirt or blouse that would pair great with their previous purchase.
  • Maybe the individual is a long time customer of yours and you’d like to specifically target those long-time customers with a coupon code and a “special discount” so that you, the WooCommerce Store Owner, can liquidate your seasonal items.
  • Or, maybe you’ve got customers who have not bought from your Store in a few months.  You’ll want to segment and target those customers with a specific subject line, email content, and personalize message to engage them with your store again!

Regardless of  which specific Email Marketing Provider you’re using, it bears repeating that NOW is a GREAT time to make sure that you’ve got those Automated rules understood, correctly setup, and working for your Business!


Facebook Pixel

Again, let’s point out that MailChimp does indeed have Automated rules which allows the Store Owner to create Ads in Facebook which are directly and specifically tied to the customer’s interactions with your store, their email actions (opened, click, abandoned cart), and their specific point in the buying funnel.

However, let’s remember that there are other ways to capitalize on the almighty Facebook and the power of the Pixel that gets set.

Remember, almost no one ever logs OUT of Facebook.  So whatever you might be thinking about Facebook, remember that your WooCommerce Store’s Facebook Pixel provides all types of INSIGHTS into your actual CUSTOMER!

There are countless and endless ways to retarget and market to your Facebook audience.  We won’t get into all of that here because it’s a rabbit hole which can lead to very deep and detailed explanation for profitable click-by-click steps to capitalize on the power of Facebook.

Instead, let’s just make sure that the Facebook pixel and the (detailed) information it provides has indeed been setup correctly.

After almost a decade of WooCommerce Stores, there is still only one tool that I’ll recommend to Business Owners regarding Facebook:

It always has been, and will continue to be from Cristian Stoicescu!

Just so we are CRYSTAL CLEAR on this…. I am NOT KIDDING in the least bit: (yep, that’s literally the screenshot of MY account!)

…yep. That is indeed my own dashboard of my account!

I simply can NOT recommend PixelYourSite Pro enough!

See, it’s not that you need to understand every single line item of these “Facebook Push Events” that happen within your store.  You, as a Business Owner running WooCommerce do NOT!  What you need to implement and USE is a simpler application and tool which will EMPOWER Y-O-U to implement each of the Facebook “Push Events” for your WooCommerce Site!

Christian has implemented a great plugin for Facebook which is even far superior to Woocommerce’s own Facebook integration plugin.

  • Does PixelYourSite Pro provide the option to push your catalog of products to Facebook? YEP!  And the integrations that PixelYourStite Pro empowers is NOT riddled with bugs for variations and many other things which the native WooCommerce plugin for Facebook has caused SOOOOO many Store Owners.
  • PixelYourSite PRO also sends EVERY piece of information needed for you to segment and run PROFITABLE CAMPAIGNS for your WooCommerce Store’s growth! Including the information needed for Profitable MailChimp campaign retargeting!
  • Do you need to know the Custom Audience metrics that PixelYourSite PRO offers? YES! This is EXACTLY how and why some people waste money on Facebook Ads, and other people run profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns! When Y-O-U, the WooCommerce Store Owner fully understand how to advertise to the RIGHT customers, you will -INDEED- stop wasting money on advertising to the WRONG audience!

Now, do you see WHY I fully use and implement PixelYourSite PRO on every site!?!?!

Not only will PixelYourSite PRO correctly push your products into Facebook, but when you go to setup and create ads for your store, PixelYourSite PRO will empower you with the knowledge and power to send the RIGHT ads to the RIGHT customers at the RIGHT time!

All the cool Santas are rolling in the REVENUE that they’ve gained from PixelYourSite PRO! Are you?
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Ok, now that you’ve got all your orders in, it’s now time to get a bit technical on the whole SEO issue.  Not that every WooCommerce Business Owner needs to understand every semantic and technical detail of the Google machine, the Search Engine Results Page, and what leads to higher rankings, but one of the most important contributors is the number of Reviews that are on your product page.

So, without getting too far deep into the technicalities of the Product Review markup, let’s FOCUS on the actual PROCESS of GETTING those reviews from your Customers!

There is one, and only ONE solution that I want to recommend to you for increasing reviews on your site and it comes directly from WooCommerce.  It’s called Review for Discount (pretty simple to remember):

The best part is that it costs a whopping $29 bucks! Yep. That’s it!  If you didn’t open the link above, CLICK THIS LINK and go check for yourself.  It’s a whopping $29 dollars!

Grow WooCommerce Sales by getting more reviews
Happy Santa says YES to this $29 plugin from WooCommerce!

The Review for Discounts Plugin has SEVERAL benefits that increases your future WooCommerce Growth! Pay attention, because this is a big deal.  Ready? Here we go!

One of the BIGGEST signals to search engines that communicates strong authority for products is the number of reviews.  Google trusts users much more than it trusts you.  (sorry, but it does make sense!) You can have some competitor trying to outrank you all they want.  However, quite frequently, I have gotten WooCommerce Store Owner’s Product Pages to rank HIGHER than AMAZON’s product pages for identical products.

How did that happen?  Reviews. Reviews! REVIEWS!

The exact same store.  The same site.  The exact same URLs.  Nothing changed except the number of customer reviews for their products!

The only difference was that we implemented that simple $29 plugin called Review for Discounts.   Why did it work so well?

  1. Each rule is automated.  Again, learn it once. Set it up correctly. And let it run!
  2. Even if a customer does NOT actually utilize their discount, simply opening and clicking the links (back to your store) that come in the emails will increase your page views to your store, your products, and your site!
  3. Once the customer DOES purchase a product, this is a perfect time to offload any excess inventory or seasonal items by offering them a DISCOUNT or a product specific COUPON!  ….again, it’s even better when that process is totally automated, right?

Now you’ve automated your emails, your coupon codes are going out, and your reviews are increasing, watch what will start happening to your Search Engine Rankings! Not bad for a $29 plugin called Review For Discounts!

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Track Revenue

This is the part where we turn a site owner into a Business Minded Money Making Smart Savvy WooCommerce Store Owner!

If you’re not tracking your revenue, you need to.  But let’s be very specific here.  If you are making your own products, hand crafting your own items, importing products from overseas, and/or bulk wholesale buying your store’s items then reselling them on your site… We still need to know which products are actually creating the most revenue for you!

Between time, importing costs, production hours, labor, cost of goods, and every other metric that factors into your product’s price, if you don’t know which items actually create the most profit, then you need to figure that out –IMMEDIATELY!

Now, after you’ve gotten those numbers, it’s now time to track the actual PROFIT for each item!

  1.  What are your highest selling products?
  2. What are your highest PROFIT products?
  3. Are you pushing those higher PROFIT items enough?
  4. Once you find your most purchased products, what can your store do to reduce your cost for those items?

These are all great questions, but let’s back things up a second.  Too many times WooCommerce Store Owners really struggle with automating the process of tracking, running reports, and then analyzing those reports.  If that is you, then you are not alone!

I want to introduce you to Metorik.

Metorik is made and created from one of the smartest and one of the original developers on the WooCommerce team! So you can trust that the Metorik team is fully knowledgeable of the importance of proper, simple, and easy-to-understand reports for your store!

Here: THIS LINK will open in another tab so that you can keep reading here.

More importantly, I want you to take a second and watch this video from Bryce as he goes through some of (the many) benefits of Metorik’s Revenue Reporting.

Metorik is pretty Awesome, right?!?!  So, now that you’ve got your segmented reports – easily setup and coming straight to your happy smiling revenue generating eyeballs, what else can we do to increase the Store Revenue?

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Consider Bundles

This is, by far one of the SMARTEST ways to increase revenue in EVERY WooCommerce Store!

Open this in a new tab so you don’t lose track of it!

It’s not just about making more sales, but rather it’s about knowing which items to bundle and sell given your particular store’s dynamics.

If you’ve got a clothing store selling tops, bottoms, and accessories, does it really make much sense to ONLY present these items to your customers one at a time? Of course not!

What about makeup?  Does it really sound smart to simply present each product on an individual basis …like eyeliner, lip liner, blush, and mascara? Well, anyone in the makeup industry and anyone who has ever shopped for makeup knows that those items are almost never bought individually.

In both scenarios, products can AND SHOULD be BUNDLED together.

Again, this is what you NEED:

Consider bundling a blouse with a matching bottom and coordinating scarf.

In the makeup example, think through the matching and similar products that the buyer will need.

You’ve got your Metorik reports running right? Good! So which products are sold the most?  Now take those products and bundle those highest converting product with something else!

Seriously! In every WooCommerce store, I want you to go find which product you consistently sell the most of.  Found it? Great.  Now open your admin area and create a product bundle.  The first product to include is that item which is consistently converting with the highest sales.

Remember, you can create as many different bundles as you’d like.  So take that highest converting product, and make 6, 7 ,50 or however many bundles sounds correct for your customers!

When customers are on the product page of your highest converting product, be sure to mark those BUNDLED PRODUCTS deals as the Upsells and Cross-sells so that customers SEE them as they visit the product page!

WooCommerce Growth Tools via Bundled Products
Click the image above to read about Bundled Products. Be sure to read the docs to see how easy, simple, and profitable Product Bundles are!

Remember, you can always make as many PRODUCT BUNDLE combinations as you’d like! Don’t be shy!!

Kinda difficult to see the image, but click HERE and it’ll open up to show you more details. This is yet another -OF MANY- ways to utilize Product Bundles! Pretty Awesome, right?!?!
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Ok, more to come later.  But for now, those are 5 Actions for Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth!

Keep Rockin the Revenue with these 5 Post Christmas WooCommerce Growth Tips!
AMP for WordPress


Official AMP Plugin for WordPress


On December 7th Alberto Medina, one of Google’s Developer Advocate finally announced version 1.0 of the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress.

If you don’t know what AMP means, the definition is really simple.  AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and AMP is meant to make mobile viewing of web content load quicker and faster on mobile sites.

Now that we’ve defined what AMP is meant to do, let’s look at our options for actually implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress sites.

There’s a few different options available to implement AMP for WordPress.  Let’s look at the ‘Official‘ one real quick because there ARE ALTERNATIVE plugins for AMP available.

The official AMP for WordPress plugin is available here.


This version of AMP plugin has been in development since October of 2015.  And the development team includes some of the great tenured developers from XWP and Google as well.

After over 3 years of development, the plugin reached a 1.0 release milestone, and not more than a week later the team rolled out an update to 1.0.1.   The AMP plugin had a few conflicts with the GiveWP plugin and Lester Chan noted an issue as well.

Now, after taking over 3 years to mature into a 1.0 release, is this really the best and only option to accommodate for sites needing to have Accelerated Mobile Pages compatibility?

Remember fellow site owners, the goal of this Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative has always been to allow:

Turn-key solutions site owners can leverage to easily provide awesome AMP experiences regardless of their level of savviness.

While the release of this AMP plugin does bear the words “Official“, I can’t help but remind everyone that they have options when it comes to AMP Plugins.

WordPress AMP Plugins

There is another WordPress Plugin for AMP implementation that has been around for quite some time, has a substantial amount of 5 star reviews, has implementation for WooCommerce store owners, and has some really top notch client sites as well.

I want to point your attention over to AMP for WordPress. Their website is literally called

That’s the logo I want you to look for, and that’s the site I want to point you to.  Why? Because these folks have been focused on Accelerated Mobile Pages for so long that they have almost every implementation and specifics needed for your WordPress site to load fast, speedy, slim, and AMP approved content!

Check out AMP for WordPress documentation here:

Is that a TON of documentation for implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages on your WordPress site? YES! And, I fully believe that there is a very valid reason that the team behind AMP for WP has accumulated so much extensive knowledge and provided it to their customers!

Very specifically, I want you to run over to their site real quick and LOOK at HOW EXTENSIVELY they have FULLY IMPLEMENTED Accelerated Mobile Pages parameters for so many scenarios:  (seriously, this is crazy, but lemme try to list all of these out)

Got Ads on your site like AdSense, WordAds, or self hosted ads that you promote on your site?

Ok here ‘ya go!

Want to receive more exposure in Google and Facebook from BLAZING FAST load times?

No problem! AMPforWP has you covered there as well:

Check out these load times when you implement the AMPforWP Cache Plugin:

WordPress AMP Plugin
AMP for WordPress That’ll get you some serious rankings and some major customer happiness REALLY FAST!

Got Forms? No Problem! The AMPforWP team has fully tested and specifically configured each and every one of these form builders just for Y-O-U!

SERIOUSLY! THAT IS SOME EXTENSIVE work that the team at AMPforWP has done to fully implement each one of those form builders.  To fully go through each one of those plugins and make sure that each and every aspect of those individual and specific plugins are fully compliant and coded with the AMP markup is absolutely incredible!


As we begin this, here is the direct link for both the plugin and the documentation: and docs are here: 

For all the Business OWners using WooCommerce to run their business, here’s where we want to really drill down and take an honest look at this ‘Official’ Amp For WordPress plugin VERSES the incredible implementation that the team from AMPforWP has done:

Does the AMPforWP WooCommerce Integration support Advanced Products? Yes!

What about AMPforWP’s WooCommerce Integrations for the Archives Page? …Gallery? …Cart Page? …Variations? ….Related Products? …Ratings & Reviews? Yes. YES! YES!!!

It’s ALL INCLUDED with AMPforWP Plugin!

Seriously! This is over the top INCREDIBLE! Especially when compared to that ‘official’ plugin :-O

These folks over at AMPforWP have been doing this so long that they have already implemented and tested almost every possible scenarios for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  Their crew has meticulously gone through everything possible for WooCommerce Accelerated Mobile Page implementation.  And the crew over at AMPforWP has been at this for so long that they have an incredible agile support team that is rapidly keeping up with each and every possible scenario to get your site AMP compliant.

AMP Plugin for WordPress: bottom line

Let’s not negate that there are people who are working tirelessly to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress.  The ‘official’ team has been attempting a great job for three years.  And, it’s great that their attempts have finally reached the stable 1.0.1 release for their plugin.  However….

If you are actually wanting a team of experts and developers who have 100% focus on specific implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress, then let’s run with the crew and the team who has a longer track record of reviews, implementation, and extensive knowledge!

I’m not sure how long this “Holiday Promotion is going to last, but here’s a link for that particular promo.

More importantly, much more importantly, COMPLETE and TOTAL ACCESS to ALL of AMPforWP plugins is only $149 a year for ALL ACCESS to each and every one of the plugins!

Seriously, I want you to really understand and contemplate that for a minute.  For about forty five cents a day, your site is going to load faster and consequently be in front of more and more people for a full year!  That’s not a minor feature at all.  Being the fastest, the most fully AMP compatible site, and getting in front of as many customer eyeballs is simply BUSINESS!

When you are ready to take you business seriously, I highly suggest you confidently and immediately invest in AMPforWP today!

Google's SiteKit WordPress Plugin


A New WordPress Plugin: Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit for WordPress


We all love WordPress.  And, yes it is indeed widely popular.  After 15 years of sustained growth and adoption, WordPress isn’t going anywhere.

However, is it really a smart option to continually load up your WordPress admin area with completely useless WordPress Plugins?

Plugins installed and activated inside of a WordPress site should DO something WordPress related.

Not simply be a convenience.

When a Store Owner is using WooCommerce for their Business, it is absolutely critical that their WordPress site continually stay as lean and fast as possible.  It is true that some WordPress sites are ‘brochure sites’ which are simply used to establish a web presence and provide contact information for a realtor, chiropractor, beauty shop, suburban law firm, or church.  WooCommerce sites, in contrast to ‘brochure sites’, are the DIRECT revenue source for thousands of Business Owners.  Hence, those sites should be as lean and as speedy as possible!

Is this newest WordPress Plugin from Google, called Site Kit, actually going to provide any substantial value once a site owner has installed, configured, and activated it? Let’s take a deep breath, zoom out a bit, and get an honest and objective viewpoint with some common sense thought.

WordPress Plugin Setup Flow For Google Site Kit

Google's Site Kit WordPress Plugin
Site Kit from Google | A WordPress Plugin

As suggested via this image, a site owner would initially be prompted to verify their website’s URL and connect that association to Google’s Search Console.  That’s great right? Wahoo! Yippie! Yeah! Rock on! Stop the presses! Break the Internet! Calling all cars! Exciting News!

….uhm.  wait…

Can’t everyone on the innerwebs with an innertube connection already verify their site in Google? YEP.

Has anyone, ever, in the history of WordPress’ 15 years of existence, actually needed a plugin (yet another plugin) to “verify your website” in Google? No.

Is it possible to get in the innertubes and surf the innerwebs to connect your site to Google Search Console? YES.

Again, with the common sense approach that you, right now, indeed, are reading this via your innerwebs connection, go ahead and jump into your favorite innertube device and shimmy yourself on over to this spot in the Googles: Pretty Simple, right?

Yes, even JetPack has an option to ‘verify a site’ with Google:

Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin for Site Verification
Google Site Kit Verification is already possible via several options. One of the most obvious ways to verify your site with Google is via WordPress JetPack

Do site owners really need another plugin installed + activated inside their admin area again, which is providing convenience – not function?

With thoughtful self awareness, let’s carefully continue to contemplate this conundrum.

What else might the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin actually DO for a site owner?

Google's Site Kit WordPress Plugin
Site Kit from Google | A WordPress Plugin

For those whom are not all that familiar with Google’s lineup of products, look closely at the bottom of that image again.

  • The first yellow image with raised bars might be easily recognized.  Of course, that is Google Analytics.
  • The second image which has the two red squares is actually Google Optimize.
  • And the last blue diamond image which Google’s Site Kit Plugin is alluding to is Google’s Tag Manager.

Those are all helpful, great and wonderful tools within the Google Marketing Platform. However, each and every one of those individual tools actually needs to be setup, created, and configured within their specific area of Google’s Platform.  Here’s a quick peek at the Platform that’s currently running right now:

WordPress Plugin from Google Site Kit
Google’s Site Kit plugin for WordPress seems appealing. But is it useful or simply a “shiny new object”? See those arrows inside the square at the end of each specific service? Yeah…… each of their services has it’s own dashboard panel with dozens of configurable settings, OUTside of  /wp-admin/ for a reason!

In Analytics, several specific options are configured per each site.  Google Optimize definitely requires some advanced setup.  And, luckily there are a blossoming number of tutorials regarding the Google’s Tag Manager.

Those who work with client sites, analyze data, and create solutions to grow revenue for WooCommerce Business Owners fully appreciate the value of every one of these tools!  There is absolutely no doubt at all that these are quite worthwhile tools.

However, there simply is no way that a magical blue toggle inside a WordPress plugin would ever be able to fully setup and configure the Google Tag Manager and (especially) Google Optimize – each of which requires some extensive knowledge that extends well beyond simply sliding a toggle.

Google Site Kit Toggle within their WordPress Plugin
Surely this cute little blue toggle is NOT going to fully “configure” these services.

Again though, putting this into a WordPress Plugin to install & activate inside the dashboard? Well what exactly is the Site Kit Plugin going to DO?

Milestone Alerts Inside the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

Google Site Kit for WordPress Milestones
Google’s Site Kit WordPress Plugin will apparently provide Milestones? Wait…….

That’s motivational.  Perhaps a bit of a positive factor.  but… Apparently Google’s Site Kit Plugin message will disappear once the site owner has Got it!

Again, let’s not be negative nor do we want to be stricken with Shiny Object syndrome and chase a squirrel of yet-one-more WordPress plugin.

Rather with contemplative self awareness let’s provide some objective clarifying questions.

  1. Total Views‘ : That is indeed a great stat to visually provide to the WordPress site owner.  However, retrieving the view count of any given post has been worked into thousands of themes, dozens of existing plugins, JetPack even gives these stats, and –again– at any given time anyone can easily see each post or page Total Views within their Google Analytics account.
  2. Average Impressions‘ : Here’s where we get into some very pragmatic and applicable questions.
    • When Google’s Site Kit Plugin starts displaying these stats to the WordPress site owner(s), are they going to actually know where these Impressions originally came from?
    • Did these Impressions come from an AdWords Text Campaign?
    • Did the Impression originate from an organic search?
    • Is this “Average Impressions” number reflective of those “…five published posts…“?
  3. Average CTR‘ : Again, does the site owner or publisher simply scratch their heads in wonderment yielding more questions than answers asking about the relevancy of these Click Through Rates stat that the Site Kit Plugin is displaying?
    • Are these Click Through Rates originating from AdWords Display Ads? (impressions divided by clicks)
    • Did these Click Through Rates come from of organic Search Engine results?
    • Are these stats coming from Local Search Text Ads in Maps? …mobile AdMob impressions? ….GMail text ads?

Whew.  Lot’s of really solid questions there, right?

Shiny information is indeed great.  However, with ZERO connotation to quantify those numbers, is this plugin actually producing any tangible information that the site owner can use? Again, is the Site Kit Plugin actually something that is actually worthy of being installed and activated inside WordPress?

Google Site Kit Plugin Admin Bar on Individual WordPress Posts

Google Site Kit Plugin Admin Bar in WordPress
Here’s the proposed Admin Bar from Google Site Kit Plugin that will apparently show on individual posts.

Again, the same questions are raised from the information that the Site Kit plugin is (possibly) going to display.  Let’s not go through all those questions again.  However, there is one piece of helpful information for the site owner or publisher.  The Average Time that a person spends viewing the article can always be indicative of how engaging that particular piece of content is to the reader.

But here’s where the Site Kit Plugin might provide something useful.  See that blue link in the image above? It says More Post Details. So let’s read this quote from the Site Kit Plugin’s news page:

With Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.

Apparently the site owner will have a link.  Yes, let’s not trivialize that.  It’s a link. But more importantly, it’s a deep link that goes into one of the Products inside the Marketing Suite of Reports.


Quite often it’s very cumbersome to explain to a site owner or publisher how to navigate within Google Analytics to see the metrics. There’s really no indication (as of now) where exactly that blue link is going to point to, or what the reporting tool is going to look like.

  • Is there a cumulative overview of the particular article’s attribution source ( email / social / organic) and other details like that?
  • Is this link pointing to a Google Data Studio reports LIKE THIS ONE <–(seriously, if you’ve never seen how awesome these are, open that link!)
  • Where exactly is this wonderful blue link labelled ‘More Post Details’ actually going to?

As of right now, the Site Kit Plugin for WordPress isn’t out yet.  And, it’s not even in a public beta yet.  The Google Form used clearly states:

We’ll get in touch with you if your site is a good fit for the Site Kit beta tester program

As the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin gets released it will probably mature.


In that process though, is it really something that is actually needed? Do WordPress site owners really need yet-one-more plugin activated inside the admin area of their site?  There is still a very real and valid point to be made if -indeed- Google’s Site Kit does not actually DO anything except provide convenient information.

Active plugins inside your WooCommerce site like this one (proposed by Google themselves), Analytify, MonsterInsights, Plugins that schedule social media posts, plugins that optimize images, plugins that get you a beer, plugins that plug the plugin into the plugins, there’s even plugins that will claim to track your Keyword Position Tracking  (….ok, you get the point now, right?)

Plugins like these are taking a HUGE toll on most ‘average’ sites which aren’t powered by some huge conglomerate and insanely robust hosting.

Furthermore, plugins like this continually seem to provide little to NO actual WordPress functions.  They are simply a convenience.

SerpStat can track rankings. SocialPilot can schedule your social posts. Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking is great. And there are probably thousands of other examples of plugins doing something that can easily be handled outside of WordPress.

And, that’s really the point: Each and every one of these should be done OUTSIDE of WordPress – ESPECIALLY WOOCOMMERCE SITES!

While there is indeed a good deal of buzz circling around the Google Site Kit plugin, would you install it and keep it inside your site?  Why or why not?


A flaw in how WordPress handles privilege assignments can be exploited to permit attackers to hijack WooCommerce websites.

The issue was discovered by Simon Scannell, a security researcher from RIPS Technologies, who said in a blog post that the design flaw specifically impacts WooCommerce which has been downloaded over four million times.

“The vulnerability allows shop managers to delete certain files on the server and then to take over any administrator account,” the security researcher says.

The plugin has been developed by Automattic and is a free e-commerce system for WordPress-based websites.

A file deletion bug was found in the software, and on its own, would generally not be considered critical as the best an attacker could do would be to delete index.php pages and cause a denial of service. However, when coupled with the WordPress design flaw, the bug’s severity increases.

The unpatched WordPress issue stems from how the CMS assigns capabilities to different roles.

When the shop manager role is defined, the edit_users capability is set to allow users with these privileges to edit customer accounts.

Even if the plugin is inactive, this account privilege is stored in the core WordPress database.

By default, the edit_users function allows an account holder to edit any user — including administrator accounts. To prevent this from being abused, WooCommerce specifies that only accounts with the customer role can be edited — but these metadata additions, made possible through current_user_can() functionality, are only active when the plugin is enabled.

Therein lies the issue. As the WordPress design flaw keeps the shop manager role stored separately from the plugin, if WooCommerce is disabled, attackers who are able to gain access to one of these accounts are not limited by the metadata changes.

“This means that if WooCommerce was disabled for some reason, the meta privilege check which restricts shop managers from editing administrators would not execute and the default behavior of allowing users with edit_users to edit any user, even administrators, would occur,” Scannell says. “This would allow shop managers to update the password of the admin account and then take over the entire site.”

However, the only way to disable this plugin for malicious gains outside of using an administrator account is to delete the main WooCommerce file — and this requirement is fulfilled due to the WooCommerce file deletion vulnerability.

If a threat actor is able to successfully pull off a phishing campaign and gain the credentials of a shop manager account or uses an XSS vulnerability for the same purpose, then the attack chain is made possible.


“The method detailed […] shows how a file deletion vulnerability in any WordPress plugin can be used to escalate privileges where meta privileges are used,” the researcher says. “This design flaw still persists. File deletion vulnerabilities are not uncommon and even occur in the WordPress core itself.”

The WooCommerce vulnerability was reported to Automattic in August, leading to a fix in version 3.4.6 of the plugin, released on October 11.

IF you are running WooCommerce version 3.4.5 update IMMEDIATELY

please share!


Truth about WordPress Speed

Out of curiosity, why don’t all these blog posts from affiliate sites, hosting companies, theme developers, AdSense sites, plugin owners (or anywhere else) ever grow some gumption and say _(something like)_ :


I can’t quite say I’ve ever seen a post resembling that much truthful bluntness.  So, perhaps I can add a bit of gentle rhetoric around that message while still maintaining the importance of the above text in red.  Here goes.


Every WordPress Theme is unique.  Some themes have an option of fixed or fluid width.  Fluid width, flexible width, or full screen width might be additional terms to use – but the result is the same.  On any screen possible, the theme is designed to take up as much room as possible.

That would also be known as incredibly impossible, not possible, no way in the world, not actually going to really happen, for your own sake please stop thinking that it looks cool in-your-own perspective.

WooCommerce Fuels Fierce Independence! 
Stop thinking like a website owner, & START Running A Successful Profitable WooCommerce Business!
Click Here if you Want More!
Give it a try. You Are In Control & you can unsubscribe anytime.

As someone told me years ago, “This is Business: Unless Y-O-U can print your own money, your own opinion does NOT mean jack sh!t. Never forsake that mindset.”

This is Business: Unless Y-O-U can print your own money, your own opinion does NOT mean jack sh!t. Never forsake that mindsetClick To Tweet

Although a fluid, flexible width, full screen choice for a theme might make the creator of a website feel better about the appearance of their presentation, here’s what that actually turns into on a very pragmatic and practical level:

Average Screen Resolution of Your Customers
For a Faster WooCommerce Site, Consider the Average Screen Resolution of your site’s customers


Those are the top 4 screen resolutions… for VIEWERS….  for CONSUMERS…. for your CUSTOMERS…. for the PEOPLE-WHOM-YOU-WANT-MONEY-AND-A-TRANSACTION-FROM

So, when it actually comes down to it, do you really need to upload that 3000+ pixel image from your iPhone 9+Xd Cannon LR8 Samsung 9plus Drone carrying GoPro mounted to the Nikon dL1700 (…..pretty sure that’s not actually a ‘thing’, but you get the point, right?)

…and let’s never forget, you’re serving the image over the internet to your customer!  ….on their phone …or their tablet …or their desktop.

Even with the ‘retina’ hooplah, there’s almost ZERO people, no percentage, minute ‘session data’, that indicates anyone has viewed your content on any display that can utilize or view a 3000+ pixel image.

So don’t upload it in the first place!

I’ve never been one to mix words or talk about fluffy bullsh!t just to get pageviews, ad impressions, or affiliate link clicks for ‘yet-another-image-optimization-service’.

I hope that you’ll open your site’s Analytics and look for yourself.  Here, let me show you how to do that:

Click this link to open your site’s Google Analytics:

Now, over on the left hand side, click on Audience > scroll down and click on the word Technology > then click on Browser & OS.

Fast loading sites NEVER upload huge images in the first place


Next, see that double red box that I’ve highlighted below? That’s where you’ll need to click next.

Now, I want you to really look at your own customer data:

Browser Size from Google Analytics WILL VERIFY and help you understand how CRITICAL it is to resize your images BEFORE you upload them to your site.

Look at your own numbers.  No really.  I want you to really open your Google Analytics and check out the real numbers for yourself.

Remember, there’s not any affiliate links to some image optimization service in this post, no fluff, and…..

I’m all up in the BUSINESS end of WooCommerce sites – no bullsh!t allowed!

I am now, and will always be, a proponent of understanding the psychology and empathy of the typical WooCommerce Store Owner. I truly believe that once a person SEES the data, they are much more behaviorally likely to better comprehend the need to not upload the image in the first place.

Open your site and you’ll get an actual understanding of how your customers are viewing your WooCommerce Store.

Are you starting to see why every WooCommerce Site needs to select a FIXED Width? Good. Now open your theme, toggle it to FIXED and come back over here and we’ll finish up some more.

For Better Image Optimization to prevent a Slow WordPress Site, always choose a FIXED width.
For Better Image Optimization to prevent a Slow WordPress Site, always choose a FIXED width.

Find the biggest div:

If you’ll look at your site, I want you to find the biggest area for an image that you see.

Is it in the header of the site? Do you have a gigantic hero image? What about a footer background image? Perhaps both of those areas are simply a solid color and your theme doesn’t use an image for those spots.  So let’s look at the blog post featured image.  And, most importantly, let’s look at the WooCommerce images to see what size those should be.

Here’s how: (we’ll be using the WordPress Swag Store for this example. Go ahead and open that up and we’ll go through it together: )


See how simple that was?  Slow down a second or two and take a few moments to go ahead and do that same thing over on your site right now before we move forward.

Ok, If you’re reading this line, then obviously you’ve completed the previous step, right? Right? 😉 Ok, let’s just continue moving forward now that you know what the largest image size would be for your particular theme, theme options, and site’s settings.

Use PaintdotNet

For most Business Owners, a simple, quick, easy, and FREE (yes, it’s totally FREE!) photo editing program is all that’s needed.

If you’ve never used, or heard of PaintDotNet (yes, it’s a bit tricky to say but literally they put the full-spelled-out-word DOT in the name of it. Totally not sure why!) click the link below to open the site to download it.  After you’ve downloaded it and opened it up, lemme show you how simple, easy, and quick it is to use.

(lest we forget: our goal, mission, objective, and point here is to NEVER UPLOAD the HUGE image in the first place)

Ok, now that you’ve got it opened, follow along:

Wait, amongst a few video flubs, did it actually take only a few clicks and a few seconds to resize the image?


And, that’s what I simply can not stress enough.  It really doesn’t take but a few seconds to resize the image before it even makes it to your hosting account, your WordPress site, mangled in with a bunch of plugins, and then (attempted to be) delivered to your customer’s eyeballs.

Even if you’ve got ten images to upload to your site, once you go through the motions and clicks a few times, you’ll start to realize something pretty powerful.

Remember all these WordPress Image Optimization services that seem to be popping up almost once a month?

Well, truth be told: In the time it takes you to configure, connect, pay, debug, put-in-a-support-ticket, match your API keys, and manage any plugin conflicts, you probably could have taken that possibly ongoing & frustrating time, redirected it to simply using an image editor like PaintDotNet, and been on your way to a faster site.

Speaking of plugins…………..

STOP Using CRAP CODED plugins and themes

….said with love.  …but honest love

This can almost always be seen in the WooCommerce Loop pages of /shop/ and /product-category/

Right click on an image in your WooCommerce Store and look at the parts below in red:

Image Size in WooCommerce Shop Loop Page
For a Fast WooCommerce Site, try to make sure these two image sizes match as closely as possible


That is on the /shop/ page of a WooCommerce site.  See how the theme is generating the area to be displayed at 226 x 226 pixels.  Now look at the image .  The image itself is 300 x 300.

Now, you might not think that there’s too much of a difference there, but it adds up quickly.  Don’t forget that this is on the WooCommerce /shop/ page.

When there are 14 other images on the page (plus the logo and a few others), then each time that page comes up to the customer, it’s loading somewhat slowly.  Let’s not forget – our goal is to get the site fast and in front of the customer as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you do in that case: Your goal is to resize the product thumbnail images to be 226 x 226

Now, let’s think about what a cluster of a conundrum and problem this is to fix…….

  • Each of the thousands of WordPress Themes is totally unique
  • WooCommerce allows a theme author to set unique and specific options for “how” the images specific to WooCommerce are going to be displayed throughout the theme
  • And, as if the rabbit-hole isn’t deep enough already, each and every site owner has their own individual mashup of plugins which can take over how the images are displayed -not just in WooCommerce- but through out their whole WordPress installation ‘in genera’

WHEW! See how fun this can be?

Look, the first thing to do here is to get a stiff drink, sit down by yourself in a padded room and prayerfully take a look at your site, theme, plugins, options and settings.

Some people are still “kickin’ the tires and playin’ with sliders” in their site.  If that’s you, then this next part does not apply to you.

Now, for the WooCommerce BUSINESS Owners who want to run a business and not play with a website, here’s what we’re going to do.  Read these instructions all the way through b/c we do not want to miss anything.

Remember that in every WooCommerce site, you’ll want to have the most efficient and streamlined store.

You DO NOT want your hosting account CONTINUALLY fixing your images.  But, yes, it is ok to go ahead and run this plugin, but….


(and learn from the experience that it’s better to not upload the image in the first place)

Look, be it Pagely’s high amount of php service workers at hundreds of dollars a month, or SiteGround’s shared hosting at a few bucks…. You do not ever want your WooCommerce site to dedicate server resources to the-continual-fixing-of-images, so I’ll say this again before we move forward:


(and learn from the experience that it’s better to not upload the image in the first place)

Don’t put out a fire that shouldn’t exist in the first place:  Never use Server resources to resize images.  Simply do NOT upload images that are wider than your biggest div in the first place!

Lets go ahead and realize that some site owners do indeed have a substantial amount of images already existing in their site.

So, this is where you’re thinking I’m gonna suggest to use one of those third-party image optimization services right? Nope.

Download and Activate EWWW Image Optimizations Plugin:

EWWW Image Optimizer

Now, remember when we found the largest < div > size for the theme? Here’s where we are going to enter that number:

In the red highlighted box that says “Max Width”? That’s where you’ll want to enter that number.  In the theme I’m using here, the largest area for the WHOLE theme is 1200 pixels wide.  Now, in a regular blog post (JUST LIKE THIS ONE), the actual body content is going to be even smaller since there is a sidebar over to your right.

But just to be safe, we’ll leave that “Max Width” at 1200 in case there is ever a full header image used or something like that.

Next, swing on over to the tab labelled Convert.

See that box that I made glaringly obvious? 😉

YES: You want to remove the successfully converted images OFF YOUR SERVER!

If, for some reason, you’ve got a hesitation about deleting your 3000+ pixel images that are loading on your site, then simply back up your site.  Now, the last step.

Run over to your Media tab and you’ll find the new option of Bulk Optimize.

Click the red button labelled ‘Scan for unoptimized images’.

Now, understand that this has now taken server resources in your particular hosting account and is using your hosting account just to fix those gigantic huge big oversized images.

Not cool.

Your site should be 100% focused on processing orders, serving page views, handling customer data, but now it’s simply churning through those images.

Please run this scan when your site visitors are at a minimum.  Yes, I’ve gotten up at 3am just to run this on a client’s site.  This is not the plugin you want to run when you’ve got minimal hosting serving traffic to a decent amount of browsers.

Ok, last thing:

Once this plugin is DONE, DELETE IT! DELETE IT!
DE-friggin’-LETE the DANG PLUGIN!

Solution, Conclusion, and Recap

Remember the goal was to skip the bull about images and get to the heart of a working solution, right!

A working solution which is quick, simple, and easy: which we saw from the PaintDotNet video how easy it is to resize images.

We needed a solution which does NOT utilize our hosting & server resources, on a continual basis: That’s why we do not want to put in a plugin that CONSISTENTLY creates an ONGOING waste of our server resources.

And, as a last ditch effort, we want to run EWWW correctly ONE TIME remembering to remove the old huge images, and then turning the plugin OFF, deleting it once we’re done, & pop our images into something like PaintDotNet real quick to resize the images to the right size before they ever get uploaded to our hosting and reach our customers.


Help Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products


WooCommerce Bulk Editing

Just a quick vid from a question in the WooCommerce Group:

WooCommerce SEO Tips for Higher Revenue


WooCommerce SEO Tips

How can better WooCommerce SEO Turn into Real Money?

So, here you are looking for some WooCommerce SEO Tips.  Truth is, WooCommerce Optimizations really aren’t that difficult.

But all too often we see WooCommerce sites that are completely left at default.

In all reality, those default WooCommerce options really are not going to help your SEO Rankings for your WooCommerce site!

So, let’s break some of these topics down a bit further to get your store the revenue and the rankings your customers are looking for.

WooCommerce SEO

Getting the correct SEO settings for WooCommerce really should not be that difficult.  And, it’s not. That’s exactly why I launched this site, the WooCommerce SEO Courses, and helping WooCommerce Store owners to rank better is exactly my mission here.

More important than simply reading about more and more SEO Tips for WooCommerce, I want to give you an overview here of what better SEO rankings actually turn into regarding dollars and cents for your store.

It’s really incredible to see the range of WooCommerce Store owners and their thinking regarding SEO.  Some Store Owners are simply “kicking the tires” and playing around.

Yet time and time again, we see Store Owners who simply do things right, and they are making thousands of dollars monthly, and even making millions of dollars and paying the salary, rent, car payments, and payroll for dozens of employees.

Read that last sentence again.  “…..salary, rent, car payments, and payroll for dozens of employees”.

That’s real money!

That’s WooCommerce paying for a single mom’s food for her kids.  Yes: WooCommerce is responsible for paying for medical bills, paying for people’s mortgage, house payments, and rent.  Yes: WooCommerce can empower you to fuel your kid’s college fund.  Yes: You can rank on Page 1, …above Target? YEP! …above WalMart? YOU BET!

Get WooCommerce SEO Tips
Want some Actual SEO Results with your WooCommerce Site?

Look at result #5 up there above.  That’s a WooCommerce site.  Could it have better meta description and title? Absolutely! But look at where it’s at on that SERP page.  It’s above Target and it’s above’s positions.  Now, these folks followed some of the basic, fundamental SEO Tips in the WooCommerce SEO Course.  And that’s it!

Again, could their site go even farther with their optimization efforts to rank even higher? Sure!  But even following the basic guidelines of WooCommerce SEO, they are generating thousands of pageviews each and every month from this search query.

Now, who do you think is actually looking for leggings for their kiddos? Well, according to this site’s demographic reports in Google Analytics, their average site visitor is a female between the ages of 25-44 years old.  Now, I want you to watch something:

  • Their WooCommerce Site ranks for a commonly searched for keyword which gives them thousands of pageviews
  • Does the visitor actually buy what they came into the site looking for?
  • Remember: Mommy was probably looking for leggings for their kiddo, right…..
  • So maybe they buy their kiddo some leggings.  But, can you guess what actually happens?
  • Even though the visitor initially came to the site via a search for their kid….
  • This site normally gets sales of leggings to THE MOMMY!

WooCommerce SEO - SERP Traffic from one SEO Result leads to SALES for other product categories on your site
Use Traffic from One SEO Result to Drive Sales to other WooCommerce Products

See how ranking high for even one good solid keyphrase can increase sales for your whole store?!?!  This store may or may not have a hugely compelling selection of children’s leggings at any given moment.  But that doesn’t actually matter.

The practical, applicable, and behavioral result is that by getting their WooCommerce SEO solidly ranking, they are now driving sales to some of their other product categories and other WooCommerce products that the consumer wants.


WooCommerce with Yoast SEO

The most commonly used plugin for WordPress SEO is of course Yoast SEO.  Now, here’s the deal folks……  when you use it on a WooCommerce site, it’s absolutely crucial that you get all of the Yoast SEO settings 100% correct for your site!

A retail store is still probably going to get a bit of revenue from foot traffic.  But an exclusive online store is almost completely dependent on their WooCommerce SEO Rankings for Search Engine Results. Sure, there can be a Tweeder chirp or Facebook post for a recommendation.  But in all reality, most of the time, a WooCommerce store is almost 100% dependent on their search engine rankings!

Getting Yoast SEO setup with default options simply will not work – EVER!

It’s nothing negative against the plugin.  Not in the least bit.  Getting the Yoast SEO plugin setup correctly for YOUR WooCommerce site is what matters!

I simply cannot tell you how many hundreds of thousands of sites that I know could rank better, rank higher, rank more often for higher volume keywords, and keep those rankings ….IF…. they would simply follow the guidelines in the WooCommerce SEO Course!

It’s not that Yoast SEO is bad – quite the contrary! Yoast SEO is great for empowering the right “options” in WooCommerce.  But does the average WooCommerce site suffer TREMENDOUSLY from all those SEO options being configured incorrectly? YEP!

Not knowing how to configure Yoast SEO will leave your site horribly destined for absolute failure!

Here’s a site…. wait, let me not share their actual URL 😉 This site, like many many many hundreds of thousands of WooCommerce sites suffers from not having any idea how to configure Yoast SEO’s settings correctly. As a result, they have over 3,700 URLs indexed in Google.

That should be a good thing, right? I mean, hey that’s a really big number – the more the merrier, right? WRONG!

This site (which I’ll not mention in this blog post) is horribly suffering from thin content.  I will go through this site’s Yoast settings in the course though.  But until this site fixes their settings, there’s nothing at all that they will ever be able to do that will compensate for those THREE FRIGGIN THOUSAND++ site links that have absolutely ZERO relevance to their WooCommerce Store.

This site’s problem is that they have simply installed Yoast SEO and left it at default!  Either no one ever loved them enough to tell them, or they simply decided that they know better and they’d like to be stubborn enough to leave their site’s content scattered among dozens and dozens of post types and thousands and thousands of URLs.

—> Again, NONE OF THESE THOUSANDS of URLs are helping them AT ALL! <—


SEO Friendly URLs for WooCommerce

If you’re concerned about SEO Friendly URLs for your WooCommerce site, please listen carefully.  Do not ever let some sales page to some plugin tell you that you can NOT make your URLs have any SEO value by default – YOU CAN!

And, sometimes, some of these plugins are more headache, more work, cause more conflicts, and create a mess of your WooCommerce site once the plugin fails to stay updated (with either WordPress updates and/or WooCommerce Updates).  Please stick to the fundamentals of SEO for better WooCommerce URLs.

I go over every bit of how to make sure your URLs are SEO friendly in the WooCommerce SEO course.

And, obviously, we do NOT want this information getting out to everyone on the innertubes all willy nilly all over the place.  This is WooCommerce, this isn’t Jim-Bo the local chiropractor’s website. This is WooCommerce!

And, as we can see from the example above, some WooCommerce Store owners are perfectly content to do SEO wrong!

Should that bother your wallet when someone else screws up their site? Nope 😉 That just makes it easier for you to rank higher!

Keyword Research for eCommerce

Throughout the last ~10 years, here’s the one phrase that I’ve told people over and over again regarding Keyword Research for their WooCommerce site:  Never Trust You!

Here’s what that means for us today….  I never realized how important the word empathy would be in SEO. But in the last few years, I’ve seen that word come up quite often in discussions, Mental Health topics, and business meetings.

Heading up my first WooCommerce site almost a decade ago, I just thought it was natural that no one really trusted their own judgement.  Turns out, I was wrong.  Today, there are way too many WooCommerce sites where folks continually insist that THEIR OWN PERSPECTIVE is what-they-need.  And, that could not be farther from the truth!

When the “rubber-meets-the-road” if your’e not using some type of OBJECTIVE tool for keyword research, you’re doing it wrong.  Plain and simple.  I can’t even begin to go over all the free keyword research tools in one blog post (and, yes they are obviously detailed out in the course), but there’s a bigger picture message that needs to be heard:

You need to use data -not opinion- to do your keyword research for your WooCommerce site’s SEO!

It will absolutely amaze you how many times Y-O-U, with only one mindset & one perspective, will find different keywords that provide thousands and thousands more search traffic than what you -yourself- initially thought.

I was talking with someone who cleans up infected WordPress sites as a service.  Now, they initially thought that they needed to rank for ‘certain key phrases’. So, I put those key phrases into the keyword research tools & we determined that no matter what he did, even if his site ranked #1 for that key phrase, his initial phrase that he wanted to rank for was only searched for 110 times a month!

Now, once we did some keyword research for his WooCommerce products, we were able to find the correct phrases that were searched for over 2,600 times.  BIG DIFFERENCE, right?

Trust Data – not you- when doing keyword research.  Your site’s revenue will appreciate the additional perspective!

Track Your WooCommerce SEO Efforts

I’ve got to say that I really don’t think most WooCommerce site owners are not doing any position tracking.  That needs to change!

SERPWatcher - Stop wasting time with conventional rank trackers

While SerpStat and SEMRush both have free tiers, they are both awesome tools (even if you just paid for 1 month), and both require zero setup, there is also a totally free tool called SerpHacker.  While SerpHacker is forever free, it does take a bit to setup.  That’s why I keep pointing people to at least get a month of SEMRush or SerpStat.

Either tool, either free / free tier / or paid-for-at-least-a-month, which ever your choice, I want you to start tracking your SEO results.


Feel free to go through the WooCommerce SEO course, and email me if you need help.

But the point here is to START Tracking your SEO Positions!

Some WooCommerce store owners will notice that they have absolutely zero rankings to report at all.  DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! After you’ve gone through the course, give it 30 days after you’ve resubmitted your URLs to be indexed, and then check to see where your rankings are.

Again, focusing on the fundamentals –DONE RIGHT– will take your WooCommerce SEO much farther than what you might initially realize.

It’s amazing how much revenue can come from simply tracking your SEO efforts and watching what works, and possibly more importantly what isn’t working.

If your WooCommerce site isn’t ranking, I want to encourage you again to start taking the WooCommerce SEO Course today.  Now, knowing that you will, a competitor will, or you won’t, I still want to leave you with some WooCommerce Tips and advice:

Never believe that it’s simply not possible. It is!

It is very possible -even though there are millions of WooCommerce sites- it is very possible for you to get your WooCommerce site to rank higher and higher every day for your products.

Keyword Tracking for WooCommerce SEO
Start Tracking Your SEO Efforts! Focus on the data and the result might surprise you!

Stop Reading. Start DO-ing!


How To Change Product Order In WooCommerce


Here’s How to Change the Product Order in WooCommerce

It’s actually pretty simple and very necessary to change the Order of Products In WooCommerce

Like most restaurants, larger ecommerce stores, and especially in retail stores, the order of your products matter!

For better visibility, you might want to change the order of your WooCommerce Products so that higher profit items appear higher on the page.

Perhaps you’ve Got some products that you need to get out of inventory very quickly.

Or perhaps you’re running a special on certain products and you want those to be seen by the customer first instead of lower down the page.

The reasons for changing your product’s order in WooCommerce is really a mix of profitability, psychology, and understanding your buyers.

So, let’s get to the video of How To Change Product Order in WooCommerce: